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Mrs. Magaña is a character in Season 2 in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Baja California, Mexico

Mrs. Magaña lived in a town in Baja California with her husband and ran a restaurant, called Magaña's Restaurant.


Season Two

"Do Not Disturb"

As Christopher Manawa scavenged a roadside taco stand, he observed a portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Magaña hanging on the wall, before coming across their bodies behind the counter, both having just been shot in the head by Brandon's group.

Killed By

The Magañas' restaurant is looted by the Californian trio, with the couples corpses lying on the ground. Judging from the trio's erratic, cold-blooded personality, either one/two or all of them probably murdered the Magañas to loot their abundant supplies for survival.


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 2

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