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This article is about the actress. You may be looking for the Comic Series character, the Video Game character, the TV Series character, or the Novel Series character.
  Lilli Birdsell
Lilli Birdsell
Portrays Hannah
Occupation Actress
Born Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Also Known For "Geek Charming"
Lilli Birdsell Gallery

Lillian Birdsell is an American actress who portrayed Hannah in The Walking Dead Webisodes.


Lilli Birdsell is best known for her roles on Enlightened, Zoe, Hotel Hell Vacation, Geek Charming, and The Walking Dead Webisodes.


  • Despite playing Hannah in the webisodes, Melissa Cowan played the zombified version of her.
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