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The Los Angeles Police Department is the law enforcement agency for the city of Los Angeles, California. It was established in 1869 and employed over 9,000 officers by the time of the global outbreak. As of Fear The Walking Dead, the agency is currently attempting to keep peace and order in the city admist the early start of the outbreak and riots caused due to leaked footage of officers shooting individuals whom have just recently became revived.


The LAPD was the third largest law enforcement agency in the United States at the time of the global outbreak.


As of The Walking Dead, it's very likely the LAPD has suffered the fate of being entirely overrun and dissolved in the wake of the outbreak, or it very well could've followed a similar fate like that of Atlanta's agency in which it is only operational as a remnant with barely any control over parts of the city.

As of Fear, the LAPD seems to be inactive as of "So Close, Yet So Far" especially with the California Army National Guard taking control over the area.

It can be implied that, owing to Los Angeles being bombed and totally engulfed in flames in "Monster", that the LAPD no longer exists.


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