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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Dead Reckoning counterpart.
  Leon Basset
Actor Linds Edwards
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Early 30s
Occupation Sheriff Deputy (Pre-Apocalypse)
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Days Gone Bye"
Last Appearance "Bloodletting" (Flashback)
Death Episode "Days Gone Bye" (Zombified)
Cause of Death Either bitten by zombified Don or Patty (Alive, Determinant)
Shot by Rick Grimes. (Zombified)
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Days Gone Bye" (Alive and Zombified)
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Leon dead K.U.
Rick shoots Leon in the head at close range.
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"Maybe we'll get on one of them video shows, you know? Like 'World's Craziest Police Chases.' What do you think?"
—Leon to his fellow officers[src]

Leon Basset was a sheriff deputy at the King County Sheriff's Department in AMC's The Walking Dead. Leon also appears in the game Dead Reckoning, in which it is explained how he fared during the initial outbreak and ultimately how he reanimated.


Season 1

"Days Gone Bye"

Leon is a back-up officer along with Lambert Kendal, assisting in the highway police chase that puts Rick Grimes into a coma. He is seen carrying a pistol and seems to be distracted and unfocused on the task at hand, and even mentions that they should capture the footage of the police pursuit and submit it to "The World's Craziest Police Chases." Rick orders him to focus and to arm himself just as the criminals arrive at the standoff. He, along with the Linden County Sheriff's Department officers, exchange gunfire with the criminals and eventually take down the suspects; however, Rick is shot in the shoulder before the last one is killed. Shane Walsh then yells at Leon to call an ambulance and to inform them that there is an officer down.


Leon is seen with Lambert at King County Elementary School when Shane goes to tell Lori Grimes that Rick had been shot.


Dead Reckoning

Main article: Leon Basset (Dead Reckoning)

Season 1

"Days Gone Bye"

Later, he is then encountered by Rick, Morgan Jones, and Duane Jones as a walker when the trio was leaving the King County Sheriff's Department. He is on the opposite side of the station's chain link fence, banging on it. He is missing his hat and sidearm, while his radio microphone is dragging along the ground. Not wanting to leave him as a walker, Rick calmly walks up to him and shoots a bullet into his former colleague's head, ending his suffering.


Killed By

  • Don (Infected/Alive, Determinant)
  • Patty Taylor (Infected/Alive, Determinant)

Leon can either be killed by an infected Patty Taylor or, if Shane manages to save him, a zombified Don, who then grabs him and devours him.

As Rick, Morgan Jones, and Duane Jones were leaving the police station after stocking up on weapons, ammo, and supplies, Leon appeared and began smashing up against the fence. After explaining that, although Leon was careless and dumb, Rick couldn't leave him as a walker, Rick walked up to Leon and shot him in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the people Leon has killed:

  • Criminal 1 (Alongside his fellow officers)
  • Criminal 2 (Alongside his fellow officers)
  • Possibly numerous counts of unnamed people (Pre-apocalypse)


Lambert Kendal

All that can be inferred about Lambert's relationship with Leon, is that the two of them were partners before the zombie apocalypse ensued.

Rick Grimes

Rick and Leon interact briefly right before the encounter with the criminals, and its safe to assume that Rick didn't think much of Leon, due to Rick's reference toward him "careless and dumb". This is due to Leon's lack of concern at the task at hand, even forgetting to pull the slide on his Glock 17 because of his thoughts on getting a video on a show. However Rick still had enough respect for him to not want to leave him as a zombie and executed him to put him out of his misery.

Shane Walsh

Not much is known of the two's relationship other than they were colleagues. However, he along with his partner, Lambert, were seen in the background in the episode, "Bloodletting", helping Shane give the bad news to Lori.


TV Series

Season 1

Season 2


  • In the Comic Series, it is an ordinary walker that is hitting the chain link fence, but Rick does not kill him because Morgan tells him to save his bullets. In the TV Series, this ordinary walker is replaced with Leon, and Rick does kill him.
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