"Let you go where? Where are you gonna go? You going to go to Cynthiana? Where you meet his folks, hav-have your little sissy be the flower girl? I mean Christ, Kelly, you wouldn't last more than five minutes with this guy. He's worse than Lenny was. At least in here you have a shot."
—B.J. trying to convince Kelly to stay with him in the storage facility.[src]

Lenny is an undead walker featured in The Walking Dead Webisodes: Cold Storage. His corpse appeared in two webisodes and attacked Chase.


Self Storage Facility

Almost nothing is known about Lenny's life before the outbreak, except that he worked at the Self Storage with B.J. and Kelly. He was at work when he was infected, turning into a walker while still wearing the company uniform.


Cold Storage

"The Chosen Ones"

A reanimated Lenny was roaming around in the control room. When Chase is attempting to get the power to work, Lenny slowly approaches him from behind, but Chase eventually kills him. Along with a few other corpses, Chase brings back Lenny's corpse to B.J. who apologies and explains that he thought he had put down Lenny. A picture of Lenny is also briefly seen when B.J. discusses his former colleagues to Chase.

"Parting Shots"

Lenny's corpse is seen as Chase wakes up, and later both Kelly and B.J. mention Lenny several times.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Lenny has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.


Killed By

Shortly after the outbreak, B.J. killed most of the employees at the Self Storage, only saving himself and Kelly.

At some point, he turned into a zombie and was thought to have been put down by B.J., but is later killed by Chase.



Cold Storage


  • It is implied that Lenny may have been in a relationship with Kelly.
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