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This article is about the Comic Series character. You may be looking for His TV Series counterpart, Road to Survival counterpart, Video Game character, his Road to Survival counterpart, the Novel Series character, the voice actor, the other voice actor, the actor, or the Video Game designer.
"It's okay. We're not going to say anything."
—Mark as he and Amber come across Carson and Eugene escaping The Sanctuary.[src]

Mark is a character and later an antagonist first encountered in Issue 105 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a somewhat sensitive male member of The Saviors and the former boyfriend of Amber.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Mark's life before the outbreak began. He might have been in a relationship with Amber prior to the outbreak.


What Comes After

Hardly anything is known about Mark, only that he was a member of The Saviors. He had sex with one of Negan's wives, Amber, and was punished by Negan when he put a boiling hot iron against his face which horribly scarred him. He is then carried away by Carson and another Savior.

All Out War - Part Two

As Mark is walking with his girlfriend Amber, they both discover Carson leading Eugene and his crew out of The Sanctuary. They approach Carson and ask if they can go with them, she says to Carson "It's okay. We're not going to say anything." In Issue 124 Mark is in the back of the van, being driven to the Hilltop Colony. As the van is shot at by a savior and the engine shuts down, Mark worried about their situation asks "Can you start it? Are we stuck?!". To escape the van he follows Eugene's plan and witnesses Donnie being pushed off the roof, Mark along with the crew rest upon the roof until sunrise.

Life And Death

At the fair, Sherry finds Mark huddled in a corner, when asked what's wrong, Mark believes that Amber left him for another man, and asks her why wouldn't she leave him, unknown to him, Amber was killed by the Whisperers.

No Turning Back

After Rick reveals the names of the deceased 12 community members, Amber being among them, Mark becomes shocked about her death.

Volume 28: TBA

Mark is in the revolt against Alexandria led by Sherry, who wants to try to take over the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mark has killed.

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.



Mark was the boyfriend of Amber. The two were caught sleeping together behind Negan's back. Amber had promised to become Negan's wife though, and because of this act of adultery, Mark had his face burnt with an iron. This caused great sadness for Amber, as she views it partly as her fault. 


"This matter is settled. All is forgiven. Mark will forever bear the shame of his actions on his face, all will know what he's done."
—Negan to The Saviors, about Mark's punishment.[src]

Negan and Mark have a bad relationship. It is assumed that Mark and Amber were in a relationship before she became one of Negan's "wives". Negan demanded that she could not continue her relationship with Mark; thus the two began to carry out the relationship in secret. Once found out, Negan punished Mark awfully by scarring half of his face with a hot iron. It is assumed that Mark, similarly to Dwight, now hates him for the disfigurement of his face. This is later confirmed when Mark asks Eugene Porter if he and Amber can leave the saviors with Eugene and Carson.

Rick Grimes

The two haven't been interacting much, although Rick seems to trust Mark. After Rick realizes that the Saviors are against the other communities, Rick hesitates on telling Andrea to kill Mark on sight if he approaches Alexandria, not wanting to believe that he is dangerous. 



  • Mark is the second known person to have his face burned by Negan, the first being Dwight.
  • Mark's rebellion against the Alexandria Safe-Zone is somewhat ironic; during All Out War, Mark helped Eugene escape, favoring the Alexandrians, which shows that Mark was against the Saviors. In Volume 28, he appears to be against Alexandria. However, he might be seeking revenge for Amber's death or has no other option other than joining the rebellion.
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