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The following is a list of character deaths on The Walking Dead (Webisodes).

Please note that a character gets a "kill" for killing a named person. It is possible for a character to get 2 kill points on the death of one person. This is possible by one, killing the person when they were living and two, killing the person while infected. A kill point is added by a character doing any of the following: killing a named living character, killing a named walker, killing a character before reanimation or causing a death.



Torn Apart - 5 Deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party Kill Points



Bitten by a walker on the mouth, died of infection Walkers 1

Zombified - Judy

Judy Dead

Chopped in the head by an axe Hannah 1

Mike Palmer

Palmer Dead

Bitten by his zombified children, shot in the head (before reanimation) Palmer Children
Andrew (Out of Mercy)


Andrew (Web)

Bitten by Mike's zombified children (Off-Screen) Palmer Children 2


Early walker state hannah

Bitten by walkers and was almost completely devoured Walkers 3

Cold Storage - 6 Deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party Kill Points



Bitten by walkers Walkers 1

Survivor 1 Unsurvivor1

Devoured Walkers 3

Unnamed Survivor 2 Unsurvivor2

Devoured Walkers 3

Zombified - Lenny Lennie.4

Impaled in the head Chase 1

Zombified - Harris ColdStorage7

Bashed in the head by a cinder block Chase 1


BJ death

Head decapitated by a machete Kelly 1

The Oath - 1 Death

Cause of Death Responsible Party Kill Points


Karina injection

Given lethal injection Gale Macones 1

Red Machete - 3 Deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party Kill Points
Young Man
Young Man (Webisodes) Death Scene 2
Bitten by walker. Walkers 1
Alyssa Death Scene
Devoured by walkers. Walkers 3
David is Bitten - Sorrowful
Bitten by walker. Walkers 1

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