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"Made to Suffer" is the third episode of The Walking Dead: Red Machete.


The man who stole Mandy’s machete, Derek, sits on a log and puts on headphones and plays music. He grabs the machete. He pours baking soda into an empty tin can, he pours water into it and stirs, he uses it to clean the machetes blade. He wraps red tape around the handle, covering Mandy’s name.

While he is listening to music, a walker walks toward him from behind. The walker grabs his shoulder and he gets up and stabs it through the chest. It pushes him down and devours him.

The walker walks around aimlessly with the machete through its chest. It devours a dead animal. It keeps walking until it is punched in the face by an unknown survivor.

The unknown survivor is revealed to be Joe, who walks up to the walker and pulls the machete out of its chest, and yells “Claimed!