"I'm sorry... I thought there would be more time... I love you."
Terry saying his goodbyes after shooting his wife[src]

Mrs. Harrison is a character seen in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. She is the wife of Terry Harrison.



Not much is known about Mrs. Harrison's life before the outbreak, except that she lived with her husband in Palmetto Estates.


Palmetto Estates

During the outbreak, she and her husband hid in their house in Palmetto Estates in Sherwood, Georgia. However, she was bitten in the process. Later, Terry asks Daryl Dixon to get antibiotics from the pharmacy. After coming back, a few moans can be heard and then a gunshot. It is discovered Terry has killed her.


Killed By

Sometime during the outbreak, she was bitten and later hid in their house. Later, she reanimated and tried to attack Terry, but he shoots her, killing her out of mercy.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mrs. Harrison has killed:

Unnamed Survival Instinct Characters
Terry's Family Mrs. Harrison
Miscellaneous Survivors Biker 1Biker 2
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