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First Appearance Issue 100
Series lifespan #100 to present
Users Negan

Lucille is a baseball bat covered in barbed wire first encountered in Issue 100 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. It is used by Negan to kill both human and zombie alike.


Location UnknownEdit

Nothing is known about Lucille before the outbreak began. Lucille seems to hold special meaning to Negan, but details are unknown. It is possible that Negan had owned Lucille before the outbreak.


The SaviorsEdit

Lucille first appears in Issue 100 with Negan, as The Saviors ambush Rick's group. She is introduced to Rick and his group when she is used to brutally beat and kill Glenn as revenge for the loss of many Saviors. In Issue 113, Carl shoots Lucille and an enraged Negan demands the Alexandria Safe-Zone survivors throw Carl over the wall. The survivors refuse Negan's demands and he states that if they don't throw Carl over he will use Lucille to kill Rick, Heath, Nicholas, and Holly. This never happens, though Negan does get to utilise Lucille in the war, killing many solidiers and zombies. In Issue 123, Negan brings out a new and improved Lucille that is covered in zombie guts, so that when hit, survivors will get infected and reanimate. 

Killed VictimsEdit

The following is a list of victims killed with Lucille:




  • Lucille is one of three weapon of choices in The Walking Dead universe given a name by its user. The others being Danny St. John naming his rifle "Charlotte", and Molly naming her ice tool "Hilda".
  • Lucille is one of the usable tokens in The Walking Dead Monopoly.
  • Lucille is, so far, the only object, character, or community to get a promo for their appearance.
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