"I missed you so damn much, I thought of going back, but I didn't, but I should have, but I'm a chickenshit, that's all, too scared, too proud, and you said I'd be back with my tail between my legs, I just... I just didn't..."
—Miles after seeing Norma.[src]

Miles Littleton is a main character and a survivor first appearing in The Walking Dead: Invasion. He is a young African-American man with a narrow nose, boyish chin, peach fuzz goatee and dreadlocks. He also has a criminal background of car thefts and drug usage.


Detroit, Motor City

Miles grew up in Detroit with his heroin-addict mother. His years in Motor City got him interested in stealing car classics, such as 1972, four-speed 426 cubic inch Hemi-V8 Dodge Challenger, which he loved.

Atlanta, Georgia

Miles moved to Atlanta at age eleven. During his years in Atlanta, Miles got hooked on drugs at some time.

Jasper, Florida

After Miles got in to rehab, he started to go to church, and got to know Norma. Miles' behavior restored Norma's faith in men.



Jasper, Florida

Miles found out about a survivor group travelling somewhere in Florida, and he went looking for them. Miles left Norma alone after a fallout of their relationship, but promised that he would be back. Miles found what he was looking for, and survived with the Most Holy Redeemer Parish, however being too scared to go looking for Norma. Norma, years later, is reunited with him with the help of surviving members of Pentecostal People of God.

After Jeremiah took over the convoy's leadership Miles leaves with Norma. They both then joined the sewer survivors, and took part on the war between them and Jeremiah's group. Miles assists Lilly on taking down Jeremiah, after the preacher flees from the war zone. Miles realizes the Challenger he's driving has no brakes working, and crashes the car in to another one, breaking a tooth and becoming unconscious. Miles survives the crash and brings Lilly to home with him.

"Search and Destroy"

A little over a year passes, and Miles still lives with remaining Woodburians and the newcomers of the town. He is seen working on the recently discovered railroad.


Killed By

In order to save Lilly and couple others, Miles sacrifices himself to the undead. His death buys Lilly's ragtag survivor posse time to escape from a megaherd.

Killed Victims


Novel Series


  • Miles' description resembles a lot of the prison inmate, Andrew.
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