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Letter Hacks is Robert Kirkman's letter column at the end of most issues of the Comic Series. Questions are answered or there is a note to the readers.


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Notable Letters and Information

Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

Issue Note(s)

Robert Kirkman makes a short introduction about the series.


It is confirmed that the zombies won't ever be intelligent.

In response to why the hospital and police station still had lights on and functioning elevators in the previous issue, Kirkman states, "Places like police stations and hospitals would have back up generators and I'm thinking for the most part that power would remain available until something went wrong."

#3 None
#4 At the time, Kirkman states that he doesn't have a planned ending for the book.
#5 None
#6 None

Volume 2: Miles Behind Us

Issue Note(s)

Robert Kikman explains the reasons for Tony Moore's departure and introduces Charlie Adlard as his replacement.
First mention of the "aliens" of issue 75.
Robert Kirkman confirms that no one who died before "the turn" will come back, only the recently deceased.
It is confirmed the book will never be printed in color.
It is stated that a zombie's "lifetime" varies, depending on the individual, and that a surviving human will most likely outlive a zombie through the years.


Kirkman establishes that he is never going to provide a rational explanation for how the outbreak occurs. He thinks any explanation would disrupt the normalness, and border "science fiction". He is more interested in what happens post-outbreak than what had happened leading up to it.
It is reaffirmed that the book will never be printed in color.


It is stated that Rick's coma lasted "a number of weeks"
It is stated that Carl is indeed 7 years old soon-to-turn 8.
It is reaffirmed by Kirkman that he will not explain the origin of the plague.
The "Aliens" of #75 are again mentioned by Kirkman. It is stated that zombies decay at a much slower rate than the human body


It is confirmed that only humans can turn into zombies.
It is once again stated that the origin of the plague will never ever be revealed.


It is reaffirmed that zombies last a lot longer than a regular dead body.


Simon Pegg, an actor and zombie enthusiast who played "Shaun" in Shaun of the Dead, sends an email to Robert Kirkman.
Robert Kirkman states that he won't show flashbacks of the characters' lives before the plague.

Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars

Issue Note(s)

Robert Kirkman hints about the possibility of a The Walking Dead television show.
It is confirmed that the word "zombie" exists in the world of The Walking Dead.
It is confirmed zombies will never be able to sprint or run.


It is revealed that zombies only eat for impulse, and that they do not possess a functioning digestive system.
It is stated that the prison is only one or two hours away from Atlanta.
Kirkman gives a hint about a possible conflict between the prison group and other survivors, which in the end turned out to be the conflict with The Governor and Woodbury.


Kirkman once again teases the "Alien Invasion" of #75.
Kirkman teases Morgan and Duane's return.

#16 None
#17 None
#18 None

Volume 4: The Heart's Desire

Issue Note(s)
#19 None
#20 None
#21 None
#22 None
#23 None
#24 None

Volume 5: The Best Defense

Issue Note(s)
#25 None
#26 None
#27 None
#28 None
#29 None
#30 None

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life

Issue Note(s)
#31 None
#32 None
#33 None
#34 None
#35 Kirkman reveals that a Rick Grimes full body statue has been made by Clayburn Moore.

It is confirmed that Delcourt will be taking over the French language publication of the book.

#36 Kirkman doesn't plan on ever writing what caused the apocalypse.
Michonne doesn't know any formal martial arts.
Robert Kirkman confirms it is Thomas Richards' corpse that a roamer trips on in Issue 20.

Volume 7: The Calm Before

Issue Note(s)
#37 Instead of fan mail, this Letter Hacks edition featured an interview with Robert Kirkman by Andrea Voglino from an Italian magazine.
#38 None
#39 None
#40 None
#41 Kirkman confirms the rule that everyone has the same infection (of unknown origin) that causes zombies. Unless your brain is damaged, however way someone dies, they end up a zombie. A zombie bite kills due to infection or blood loss, not because of the zombie virus.
#42 None

Volume 8: Made To Suffer

Issue Note(s)
#43 None
#44 None
#45 None
#46 None
#47 None

Kirkman originally had intended Lori and Judy's death in #47, not this one. He writes this, however, makes the "twist" with Alice possible, but also equates to most of the deaths in this arc taking place in this issue, which had not been Kirkman's plan.
Kirkman also writes he is not officially saying all the Woodbury survivors were killed, but "the prison is dead to me. I've moved on and so have the characters."

Volume 9: Here We Remain

Issue Note(s)
#49 None
#50 None
#51 None
#52 None
#53 None
#54 None

Volume 10: What We Become

Issue Note(s)
#55 None
#56 None
#57 None
#58 None
#59 None
#60 None

Volume 11: Fear The Hunters

Issue Note(s)
#61 None
#62 None
#63 None
#64 None
#65 None
#66 None

Volume 12: Life Among Them

Issue Note(s)
#67 None
#68 None
#69 None
#70 None
#71 None
#72 None

Volume 13: Too Far Gone

Issue Note(s)
#73 None
#74 None
#75 None
#76 None
#77 None
#78 None

Volume 14: No Way Out

Issue Note(s)
#79 None
#80 None
#81 None
#82 None
#83 None
#84 None

Volume 15: We Find Ourselves

Issue Note(s)
#85 None
#86 None
#87 None
#88 None
#89 None
#90 None

Volume 16: A Larger World

Issue Note(s)
#91 None
#92 None
#93 None
#94 None
#95 None
#96 None

Volume 17: Something To Fear

Issue Note(s)
#97 None
#98 None
#99 Kirkman confirms that Daryl Dixon won't appear in the Comic Series.
Kirkman confirms that he's not using elements from The Bible.
#100 None
#101 None
#102 A letter sent in by Steven Yeun jokingly insulted Robert Kirkman and stated that he was very upset about the death of Glenn in Issue 100.

Volume 18: What Comes After

Issue Note(s)
#103 None
#104 None
#105 None
#106 Kirkman confirms that the Lilly in the Video Game is not the same character as the Lilly in the Comic and Novel Series.
#107 It is confirmed that Jeffrey Grimes will never appear in the Comic Series.
#108 Kirkman confirms the prison was originally supposed to appear in #7.

Volume 19: March To War

Issue Note(s)
#109 None
#110 None
#111 Kirkman stated that zombies do not digest food, and when their stomach is full, the food is simply forced out through the anus.
#112 None
#113 Kirkman suggests that Ezekiel could be the smartest person in the Comic Series.
#114 Kirkman reveals that there will be three trade paperbacks released in 2014.

Volume 20: All Out War - Part One

Issue Note(s)
#115 Kirkman explains that the companion TV series wont effect The parent show in any way.
#116 None
#117 None
#118 Kirkman reveals that Paul Monroe is a fan of the novel series "Goosebumps".
#119 Kirkman states that the book will be drastically different, starting with #127.
#120 None

Volume 21: All Out War - Part Two

Issue Note(s)
#121 It is stated by Robert Kirkman that "...whatever is making them [zombies] walk around is also keeping them from rotting to bones in a matter of weeks."
#122 Kirkman confirms that Maggie's last name remains "Greene", as a way of keeping her family's legacy alive, and because Glenn's surname is nonexistent in the book.
#123 Kirkman and Sean discussed that the war, up to this point, had been about a week and a few days, with #115 and #116 being one day. #118 being approximately a week, with all the quick, smaller attacks on the outposts. And then #119 and #120 being another day.
#124 None
#125 None
#126 None

Volume 22: A New Beginning

Issue Note(s)

Kirkman revealed that Negan was the one who killed Holly.
Mackiewicz states that this issue takes place two years after "All Out War".

#128 Robert Kirkman implies the timeskip length was supposed to be a secret (regarding Sean revealing it in the previous column). He also reveals that he planned to keep both Rick and Negan alive since the beginning.
#129 It was revealed that the #132 cover would feature Maggie Greene holding her and Glenn's child.
#130 It is explained by Kirkman (regarding Magna not finding any survivors during seven months on the road) that anyone who made it that far into the apocalypse, most likely did so by forming community of survivors who are far away from each other and hard to stumble upon during seven months of traveling.
#131 Robert Kirkman teases that Lucille's location will be revealed "later".
It is confirmed that there is no caste system in the communities.
It is teased that Negan might never escape from prison.
#132 Robert Kirkman asks a fan to "be patient" when it comes to learning the fate of The Sanctuary and the missing characters.
It is stated that it might take a good number of issues until everyone's fate is revealed.
Robert Kirkman reaffirms that the idea of "talking zombies" isn't good for the book.
It is stated that "plenty of babies" were born at Hilltop.

Volume 23: Whispers Into Screams

Issue Note(s)
#133 None
#134 Kirkman reveals that The Hunters didn't get infected after eating a bitten human, as well as Gareth's group.
#135 Kirkman promises "more info on Negan and Jesus at some point (possibly soon)..."
#136 Kirkman jokingly says that each time a reader asks about Michonne, he pushes her reappearance or death confirmation back by two issues. It is also mentioned that issues without Rick might become a trend from now on.
It is revealed that The Kingdom and The Saviors had more casualties that any other faction during the war.
#137 Compendium 3 was confirmed to be released October 2015.
#138 Coming Soon

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