"Damnit, man. I already told you it wasn't me, man. Man, come on, I told you like... like twenty times... I don't even... I don't even KNOW your bro--"
—The resident's last words before being shot by Vince.[src]

The Macon resident refers to an unseen character in Vince's story of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC. 


Macon, Georgia

Shortly before the outbreak began, the resident was in his own apartment and is heard begging for his life for Vince not to shoot him and that he doesn't even know his brother. This meaning that Vince either falsely accused the resident of doing something to his brother, or the resident was lying. Vince then shoots the resident and runs out of the apartment.


Killed By

The reasoning for Vince killing the resident is unclear, though when questioned about it in the bus by Danny and Justin, he can mention it was to "help" his brother.



It is unknown what the unnamed Macon resident did to Vince's brother, but Vince was so enraged, he broke into the man's apartment before he interrogated and murdered him in cold blood.


Video Game

Season 1


  • The Macon resident is chronologically the first character to die in the "400 Days" DLC, and the first character killed in the Video Game canon on-panel.
    • He is not, however, the first confirmed dead person in the Video Game canon. The unnamed Georgia State Senator is the first person to die in the canon.
  • Based on the player's dialogue choices, Vince can show regret over killing him, or boast about it.
  • The Macon resident is the second character Sean Ainsworth voices. The others are the voice operator, a Save-Lots Bandit, a walker, and Hank.


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