Linden County Sheriff's Department is a rural law enforcement similar to the King County Sheriff's Department and Mert County Sheriff's Department.They operate in Linden County which is located right next to King County, Georgia using white Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors to patrol the county highways and streets.


Season 1

"Days Gone Bye"

Before the outbreak, the sheriff's deputies worked and patrolled the area of Linden County. On occasion, they would call for assistance from the King County Sheriff's Department when dealing with criminals or criminal activities. In one incident, deputies from Linden County pursued a group of reckless criminals into the neighboring area of King County where they asked for their assistance. While in pursuit, one officer was injured before both sheriff departments were able to end the chase however, the suspects were still not willing to give up and fired back at the officers. The deputies were able to eventually kill the suspects in self-defense however, one suspect was able to injure fellow officer, Rick Grimes, before being killed and the officers all gather around Rick to help him and call for medical support.


After the outbreak, officers most likely tried to assist FEMA and the U.S. Military in evacuating civilians however, Linden County police cruisers are seen at the unknown school that was looted by Shane and Otis.



  • Linden County, Georgia is fictitious.  It is said to neighbor the fictitious King County, which lies roughly where Fayette and Coweta Counties are in reality to the southwest of Atlanta.
  • The officers of Linden County use similar weapons as the King County Sheriff's Department being the same pistols and shotguns.
  • The officers in the TV Series are not credited for their roles therefore are played by unknown actors.
  • The logo for the Sheriff's Department is a generic logo for any Sheriff Department.
  • One of the cruiser's unit number can be seen for a quick second which displays unit number 003472.
  • In the episode, "Bloodletting" when Shane goes to the high school for medical supplies, he uses the flares from a police car which is briefly seen showing the same generic Sheriff logo as well as the letters LIN and COUNTY, meaning they used the same vehicles from Linden County. However, the paint color of the car has been changed as well as the light bar on the top.
  • The sheriff cruisers featured in the TV series are ex-Detroit Police Department cruisers that have been re-painted into the Linden County Sheriff Department livery. Although, only the words "Detroit Police" are removed from the cruiser and a Linden County Sheriff logo is added to the vehicle.
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