The following is a list of character deaths on AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.

Please note that a character gets a "kill" for killing a named person. It is possible for a character to get 2 kill points on the death of one person. This is possible by: one, killing the person when they are still alive and two, killing the person while they're infected. A kill point is added by a character who does any of the following; killing the living, killing a named walker, killing a character before reanimation or causing a death.



Season 1 - 28 Deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party Kill Points

Gloria (Fear the Walking Dead)

Overdose Herself
Church Druggie

Season one church druggie

Devoured by a zombified Gloria Gloria (Zombified)
Church Druggie

Druggie Dead

Devoured by a zombified Gloria Gloria (Zombified)
Old Man

Death Old Man

Cardiac arrest. Himself
Patrick Sutherland

Placeholder other

Unknown Causes Unknown
Zombified - Patrick Sutherland

Placeholder other

Shot in the head Police Officers

Calvin FTWD Death

Shot in the chest Nicholas Clark
Matt Sale


Bitten by a walker Zombies
Art Costa

Season one art costa

Bitten by a walker Zombies
Zombified - Art Costa


Bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher Madison Clark
Peter Dawson

Peter Dawson 1x02b

Infection Zombies
ND Woman


Shot in the head Gonzales
Joanna Cruz

Joanna Cruz 1x2

Devoured by a zombified Peter Dawson Peter Dawson (Zombified)
Mr. Cruz

Mr. Cruz 1x02

Devoured by a zombified Peter Dawson Peter Dawson (Zombified)
Gladys Cruz

Gladys Cruz 1x02

Devoured by a zombified Peter Dawson Peter Dawson (Zombified)
Zombified - Peter Dawson

Peter Dawson head

Shot in the head Daniel Salazer
Zombified - Susan Tran
Susan death
Shot in the head. Unnamed National Guardsman
Zombified - Kimberly
Shot in the head. Moyers
Griselda Salazar
Normal ftwd105 2862
Shot in the head with a clip gun. Elizabeth Ortiz
Bitten on the neck by a walker, and later using a tail rotor to kill himself. Daniel Salazar (Indirectly Caused)



Melvin Allen
Normal ftwd106 1250
Devoured by walkers Daniel Salazar (Indirectly Caused)


Elizabeth Ortiz
Liza 106 Death
Shot in the head by Travis Manawa (Out Of Mercy). Walkers

Travis Manawa

Season 2

Willa Geary Killed by drugs overdose

Melissa Geary Devoured

Marcus Bitten, died of infection

Zombified - Marcus Stabbed in the head

Suzanne Fatally bitten on the neck, stabbed in the head

Deirdre Plane crash

Connie Plane crash

Anthony Plane crash

Ian Head smacked by oar

Tom Stabbed in the throat

Michael Killed

Alan Head bashed

Zombified - Michael Stabbed in the head

Jake Powell Severely burned, strangled

Ben Shot in the head

Breannah Shot in the head

Reed Shot in the cheek, reanimated

Connor Bitten on the arm, blood loss

Vazquez Shot to death, stabbed in eye

Miguel Shot to death, stabbed in the head

Luis Flores Shot to death

Thomas Abigail Shot in the head

Celia Flores Devoured

Gael Devoured

Alonso Herrera Devoured

Elias Suarez Shot in the chest

James McCallister Shot in the head

Oliviero Devoured

Francisco Shot in the head

Ana Shot in the head

Laura Shot in the head

Chris Manawa Shot in the head

Derek Beaten to death

Brandon Luke Beaten to death

Oscar Diaz Head slammed on door, died of cerebral hemorrhage, stabbed in the head

Andres Diaz Stabbed in the heart, stabbed in the head

Marco Rodriguez Bitten on the neck, reanimated

Antonio Reyes Bitten on the cheek, reanimated

Ramiro Scratched on the chest, reanimated

Reynaldo Gunned down

Alejandro Nunez Bitten, died of infection, stabbed in the head

Season 3


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