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This article is about the comic book character. You may be looking for her TV Series counterpart.
  Mrs. Jones
Placeholder other
Gender Female
Age Possibly 30's
Family Morgan Jones - Husband (Deceased)
Duane Jones - Son (Deceased)
First Appearance Issue 73 (Mentioned)
Death Issue Before Issue 1
Cause of Death Infection.
Status Undead
Ethnicity Unknown

Mrs. Jones is the wife of Morgan Jones and the mother of Duane Jones.


Location UnknownEdit

Almost nothing is known about Mrs. Jones' life before or as the outbreak began except that she has a husband, Morgan Jones, and a son, Duane Jones, who survived the initial stages of the outbreak.


Cynthiana, KentuckyEdit

Nothing much is known about her life after the outbreak except that she turned into a zombie.


Killed ByEdit

Mrs. Jones died to the zombie fever, nothing else is known except that Morgan discussed his wife's death to Michonne.


  • She is the only unnamed and mentioned character of the Comic Series to be confirmed as undead.
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