This article is about the survivor's colony of Monroe in the Video Game. You may be looking for a member of the Monroe Family in the Comics or TV Series, or Paul "Jesus" Monroe in the Comics..

Monroe is a floating survivors' colony established in the Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast of the United States. It is the base for the Monroe Colonists, the main antagonistic force of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Michonne.



Monroe was established by Norma and Randall. The community grew as more survivors joined the community.

"In Too Deep"

Michonne, Pete, Samantha and Greg are captured by a group from Monroe, Randall brings them all back to the colony via boat. Whilst Sam and Michonne are locked away below deck, the other two are somewhere else. Sam and Michonne try to plan an escape however, ultimately, this fails. Michonne is interrogated and asked a number of questions; after a while Greg is brought out and asked the same questions, but responds differently, leading to growing suspicion from Randall and the colony's leader, Norma. Greg and Michonne are taken to Jonas's quarters, where Randall forces Jonas's boyfriend Zachary to interrogate the two as well as Samantha. Zachary shoots and kills Greg, and it is up to Michonne and Samantha to kill him after he reanimates.

"Give No Shelter"

After killing/sparing Zachary, Jonas re-enters to see Zachary. If Zachary was killed, Michonne and Samantha subdue him next to his boyfriend's corpse. If Zachary is spared, the two embrace and plan their own escape. Nonetheless, they part ways. Samantha and Michonne find Pete, amist interrogation by Norma and Randall. Whilst their guard is down, Michonne attempts to free Pete, but Norma sees Michonne and threatens her. Samantha knocks down Norma, however Randall makes a run for a gun propped up against a wall. However, Sam and Michonne overcome both of them and leave with Pete.

The three soon take cover in a boat, where they choose a getaway vehicle - a boat. Pete attempts to leave the boat in order to talk with the Monroe group, and Michonne has the choice to stop him. Nonetheless, the group battle through Monroe survivors, using a flare gun to start a fire. The fire begins to spread out of control as Samantha, Michonne and Pete (Determinant) make their escape.



  • Greg (Alive and Zombified)
  • Zachary (Determinant)
  • Joe
  • Numerous counts members of Monroe.


Michonne Mini-Series


  • Monroe is a floating colony, a collection of ships.
  • Monroe is one of five communities in the video game, the others being Wellington, Prescott, Crawford and Howe's Hardware.
    • Monroe is one of three antagonist communities in the video game, the others being Crawford and Howe's.
    • Monroe is the only community that regardless of players choice Clementine doesn't see.
    • Monroe is the only community with a female leader, Norma.
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