The following is a list of character deaths in The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning.



Dead Reckoning

Cause of Death Responsible Party

DeterminantMrs. Heller

Heller Walker

Infection. Walkers
Zombified - Paul

Paul's corpse

Shot in the head. Gary Taylor
Robb Spanner


Infection. Walkers

Don death

Bitten in the neck. Robb Spanner (Zombified)
Determinant - Gary Taylor

Gary Death

Bitten in the neck. Robb Spanner (Zombified)
Zombified - Robb Spanner

Robb Death

Shot in the head. Shane Walsh
Patty Taylor


Infection. Paul (Zombified)
Zombified - Patty Taylor


Shot in the head. Shane Walsh

Kill Count

(Characters with Determinant kills are in bold)

  • Walkers - 2
  • Shane Walsh - 2
  • Robb - 2
  • Gary - 1
  • Paul - 1
    • (Please note that a character gets a "kill" for killing a named person. It is possible for a character to get 2 kill points on the death of one person this is possible by one, killing the person when they were living and two, killing the person while infected. A kill point is added by a character doing any of the following; killing the living, killing a named walker, killing a character before reanimation or causing a death.)