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This article is about Ms. William's son. You may be looking for the other Comic Series Woodbury soldier, the Video Game character, the actor, or the other actor.
  Matthew Williams/Timmy Dolan
Placeholder other
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 8
Occupation Assumed Student (Pre-Apocalypse)
Family Marianne Dolan Williams - Mother (Deceased)
First Appearance Issue 32 (Mentioned)
Status Unknown
Ethnicity Probably French-Canadian
—Matthew to Bob.[src]

Matthew Williams, in the novels also known as Timmy Dolan, is the son of Marianne Williams.


Location Unknown

Matthew is described to be a freckled, cherubic eight-year-old with a cowlick of black hair. His mother took care of him as a single mother.


Woodbury, Georgia

This Sorrowful Life

Marianne Williams, Matthew's mother, informed Dr. Stevens that Matthew had a fever. Nothing else has been revealed about him. In the absence of Dr. Stevens, Bob Stookey treats Matthew's fever; he is presumably alive.

Matthew's current status is unknown, but it's possible he is one of the few surviving Woodbury residents after Church Group's assault on Woodburians.


Marianne Dolan Williams

Marianne Williams is Matthew's mother. Although they were never seen together, it is presumed that they had a basic mother-son relationship. Ms. Williams obviously cared about Matthew, due to Marianne seeing Stevens about Matthew's fever.


Novel Series


  • Like in the comics, first part of "The Fall of the Governor" calls him Matthew. However, the second part calls him Timmy.
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