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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for her Comic Series counterpart.


"Do what you're going to do, then go to hell..."
—Maggie to The Governor.[src]

Maggie Greene is the eldest daughter of Hershel and Josephine Greene, step-daughter to Annette Greene and half-sister of Beth and step-sister to Shawn. A tomboy and farmer's daughter, Maggie wears jeans, boots, and rides a horse. She has a steely personality and is in a relationship with Glenn.


Greene Family Farm

Maggie has spent her first 22 years on Hershel's Farm. Her mother had died when she was young, and this had led her father to marry another woman, who left her distraught (wanting to smoke and shoplift). Despite this however, she grew to have a loving relationship with her step-mother Annette and step-brother Shawn. She also had a good relationship with Otis, who had been their ranch foreman for several years. It's known that she graduated high school and attended college, however, its unknown if she dropped out or was still enrolled by the time the outbreak began.

When the infection spread, her neighbors and family members succumbed to it and turned into walkers. Hershel kept her, Beth, Beth's boyfriend Jimmy, Otis, and his wife Patricia all safe by barricading them within the farm. She occasionally made runs into town to retrieve needed supplies.


Season 2


When Maggie first witnesses Rick running towards the property with an injured Carl in his hands, she calls out to the other residents of the farm for medical help. Maggie then asks Rick where his wife is, volunteering to find her so that Rick can remain at the farm with his son. She heads into the woods on horseback and encounters Andrea, Carol, Daryl and Glenn, while saving Andrea from being bitten by a walker before informing Lori that Carl has been shot. After convincing Lori to come with her on horseback, she gives the others the location of the farm and rides off.

"Save The Last One"

When Glenn and T-Dog make it to the farm, Patricia tends to T-Dog's injured arm while Maggie talks to Glenn on the Greene's front porch. When Shane returns with the news of Otis' death, Maggie is devastated. She is found crying in front of the refrigerator by Glenn, and tells him that she knew Otis her entire life.

"Cherokee Rose"

Maggie is seen showing the Atlanta Survivors the landscape and areas to find Sophia, and also volunteers to go to the pharmacy with Glenn to gather supplies. Before departing, she also helps with Glenn and the others as they struggle to get the walker out of the well. At the pharmacy, Maggie notices Glenn finding condoms (he was really searching for a pregnancy test for Lori) and Maggie scoffs at him, before saying she would like to have sex with him. They then have sex, however, on the way back, Maggie says it was a one-time thing, much to Glenn's disappointment.


She is seen coming out of the farmhouse as Glenn sits on the porch with a guitar. They talk and joke about the condoms and she is still questioning whether she likes Glenn or not. Later she is in the house helping Carol, Lori, Beth, and Patricia with setting up the table for a nice dinner with both groups of survivors. She is confronted by her father about what people are doing without his permission as well as he seems to hint towards the relationship between her and Glenn and warns her not to pursue it as they will not be around much longer. She tells Hershel that she's old enough to know what to do and walks away from the conversation. After, she and Glenn are seen passing each other notes about where to have sex next. Maggie however doesn't read the note until after when she is cleaning up. She is shocked as to where Glenn wrote the location and is seen at night in the barn telling him that he wasn't supposed to see inside the barn.


Maggie sees Glenn looking at the barn with binoculars and tells him that he is being obvious about Hershel's secret, saying, "Could you be any more obvious?" After talking about the walkers in the barn and Maggie pleading with Glenn to keep the secret from his group, he tells her that he is making another run to the pharmacy for Lori. Maggie agrees to go along with him. On the way to the pharmacy, her and Glenn discuss walkers, and she reveals that she believes there is a cure and says that she doesn't use the term "walkers." When Glenn asks what she calls them instead, she replies with several names including her mother and brother. Once inside the pharmacy, she receives a list of supplies to gather from Glenn. While searching for an item, she is attacked by a walker. Glenn reacts quickly to the close call by nearly severing the zombie's head with a shelf. After it gets back up, he attacks it viciously with a blade. When Maggie returns to the camp with Glenn, she throws Lori's supplies at her, clearly upset by how close Lori put her to dying. She storms off, with Glenn following her shortly after, and tells Glenn that she thinks he is smart and is a leader, but that the others in his group refuse to acknowledge that. She believes that they consider him "walker-bait."

"Pretty Much Dead Already"

Maggie is upset with Glenn about him telling Dale and then everyone else about the walkers in the barn. Glenn tells her that he'd rather have her mad at him and alive than happy with him and dead. Maggie then realizes that it was for the greater good. The two are on great terms after that, passionately kissing and returning to being a couple. She tries to convince Hershel to let the group stay at the farm and notes that he's changed recently. She and her father force themselves to watch their neighbors and family members get put down by the group.


Maggie asks Glenn if he would stay if the rest of his group were to leave, but Glenn is unsure how to answer. Glenn confides to Rick that Maggie told him she loved him. Rick says that they need more good things like that in their lives, and that he should embrace those moments.


At the farm house, Beth is still in a state of shock, not being able to react to anything. Maggie tells Andrea a story about Beth finding her birth control pills and how she lied to their father to keep her out of trouble. Maggie pulls Glenn aside and asks him if anything is wrong, he explains how her father saved his life, and that he froze and could not do anything to help. He had froze because she told him that she loved him, and he was afraid to die because of how it would affect her. She tries to embrace him, but he pushes her away.

"18 Miles Out"

Maggie confesses to Lori that Glenn lost confidence after the shootout at the bar. Maggie scolds Beth for considering suicide while Beth tries to convince Maggie that they should kill themselves. "I don't want to be gutted," she says. "I want to go in this bed, tonight". Maggie finds Andrea and forbids she ever enter the house for leaving Beth to try to commit suicide.

"Judge, Jury, Executioner"

Maggie does not have a big role in this episode, but later that night, Maggie is seen at Dale's death as he was about to be shot by Daryl to prevent further reanimation.

"Better Angels"

Maggie is seen talking with the group when they are moving into Hershel's home. Maggie is also seen talking with Glenn. Maggie tells him that he can move his possessions into her room but he declines the offer and says he will move into another room. After this she is seen investigating the barn after Randall is set free by Shane.

"Beside the Dying Fire

During the walker attack on the farm, Maggie and Glenn drive the SUV Shane had previously fixed up as an attempt to distract the walkers from the barn, where Rick and Carl were holding up. Glenn convinces her the farm is lost and the two drive off. After an undetermined number of hours, Maggie worries about the fate of her family and, as a result, becomes emotionally distraught. Glenn takes over driving for her, but not before he tells her that he loves her, something he was unable to say in previous episodes. The two later regroup with the rest of the survivors and discover that Jimmy and Patricia did not make it off the farm alive. After running low on fuel while on a caravan, everyone camps along the side of the road, waiting for morning to come.

Season 3


Maggie is seen with the group when they stumble upon an abandoned house and Rick, Carl, Daryl, and T-Dog kill the Walkers inside of it. The group is forced to flee, however, when another herd of walkers begin to approach their location. After Daryl and Rick stumble upon the prison while hunting, Maggie helps out to distract and kill the walkers (showing that similar to Carol, Maggie has no problem with killing Walkers) while Rick runs inside the prison yard to close the main gate. At night, Maggie assists her sister Beth in singing an Irish drinking song. The next day, Maggie assists Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and T-Dog in killing the remainder of the Walkers on the interior of the prison, and is the first one to successfully kill one of the walkers dressed in riot gear. The romantic relationship between her and Glenn continues as the two share a cell on the inside of the prison and cuddle as Glenn checks her for scratch marks. The next day after sleeping in the inside of the prison, Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, and Hershel suit up and explore more of the inside of the prison in search of its infirmary and cafeteria. The group is ambushed by Walkers, causing both Maggie and Glenn to split up from the rest. Hershel insists that himself, Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog go back to look for them, and Hershel manages to find them, but is bit in the right calf by a Lurker lying against the wall. Maggie assists them in taking Hershel to the cafeteria, and is present when Rick amputates the lower portion of Hershel's right leg to keep the infection from spreading.


Maggie, like the others who doesn't deal with the prisoners, appears mostly by Hershel's side in this episode. Maggie has a hard time coping with her father's condition and is consoled by Glenn. Glenn told Maggie to stay strong and that she's not alone in this. He told Maggie to check on Beth and see how she's doing. Maggie finds Beth ripping Hershel's Pants and she asked what her little sister is doing. Maggie's pessimistic attitude is questioned by Beth, and Beth got angry at her for giving up on their father so easily. After that, Maggie finds Glenn handcuffing Hershel just to be safe. Maggie wanted to be left alone with her father, and the others wait for her outside of Hershel's cell. Maggie has an emotional moment alone with Hershel, telling him that it's okay and that he doesn't have to fight anymore. She will accept it if it's time for him to go, and told him not to worry about Beth and herself. After a while, Hershel stopped breathing and Beth panics. Beth yelled to Lori to give him CPR. After that, Lori gave Hershel a successful CPR. At the end of the episode, Hershel finally wakes up and Maggie and Beth cried tears of relieve while holding each other.

"Walk With Me"

Maggie does not appear in this episode.

"Killer Within"

After attempting to seek safety inside the prison, Carl, Lori, and Maggie are confronted by a small horde of walkers, causing them to flee into the maze of the prison. Soon after their run, Lori goes into labor. The group of three then flee into the boiler room, to aid Lori. After attempting to birth the child naturally, Lori tells Maggie to preform a Cesarean Section to safely birth the child. Maggie tearfully begs Lori not to make her do it, as she has no medical supplies on hand and the delivery of the baby would inevitably cost Lori her life. But she is soon persuaded by Lori to go through with the C-section anyway. She apologizes to Lori and Carl for what she is about to do. Using Carl's knife, Maggie cuts Lori open on her previous C-section scar, and pulls out her baby. After a few moments of silence from the baby, it starts to cry in Maggie's arms. After a tearful goodbye, Carl shoots his mother, to prevent her from reanimating. Maggie and Carl venture back outside to be reunited with the rest of the group, and also to break the news of Lori's death to Rick. She sobs over the loss as Glenn holds her and the baby in his arms.

"Say the Word"

Maggie is disturbed by the events of the previous episode, especially Lori's death, and is being consoled by Glenn. When Rick departs to retrieve Lori's body, she attempts to stop him, to no avail. Hershel states that the baby requires formula to survive and she, Daryl, and Glenn volunteer to go. Because the place they are going to has a narrow road, Daryl can only take one person on his bike. Maggie says that she needs to go, for Lori. Daryl and her ride off to the local nursery. They search the building and find it clear of walkers. She manages to scavenge baby supplies, especially formula. Daryl and her then head back to the prison. Once the baby is fed, they all sit in the cell block and attempt thinking of a name.


Maggie and Glenn make a run into town to find gas, batteries, and baby formula. Unknown to them, a injured Michonne watches them from behind a car. When she and Glenn prepare to leave, Merle Dixon comes up behind them. Glenn and Maggie raise their guns at Merle. When Merle and Glenn recognize each other, Glenn lowers his gun. Merle tries to calmly find out where they are staying, but he ends up attacking Maggie. With Maggie held at gunpoint, he demands that Glenn drive them to Woodbury. Once there, she is locked up for interrogation.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"

She hears Merle interrogating Glenn, and begins to cry when she hears Merle beating him. After Merle is done with Glenn, he is about to go interrogate her, but The Governor insists on doing it instead. He goes in and cuts off her restraints. At first, he feigns kindness and attempts to get her to divulge the group's whereabouts, but she refuses. He then resorts to a different approach, and orders her to take off her shirt. She refuses, but he says he will bring Glenn's hand in if she doesn't. She takes off her shirt, and he then makes her take off her bra. After she does, he bluffs raping her, coming from behind and pushing her face into the table. He then takes her to Glenn at gunpoint, still topless. Assuming he raped her, Glenn attempts to attack him. When the Governor points his gun at Glenn's head, Maggie divulges everything. The Governor embraces her, and she begins crying. He leaves, and Maggie runs into Glenn's arms.

"Made to Suffer"

Glenn and Maggie are first seen sitting in the room with the dead walker Glenn had killed. Glenn breaks off a shard of bone from the walker's forearm and hands it to Maggie. Glenn and Maggie stage a successful ambush of Merle and Warren, when they arrive to take them to the "screamer pits" (with Maggie killing Warren by stabbing him in the throat with the bone shard), but they are restrained when Martinez arrives and holds them at gunpoint. While being escorted a second time, Rick's group approach and uses a flash grenade, before rescuing Glenn and Maggie. Maggie takes part in the Woodbury shootout and witnesses Oscar being fatally shot by one of the soldiers. She then shoots Oscar in the head to prevent reanimation. Maggie also trains her gun on Michonne along with Rick and Glenn when she rejoins them outside of Woodbury following the shootout. 

"The Suicide King"

Maggie reenters Woodbury to assist with Rick in setting Daryl and Merle free. She shoots and kills Haley along with various other Woodbury members, before escaping with Rick, Merle, and Daryl. They discuss Merle's fate, and determine that he can't stay. Upon Daryl's decision to depart with Merle, she bids him farewell. Later on, while moving a tree and car out of the road, Glenn throws a fit and fights with Rick and Maggie. They arrive at The Prison and talk with Hershel. Later on, she is present while Rick is discussing the fate of Tyreese and his group.


Glenn Rhee

"I love you. Be safe."
—Glenn to Maggie before she leaves for a supply run.[src]

Maggie and Glenn were tasked with going on a supply run shortly after the Atlanta group arrived on Hershel's farm. On the supply run, the two end up having sex, which Maggie regards as a one time thing. Later, she decides to have sex with him again but he stumbles upon walkers in Hershel's barn. Maggie asks him not to tell anyone, but he eventually tells Dale, causing Maggie to become upset. When Glenn and Maggie make another run into town for supplies, Maggie gets attacked by a walker but Glenn is able to save her and kill the walker. This, along with Glenn's convincing, helps the two begin to mend their relationship. Right before Glenn leaves with Rick to find Hershel, Maggie tells him, "I love you".

Their relationship went through another rough patch after the shootout at the bar. Glenn told her that he froze because she told him that she loved him, and he was afraid to die because of how it would affect her. She tries to embrace him, but he pushes her away. With the help of Hershel's approval, their relationship heals once again. When they leave Hershel's farm due to it being overrun with walkers, Maggie is distraught but is comforted by Glenn.

In the following three months, Glenn and Maggie continue to care and support each another. When Maggie begins thinking pessimistically about her father's chances of survival, Glenn makes her think more positively. Later on, Maggie and Glenn make a run into town to get supplies for Lori's daughter but get captured by Merle and taken to Woodbury. When The Governor brings Maggie into Glenn's holding room with her shirt off, he believes that she was raped and becomes enraged. Maggie gives up the prison's location when The Governor threatens to kill Glenn. She later assures him that she wasn't harmed.

Hershel Greene

"Dad...you don't have to fight anymore. If you're worried about me and Beth, don't."
—Maggie talking to an unconscious Hershel about not having to worry about waking up.[src]

Hershel is Maggie's father. She loves her father and the two have a normal father-daughter relationship. She was deeply distraught when Hershel was unconscious after losing his leg. She promised her unconscious father that if he needed to die, she would protect Beth with her life.

Beth Greene

Beth is Maggie's younger half-sister. Maggie was extremely worried for Beth while Beth was contemplating suicide. Maggie turned down Beth's offer to have a suicide pact to end the pain and suffering of the new world. Maggie always looks out for Beth and will always protect her, even if it means her death.

Lori Grimes

In Season 2, Maggie and Lori worked together to try to help Maggie's sister, Beth, who wanted to kill herself because she was worried about being eaten by walkers. After Lori and Maggie left Beth's room, Andrea went in and told Beth that she can only make the choice of killing herself or not. Shortly after, Beth locked herself in a bathroom and tried to cut herself with broken glass, but was stopped by Maggie. Lori felt bad about leaving Beth, but told Maggie that Andrea was right about Beth having to make a choice of wanting to live or not.

In Season 3, after one of the living prisoners, Andrew, broke one of the gates open for walkers to get in, Maggie, along with Carl and Lori, ran into the Boiler room due to Lori being in labor. Lori, however, was having a series of contractions and had to have a C Section or she was going to lose the baby. With no medical supplies or no one around with experience to deliver babies nearby, Maggie was forced to slice Lori's belly open to get the baby out. The baby lives but Lori dies which saddens Maggie. After Lori's death, Maggie, along with Glenn, will do everything to make sure Lori's baby Judith is safe.


Both Maggie and Randall were not on screen together but Maggie didn't know Randall very well but they both went to high school together. In a deleted scene in season 2, Maggie looks over her yearbook and saw that Randall went to the same high school with Maggie.


Maggie knew Otis very well since she was little. Maggie was very close to Otis due to the fact after she heard Otis died while trying to get supplies to save Carl she broke down into tears after hearing Otis's death.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Maggie has killed:



  • In the Comic Series, the Greene family is much larger, consisting of three brothers (Two living), and three sisters. In the TV Series, however, she only has one step-brother (deceased) and one sister, Beth.
  • In the Comic Series, Maggie doesn't appear to have a very high opinion of Otis, referring to him as "that idiot Otis" when discussing having sex with Glenn. However, in the TV Series, Maggie appears to have liked, or cared, for Otis due to her intense grieving after his death.
  • The attack in the episode "Secrets" may have changed her mind on whether or not walkers are still people. This is mainly considered because of the change between specifically not calling them walkers to suddenly referring to them as such when she says that Rick's group consider Glenn 'walker-bait.' This said, Maggie was in fact the first member of the Greene family to accept the reality of the situation.
  • Maggie attended the nearby high school, along with Randall and possibly Beth.
  • Maggie stated that her family used to attend church before the apocalypse.
  • It was announced on April 10, 2012 that Lauren Cohan would be promoted to the main cast as a regular in Season 3.
  • Maggie is the first female survivor in Rick's group to kill a named survivor.
  • In the Comic Series, Maggie became the adoptive mother of Sophia, while in the TV Series, she never even met the girl alive.
    • However, she, along with Hershel, Daryl, Carol, and Beth, will likely become caretakers for Judith Grimes.
  • The song Maggie and Beth sing in the episode, "Seed", is "The Parting Glass", an Irish, Scottish, and Newfoundland traditional song.
  • In the Comic Series, Alice delivered Lori's baby. However, in the TV Series, Maggie is the one who ends up delivering Judith.
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