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Louise "Lou" Bush is a neighbor of the Greene family. She has a farm near them and worked at the bar in town. She is discovered and captured by Hershel GreeneJimmy, and Rick Grimes during the Season 2 episode, "Pretty Much Dead Already".


Greene Family Farm

Louise Bush was a neighbor who knew the Greene family well. She owned a farm up the road from Hershel's farm, where she grew mostly sweet corn. She also worked at the nearby bar, Hatlin's Bar, on the weekends. At some point during the breakout, she became infected, died, reanimated as a walker, and wandered onto Hershel's farm.


Season 2

"Pretty Much Dead Already"

Jimmy found Louise and another walker stuck in the mud of a creekbed, so he, Hershel, and Rick captured the pair with snare poles and brought them to just outside of the barn, where Hershel had kept numerous other walkers that had been captured in the same manner. However, the Atlanta survivors soon then shot and killed all of the walkers, including Louise, who was used as an example by Shane Walsh to prove to Hershel that the walkers are not living beings. Shane shot Louise eight times in the chest to prove his point before shooting her in the head.


Louise's body was seen at the beginning of the episode lying dead on the ground. Later, her corpse was burned with all of the other walker remains in a big gasoline-soaked pile.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Louise has killed:


Killed By

Her initial cause of death is unknown. Once reanimated, she wanders around until she gets stuck in a muddy creekbed, where she was found by Jimmy, and then captured by Jimmy, Rick, and Hershel.

While Hershel had her confined within the noose of a snare pole and headed for the walker pen in his barn, Louise was shot in the chest multiple times by Shane as a demonstration to Hershel that walkers were not living people. Shane then shot her in the head to prove to Hershel that as a walker, she was dangerous and needed to be put down.


TV Series

Season 2


  • The actors who portrayed the walkers of Louise Bush and Doug are real life father and daughter stunt performers.
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