"Some teenager tried to scare me. Seemed like he wanted to bite me. The way he came after me --he was just shuffling along. Not like he was in a hurry to get me... and that's not the only odd duck in town today. Seems like everyone's a little drunk. And angry. Lot of fights going on. Maybe it's the heat."
—Mrs. Heller explaining how she scrapped her arm and about the town's residents.[src]

Mrs. Heller is a character featured in The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning.


King County, Georgia

Very little is known about Mrs. Heller's life before the outbreak, except that she was a lifetime resident of King County, Georgia.


Taylor Shooting

During the early stages of the outbreak, Mrs. Heller ran into Shane as he was answering a call out the Taylor's resident. Her hand was covered in blood and she said that a teenager shuffled towards her and had attacked her, getting herself cut on a mailbox. She said that she heard yelling coming from the house and then heard a loud pop. When a shot is heard, Shane tells her to wait in his police car where he then takes her home after arresting Gary Taylor. Her fate is unknown.

In-Game Decision

Shane hears gunfire coming from the Taylor residence, and he must decide what to do with Mrs. Heller, whether to have her sit her inside the cruiser or leave her alone where something unexpected may occur to her.


When a shot is heard coming from the Taylor residence, Shane orders her to wait in his police car, where he then takes her home after arresting Gary Taylor. Her fate is unknown, although it is highly likely she would not have survived the apocalypse long, due to her age.


If Shane decides not to save her, he will either scream at her or tell her in a friendly way to go home, only for her to be later killed by walkers.


If Shane leaves her outside the house, while he goes into investigate the gunshot, after leaving the house with a restrained Gary, he will find that Mrs. Heller has disappeared, with blood dripping down her walker.

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