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  Lee Everett
NTL Lee Shed Box
Actor Dave Fennoy
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 37
Occupation Former University of Georgia Athens History Professor (Pre-Apocalypse)
Former Supply Runner (Post-Apocalypse)
Group Leader (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Mr. Everett - Father (Deceased)
Mrs. Everett - Mother (Deceased)
B. Everett - Brother (Deceased)
(Unnamed) - Ex-Wife
First Appearance "A New Day"
Last Appearance No Going Back" (Dream)
Death Episode "No Time Left"
Cause of Death Bitten by at least one walker.
Shot by Clementine to prevent him from reanimating. (Determinant)
Left to reanimate. (Determinant)
Status Determinant
Series lifespan "A New Day" to "No Time Left"
Ethnicity African-American
AEC Lee Bitten
NTL Lee Just Before Death
NTL Lee Slumped Dead
Bitten by walker(s), then either shot by Clementine out of mercy or left to reanimate. (Determinant)
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Dave Fennoy Gallery
"That little girl's in my care! We've been through more together than you can imagine. Anyone who tries to get between me and her - ANYONE! - is gonna wind up dead! You hear me?!"
—Lee threatening Vernon about his offer to take Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Lee Everett is an original character who serves as the playable protagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. Convicted for murdering a senator who had an affair with his wife, Lee is freed from his untimely fate by the apocalypse and encounters a young girl named Clementine who he takes under his care. Meeting up with a group of survivors Lee tries his best to protect Clementine, both physically from the zombies and emotionally from the horrors committed by dangerous people. While Lee's personality is more or less up to the player, he is always smart, independent and caring for Clementine.


Prior to the outbreak, Lee was a professor who taught history for over six years at the University of Georgia. He had a mother, father, and a brother living in their hometown of Macon, Georgia, looking after their family business. He was convicted for murdering a state senator who had an affair with his wife (who he legally divorced), and was going to serve a life sentence before the police car crashed. Later on, Lee finds out that he's lost his entire family, at one point having to kill his own reanimated brother, making him the last surviving Everett.

While most of Lee's major decisions are left up to the players (and much of his dialogue), based on the options given during interactive conversations and Lee's response to certain events, it's shown that he is smart, reasonable, independent and generally nice. This is reinforced by Doug/Carley's statement that "everyone looks up to him," voicing their interest in having him be the leader of their group. While Lee tends to display favorable traits, one negative trait of his is being easily agitated and overprotective, which is shown whenever his people, particularly Clementine, are threatened even in the slightest way.

The characteristic Lee commonly displays throughout the series is the ability to be caring and selfless, primarily portrayed in his relationship with Clementine, devoting most of his actions, and eventually his life, to ensuring her safety. While talking to the Stranger, Lee implies that he wanted to have children of his own, and this might be why he was willing to take care of Clementine, and/or that he made it his duty to do so since her parents no longer could. It should be noted that multiple dialogue choices allow Lee to threaten death towards anyone he thinks may hurt Clementine.

During his conversation with Carley about his past involving the senator, it's implied that Lee had no intention of killing him and he claims that it was purely accidental, but nevertheless feels guilty, speaking with a tone of remorse whenever questioned about the incident. If Lee chooses to confide with Clementine as well, he softens the story by saying he was a "bad man." Whenever a character is pitted in a hopeless scenario, Lee tries his best to encourage and help them (either that or the player is given the choice to), such as caring for Clementine, somewhat senselessly tackling Andrew St. John to protect Duck, and trying to help Kenny when Duck gets bitten.

Lee, however, is not a pushover by any means, and, if need be, he can arise and defend himself or those that need defending by whatever means necessary, being skilled with most firearms and a capable fist fighter, as evidenced by his fights with Andrew St. John, Kenny (Determinant), Molly (Determinant), the stranger, and numerous walkers.


Macon, Georgia

Lee comes from Macon, Georgia. He had a mother, father and a brother who worked at the family's pharmacy in Macon. Lee had been a history professor at the University of Georgia for more than six years, he also had a pet fish on his desk there. His wife had a traveling job and she was never home, which Lee disliked. One day, he came home sick from work at the university and discovered his wife sleeping with a state senator. Angered, Lee killed him, causing Lee to be convicted of murder. Lee claimed the two got into a fight and he killed him by accident. Regardless, he was convicted, and at the very start of the apocalypse, when it hit Georgia, Lee was being transported by a police officer to the Meriwether County Correctional Facility.


Season 1

"A New Day"

The episode begins with Lee Everett, handcuffed, sitting in the back of a police car. The police officer is driving him to prison. After a while the officer begins chatting with Lee about whether or not he is innocent because, as the officer remarks, Lee hasn't given him the "I didn't do it" speech. He also tells him a story of a man who'd professed his innocence and begun crying for his "mama", despite the fact the police caught him in the act of murdering his wife. Before long, the officer crashes his car into a walker he hadn't seen and runs off the road into a ditch, knocking Lee unconscious. Lee awakens at least a day later and discovers that his leg is wounded. He breaks out of the wrecked cruiser and walks towards the apparently dead police officer as a result of self defense from the walkers. After Lee unlocks his cuffs with the keys he found on the dead policeman, the officer reanimates and attacks him, and Lee is forced to kill it with the shotgun that fell from the cruiser during the crash. The gunshot attracts several walkers to the site and Lee barely escapes them, managing to quickly limp up a hill and pull himself over the fence of a nearby house's yard. He decides to look for help inside, finding a pool of blood in the kitchen and an answering machine containing messages that recount of the quickly worsening situation for the couple, Diana and Ed, that lives in the house where it is implied that they were about to die. He discovers a hand-held two-way radio in a kitchen drawer and is contacted by Clementine, the young girl who lives in the house. She has been hiding in her tree house while her parents are away in Savannah. Clementine suddenly screams and Lee is attacked by a zombified Sandra, Clementine's babysitter. Lee is nearly bitten several times but eventually kills the walker with a hammer Clementine gives him. Lee promises Clementine that he'll look after her until they find her parents.

Depending on what Lee chooses, Lee and Clementine either leave the house immediately or wait until dark sets in. If they leave during the day, they head outside and meet Shawn Greene and his friend Chet. The two friends are trying to get to Shawn's dad's farm, but the road is blocked by cars, so Shawn offers to take Lee and Clementine with him if Lee helps them clear the road. After clearing the road, they escape walkers and drive to the Greene family farm.

If Lee chooses to wait until night, after dark they walk into the street where they are shot at by an unknown assailant. Lee and Clementine take cover behind a car, and wait until the attacker approaches them. There, they meet Shawn Greene and a police officer named Andre Mitchell, and discover that neither had known they were alive. Shawn states that his friend Chet was killed earlier, and offers them a ride to his dad's farm so Lee's leg can be tended to. An undead Chet starts to come towards them, so they get into the police car and drive to the farm.

Chet/Andre leaves, and Shawn introduces Lee and Clementine to his father, Hershel Greene. Hershel asks Clementine if she knows Lee. She says yes and Hershel takes care of Lee's leg. Hershel questions Lee about his whereabouts and doings before the apocalypse. It is Lee's choice to either lie to Hershel or be honest with him (slightly edited version of and closest to the truth, leaving out only the most troublesome details). The next day, Lee is introduced to Kenny Jr. (also known as Duck), Kenny, and Katjaa, and helps around the farm. If Lee lies to Hershel, he confronts him about his dishonesty in the barn. Regardless of Lee's previous answers, Hershel also tells him that trust and honesty are important when dealing with other people, especially with the trying times ahead.

As they talk, someone screams and they leave the barn to investigate. Hershel gets his gun while Lee runs to see what's going on. When Lee gets to the source of the noise, he sees Shawn pinned under a tractor tire. It appears Duck, sitting on the tractor, inadvertently trapped Shawn. There are three walkers near the tractor, two try to get to Shawn and one tries to get Duck.

Lee can choose to save Duck or Shawn but, regardless of his choice, Shawn dies. The only thing the choice affects is how Hershel acts towards Lee (if Lee saves Shawn, he thanks Lee but blames Kenny; if Lee saves Duck, he is angry with both of them). Either way an angry Hershel would tell Kenny and Lee to leave his farm and never come back. As Kenny and his family prepare to leave, he encourages Lee and Clementine to come with them.

When they arrive in Macon, they run out of gas and stumble upon a group of walkers. They are saved by a group holed up in a pharmacy. A woman named Carley saves Duck from a walker and they run inside. There is an argument over how risky it was to save them and what to do with Duck, as Larry, a member of the group in the pharmacy, suspects he was bitten. Lee can side with Larry or Kenny. After choosing, Clementine is attacked by a walker who was locked in the bathroom and Lee saves her with help from Carley. Glenn then leaves on a supply run at a nearby motel to get food and gas.

Larry, Lilly's father, starts to have a heart attack and she says explains they have run out of pills. Lee goes looking for the keys to the Pharmacy and we learn the group is in Lee's family pharmacy and that his family is dead. Lee helps out around the store and Carley reveals she is a reporter and knows who he is and what he did. Lee can decide whether or not to trust her, and whether to tell Clementine what he did.

Afterwards, Glenn calls on the walkie-talkie and says he is trapped at the motel. Carley and Lee go out to get Glenn and learn that there is a woman trapped in a nearby room, and decide to save her by taking out a group of walkers one by one. After saving her, they discover she was bitten and Lee must choose to give her the gun or not so she can commit suicide. Regardless of his decision, she will get the gun and kill herself.

After the motel incident they return to the Pharmacy with the gas and Lee and Doug go out to the gate to look around. They find Lee's brother, now a walker, trapped under a pole. Lee says he might have the keys and shows Doug a picture of him and Lee's parents that was recovered from the office. Lee uses a remote control that he found in the pharmacy office on the TV's in the store across the street, breaks the lock on the gates with the axe he found at the motel (because no one knows the combination), and hurls a brick at the storefront to shatter the window and allow the TV noise to attract the walkers away from Lee's brother's corpse. Lee puts down his undead brother, grabs the keys, and runs back in to the pharmacy.

With keys in hand, Lee and Lilly enter the medical section of the store but trip an alarm, attracting the attention of all the walkers in the area. Now they must hold out until Kenny can fill his truck with the gas Glen retrieved from the motel and bring it around to rescue them. After locking the entrance doors, Lee must chose to save Carley or Doug. After the other dies, Lee saves Clementine from a walker. On their way out, Lee is blocked by Larry, who assaults Lee by knocking him to the floor just as a horde of zombies closes in on him. Just before Lee is attacked by a zombie, Kenny comes to his rescue.

The survivors relocate to the motel where they intend to set up a base. Glenn tells Lee that he has to leave to find his friends in Atlanta with or without his and the group's blessing. Larry reveals that he also knows about Lee's past, and will not hesitate to use it against him if ever steps out of line. Just when things seem calm and for the most part peaceful, the street lights begin shutting off one by one until all the power goes out.

"Starved For Help"

After three months since the apocalypse began, Lee is seen hunting in the forest with Mark, a new member of the group. They talk about Kenny and Lilly and the arguments they have as Lilly is rationing food and Kenny is trying to feed his family. They are then interrupted when they hear screaming and find three survivors: Ben Paul, his friend Travis, and their teacher, David Parker. David's leg is caught in a bear trap and Lee must choose whether to leave David behind or save him. Regardless either David or Travis will die. If David is left to die Travis is accidentally shot trying to go for one of the rifles, but if David is freed (by cutting off his leg) Travis is distracted before the walkers attack him and they eat him alive.

After taking Travis/David back to the motor inn with Kenny and Mark, Lilly will yell at them for bringing back more mouths to feed. She decides that Lee should take charge by giving him the group's rations. Depending on who is handed food, Lee can either improve or mend his relations with other members of the group. After dividing the third ration he has to decide if he will eat or if he will give someone else the last ration. Afterwards, Lee is informed by Katjaa that the wounded (David or Travis) has died. Only to find that they have now reanimated as a zombie and try to attack Katjaa. Either Carley, Larry or Mark will save Lee after he saves Katjaa from the zombie.

They confront Ben (now the only surviving member of his group) and ask him why they didn't tell them his friend was bitten. Ben swears that the recently deceased was not bitten, and he explains to them that everyone is infected anyhow and when they die they will come back unless the brain is destroyed. Carley or Doug (depending on who Lee saved in the last episode) can be heard shouting at some survivors outside the Motel. They introduce themselves as Andrew and Danny St. John. They offer a deal; they need gas for their generator and Lee's group needs food. Lee, Carley or Doug, Mark and Ben go with them. During this time they witness two bandits arguing in the woods. The heated argument ends when one shoots the other in the head repeatedly killing him instantly.

After moving on they arrive at the St. John Family Dairy that Mark instantly takes liking to. Lee is slightly suspicious and tells Mark to keep an eye open. After being introduced to Brenda St. John they offer to help clear up the electric fence of 'fried' walkers. Andy St. John has turned off the electrical fence at this time Mark and Lee are removing the walkers who have "fried". After fixing one of the posts, the electricity comes back on, and Lee is enraged by Andrew's carelessness; but they are suddenly attacked by bandits. Mark is shot in the shoulder with an arrow and they both make their way back to the gate via hiding behind a tractor. The bandits withdraw after they reach the gate. At this point Carley/Doug have informed the others, about the barn and have now arrived at the farm. They are shocked to see Mark has been shot and is immediately taken in by Brenda and Katjaa. Lee learns that Ben and Carley/Doug have chosen to stay at the Motor Inn until they come back.

At this time Danny St. John asks Lee if he would like to go to the bandits' camp to get some payback. Lee can decide to go after checking up on everyone. When he arrives at the bandit camp he discovers a camcorder and then Clementine's hat which she had recently lost. Jolene, a lone crazy woman, shows up threatening them with a crossbow, Lee can choose to kill her immediately, or try to reason with her. If he chooses not to kill her she will tell him that she had a little girl whom the bandits abused (probably raped) and perhaps killed. She begins to tell Danny she knows what he is and knows what he does to those "people". Danny quickly shoots her in the forehead, instantly killing her. Regardless of Lee's actions, she will die no matter what.

After returning, Kenny seems somewhat suspicious about the Dairy. Lilly is still angry about the idea of leaving the Motor Inn and wants to go back but Larry advises her not to, saying that they should stay for dinner at least. Lee goes into the barn where he finds Duck and Clem. Kenny is there with Katjaa and Andy. They find a locked door and Kenny begins to get increasingly suspicious. As a method to distract Andy to peek inside Lee tampers with one of the generators, thus luring Andy away. After removing the lock on the barn door Lee is told that dinner is ready. Kenny and Clem leave with Duck and Katjaa but Lee stays behind and continues to investigate. Upon opening the door he discovers what a slaughter room with bloodstains. Andy appears suddenly and explains that they still hunt for animals to keep themselves fed but Mama (Brenda) hates a mess so they do it in the barn. Lee is disturbed but goes along with his story.

Lee later joins them at dinner. He requests to go to the bathroom to investigate, still suspicious. Upon discovering a hidden room, he finds a legless Mark. Mark is barely conscious and warns him about the brothers, telling him not to eat dinner revealing that they are cannibals. Lee then has to rush downstairs and warn Clementine not to eat the dinner- however Lee has to get him there and shout on time. Lee tells everyone about the food, and the St. John brothers retaliate threatening them at gunpoint. Brenda reveals that they were taught never to waste food, as their reasoning for eating humans, and said that Mark was going to die anyway. Mark is heard falling down the stairs where he is seen crawling around calling for help. Filling the group with horror, Danny uses the distraction and knocks Lee unconscious.

He next wakes up in a meat locker with Larry, Clementine, Kenny, and Lilly. Kenny reveals that they have Katjaa and Duck, and then Larry unexpectedly has a heart attack (due to his medical condition). He stops breathing and Kenny assumes that he is dead and wants to destroy his brain, but Lilly insists that he isn't and they need to resuscitate him. Lee must choose to side with Kenny or Lilly. Regardless who he chooses Larry dies. Larry is either killed by Lee and Kenny, or just Kenny who crushes his head with a salt block (or lick, as said in the game). Regarding on Lee's choice either Kenny, Lilly or both will be extremely upset with Lee. Clem is able to crawl out of the meat locker via air vents and unlocks the door, and Kenny goes to find his family while Lilly is mourning Larry. Lee tells Clem to watch over Lilly and leaves to find Kenny.

Both are then confronted by Danny St. John who is unexpectedly taken out by Lilly or Kenny. Lee may then kill or spare Danny's life, and this decision is noted by Clementine. After Lee goes to find Kenny and the others, he meets Carley/Doug with Ben. Lee explains the situation and tells them to go round the back, as using the gate would be too dangerous. Lee returns to the St. John's house where he finds Brenda holding Katjaa hostage, and carefully walks forward, trying to negotiate while driving her towards an undead Mark at the top of the stairs.

While outside Kenny is confronting Andy who is holding Duck hostage. Kenny is shot and Lee attacks and fights Andy, and he eventually gets the upper hand, and Lee can either choose to savagely kill Andy or leave him for the walkers who are now overtaking the dairy.

After, Lee discovers a car which is seemingly abandoned. The group consider emptying it, but Clementine objects. Lee can either choose to take Clementine's side, in which case Kenny and Katjaa loot the car, or he can loot the car himself, and hand out the food items to the others. If the latter is chosen then he finds a hoodie which he gives to Clementine, and he can persuade her taking the stuff is okay or not. No matter what, Carley/Doug comes to him and explain that they found batteries for the camcorder he found earlier at the bandit camp. They turn it on and discover Jolene watching them at the motor inn. It is revealed that she knew the several of the bandits by name, calling them "rapists monsters", and that she took a liking to Clementine, seeing her as a replacement for her daughter.

"Long Road Ahead"

Three weeks after the last episode, Lee and Kenny go back to the pharmacy to find more medicine. They see an unknown girl running out from one of the buildings. She is quickly surrounded by walkers and bitten. Kenny suggests that the girl should be left to walkers so they can go to pharmacy unnoticed. Lee either shoots the girl with his rifle, attracting the walkers with the shot; or leaves the girl to be able to slip unnoticed in the store with Kenny. Inside the store, Lee picks up as many supplies he could before the walkers stormed in. Then he runs for another exit only to be attacked by a walker who broke the door. If his relationship with Kenny is good Lee will get help from him. If not he will have to fight with the walker on his own. After a narrow escape they return to the motor lodge where Lee learns that bandits have been trying to attack the lodge. Ben is on watch duty, Lilly is still upset about her dad, Kenny and his family are hanging in, Carley/Doug is hanging around, at some point Carley reveals that she has had some "thoughts" about Lee, if Lee answers back she gives him a kiss on the cheek, while Clementine is keeping herself busy. An argument soon breaks out and Lilly reveals to Lee that some one in the group is stealing medicine from their supplies. Lee investigates and finds a bag of medicine outside the protective walls hidden in a grate.

Lee reports his findings to Lilly. Regardless on whether or not she said before that she would assume it was him if he didn't find anything, Lilly declares that they had line everyone up to find the traitor. While Lilly and Lee are conversing in her room, four armed bandits have already captured everyone else outside. Lee is ordered to go out before the bandits and stall them. After Lilly kills an unnamed bandit, the rest of Lee's group scatters while the bandits shifted around uncertainly. After Linda and Gary/Drew are both killed, the remaining bandit flees over the motel wall. After the survivor signals to his friends outside with a piercing whistle, two dozen bandits soon attack. During the firefight, Kenny hands Lee a rifle and tells him to cover everyone else. He first rescues Ben and Carley/Doug from a pair of bandits, then rushes to help Clementine and Kenny's family while they fall under fire from four bandits. One is killed by a walker, the rest are killed by Lee. The walker that had previously killed the bandit then attacks both Katjaa and Duck, knocking both of them over. Lee/Kenny shoots and kills it while more walkers flood the motel parking lot. If Doug was saved, Lee must kill eight walkers with his rifle with Doug telling him where they are coming from. If Carley was saved, Lee must kill a minimum of four walkers on his end of the RV before the RV is fixed. After calling to Lilly to get to the RV, he boards himself and rides away from the motel.

Lilly reveals that someone has been trading medicine for protection. While escaping in the RV, Lilly starts to believe that Ben (and Carley if she is alive) stole the medicine. The RV is forced to pull over when a walker gets stuck under it. While on the side of the road, Kenny tries to get the walker loose. The group then begin arguing about who did it. Doug will attempt to calm Lilly down if he survived "A New Day", or Carley will scream at her if she survived. When Kenny kills the walker, Lilly pulls out her gun and shoots Carley. If Lee saved Doug, he will grab Ben and end up being shot in the head saving Ben. Lee subdues Lilly and takes her gun. Lee then chooses whether to leave Lilly on the road or bring her with them, keeping her arms tied.

While traveling down the road Katjaa reveals that the walker that had attacked her had managed to bite Duck. They agree to keep going in the hopes that they can find a cure. The group soon has to stop the RV again, but this time due to a partially wrecked train blocking the road.

Kenny asks everyone to get out of the RV (except Lilly, if Lee brought her with them). Lee can choose to go into the RV and find a pencil, whereupon Lilly comes up and says she is taking the RV, and asks Lee if he wants to come with her. If Lee tries to stop her she throws Lee out of the RV and takes off. However, if Lee agrees to come with her Lilly will say that he should go get Clementine. When Lee steps out of the RV she will drive off. Kenny later reveals that the radiator is broken and Lilly will only manage to drive about 30 miles in the RV.

While searching for aany supplies on the train, Lee encounters a dead engineer in the engine cabin he mistakes to be a walker. After making sure it is dead, Lee pulls it away, prompting Ben to push on a glowing button. This sudden stroke of luck causes Lee and Kenny to go on a search to find a way to start the train. Lee meets Charles (Chuck), a homeless man living in the train's box car who startles Lee with his sudden appearance, after starting the engine and detaching the dead weight behind the boxcar. He asks Lee if he has taken any of his belongings, nevertheless, whether Lee decides to be truthful to him or dishonest, Chuck joins the group.

Once the train gets moving it is apparent that Duck will not last the journey. After Lee helps Katjaa take care of him he will either talk with or fight with Kenny to stop the train. Both Katjaa and Kenny want to be ones to relieve Duck of his pain. No matter what decision Lee makes in the matter, Katjaa will be the one to take Duck in the woods. After a shot is heard and Kenny's scream (Determinant), Lee travels into the woods to discover that Katjaa has committed suicide, unable to shoot her son. Lee or Kenny is forced to finish the job before Duck turns, or alternatively leave him to reanimate.

They continue on the track. After a while they stop because there is a truck hanging off the edge of a bridge and blocking the path. During an argument between Kenny and Chuck, two more survivors appear on the bridge, Christa and Omid. They turn out to be helpful and decide to assist them in removing the truck from their path. Clementine and Lee decide to check a warehouse beside the road where they find a blowtorch, however while Lee and Omid were busy cutting the tanker free Ben spots what appears to be thousands of walkers attracted by the noise the train had made traveling up to that point and had now caught up with them. While Lee and Omid successfully managed to cut the tanker free before the walkers got too close, however when they tried to make a quick escape from the bridge Omid hurts his leg (regardless if Lee pushes him off or not) and Lee chooses to help either Christa or Omid onto the train, but either way both survive.

Shortly before their arrival in Savannah, Clementine's walkie-talkie comes to life with a stranger talking on the other end who seems to know Clementine and had conversations with her before. Lee and Kenny are surprised by this as they thought it was broken, leaving them to wonder who this stranger is and what they want with Clementine.

"Around Every Corner"

Lee and the group are walking down the streets of Savannah, Georgia. Suddenly a bell of a nearby bell tower starts ringing. The noise attracts walkers towards the group. In the midst of chaos, Lee spots Clementine and Ben pinned up against a wall. Lee tells Ben to help Clementine, but he runs away in panic. Despite his efforts, Lee is unable to help Clementine with his gun but fortunately, Chuck comes to Clementine's rescue and attracts the walkers around her to chase him instead. Chuck then tells the rest of the group to run as he draws the walkers to aside. This is also the last time he is seen alive.

The survivors arrive at an abandoned house. After scavenging for supplies, Lee finds Kenny in the attic, staring at a reanimated child. Apparently the boy had starved in his hiding and Kenny marks the walker's strong resemblance to Duck. Lee can either kill the boy himself, or state it would be for the best if Kenny did it. If neither of the men do the deed, Christa will eventually kill the boy. Regardless, Lee ends up burying the child's body and sees the Stranger, who has been observing him, for the first time.

Later Kenny leaves with Lee to find a boat. This is when Lee encounters Molly. The two fight for a short moment, the fight ending in either Molly about to kill Lee, or Lee about to shoot Molly. Suddenly Clementine appears, having followed Lee, and tells the two to stop fighting. Molly realizes Lee isn't a threat but Kenny, unaware of this, appears with his weapon drawn from ambush. Molly tackles him and Kenny accidentally pulls the trigger. She then explains Kenny and Lee everything about Crawford, the survivalist community of Savannah, and reveals herself to be the one ringing church bells around the city.

Kenny's gunshot was heard by the nearby walkers and they corner the group. While Molly, Kenny and Clementine manage to escape, Lee is separated of them and flees into the sewers, where he finds Chuck's disemboweled corpse. He then stumbles on the hideout of Brie, Vernon, Clive, Boyd, and Joyce. Vernon points his gun at him as he enters but Lee is able to talk him out of shooting him, much to the dismay of Brie who thinks Lee is from Crawford and that they will be attacked by his group when they find out their location. Vernon guides Lee back to the house where he reunites with his group and Molly, and Vernon, being a doctor, was able to check Omid's injury. It turns out there was a boat in the shed of the house all the time but it lacks a battery. The group decides to sneak into Crawford to find the missing battery, gas and medical supplies for Omid's infected leg. Vernon joins the group with Brie.

Lee can leave Clementine at the house with or without a gun to take care of Omid; however, she insists to be taken with the group in which Lee can also agree on. Lee and others arrive at the school building in the center of Crawford. Apparently it has been used as the main storeroom for all their supplies. It is soon revealed that Crawford had fallen in front of the walkers. While the group separates to find supplies, Lee goes looking for the battery for the boat with Molly. With she nowhere to be seen, Lee heads for the next door garage. Then, suddenly, a walker wearing a doctor's robe, falls from a roof of a building. Molly reappears and begins to impale the walker out of pure anger.

The two eventually find the battery and Molly takes it. She takes off to her own business, leaving Lee back at the school building. Lee finds Christa and Vernon in the clinic, trying to bust open a locked cabinet of medical supplies. After finding several tapes, the code for the lock of the cabinet is seen on these. The tapes also explain the reasons behind fall of Crawford as also Molly's history with the community.

A horde of walkers attack the school, forcing everyone to retreat back into a classroom leading to Crawford's armory. On the way to the classroom, Molly is attacked by a walker. If Lee misses a shot at the zombie, he is forced to leave Molly behind; however, if Clementine was brought along she will shoot the walker and thus saves Molly. At the classroom Ben realizes he accidentally let the walkers into the school and has a break down. He decides he has to tell Kenny that he is responsible for Katjaa and Duck's deaths. Vernon and Lee restrain Kenny from attacking the boy. A quick voting takes place on whether the group should or should not leave Ben behind. Lee can choose his opinion. If Clementine is tagged along, Lee can change his opinion on the second time around. The walkers push in the classroom and devour Brie.

Lee and the group bust open the armory door leading to a bell tower. Lee is then seen running up the bell tower, fighting off several walkers, throwing some off the stairs and shooting others. At the top, Ben is then attacked by a walker, which Lee can or cannot shoot. Regardless Ben is pulled over the ledge and Lee grabs him if the walker was shot. He now has the choice to let him fall to his death or pull him up. Clementine will be very upset with the decision if he chooses to let him die, having lost a friend. The group escapes from the tower on the roof of the building.

Lee and the group arrive back at the house, to find Omid alive and Vernon treats him with the antibiotics. If Clementine was left at the house, she has also managed to trap or kill a walker, depending on whether Lee left a gun with her. Later Vernon suggests Lee to leave Clementine with his group. Lee can agree or loudly disagree on this.

Clementine will ask Lee if they will look for her parents before they depart with the boat. Lee can lie to her and say that they will, or be honest and say that it will likely not happen.

Lee wakes up the next day to discover that Clementine is no longer in the house. He walks outside when he finds Clem's discarded hat. Lee climbs over the fence and finds Clementine's walkie-talkie and picks it up but is attacked by walker. Lee realizes the walker managed to bite him. Omid, Christa, Kenny and Ben (Determinant) come looking for Lee, telling him that Clementine is nowhere to be found. Lee can then reveal that he was bitten or he can keep it a secret. Lee states Vernon has kidnapped her and insists on going after them. Afterwards he either asks his companions for help finding Clementine or tells them to wait at the boat while he looks for her. Depending on Lee's choices some of the group members can refuse his offer.

After making it back to their hideout it is revealed that Vernon and the rest of his group had left, leaving the place abandoned. Lee then looks up outside the window to see a large herd of walkers passing by. Coming to realize that the large number of walkers attracted by the noise the train made traveling there had caught up with them once again leading them to wander into and infest all of Savannah.

Lee then gets a mysterious transmission from a man over the walkie-talkie, who reveals that he isn't Vernon. The man also informs Lee he has Clementine and tells Lee to choose his next words more carefully, to which Lee starts to respond, but is at a loss for words in shock.

"No Time Left"

This episode links up to the same point where "Around Every Corner" left off, with Lee's words to Stranger the same as chosen in the former episode. Realizing Clementine is elsewhere in the city and not in the hospital morgue, he and the group that came with him look for a way out, as the herd of walkers seen in "Long Road Ahead" arrives in Savannah. Lee manages to open a nearby elevator door, but passes out after opening it from exertion and his bite. Depending on who was brought with him, he can wake up among them or on his own, and ends up choosing whether to saw his arm off with a bonesaw in order to potentially save himself from the bite's infection or to at least buy him some time.

Regardless, Lee and any others begin climbing the elevator shaft of the hospital, which is seen to be overrun by hordes of walkers on the inside and out. The group, or Lee, arrives on the roof and sees the streets crowded with thousands of walkers. However, using Molly's strategy from "Around Every Corner", Lee manages to reach a bell tower next to the roof. Ringing it, he draws the hordes to the tower, thinning the streets and allowing the group to push on back to the manor.

Depending on who came with Lee in "Around Every Corner" and/or was left behind with the boat, the result on arrival can differ. If anyone stayed, it is shown that they were ambushed by Vernon's group, which horribly beat them then stole the group's boat. If everyone accompanied Lee, the boat is seen missing and a note left by Vernon is found explaining that it was he and his group who taken the boat and apologize to Lee and the group for stealing it. Lee, however, still focuses on finding Clementine, and insists on going to the Marsh House. However, the herd catches up with them and invades the manor. The group puts up a vicious stand but is forced into the attic where they are trapped. A squabble between Kenny, who is paranoid of Lee's bite and him turning, even if his arm was removed, and Lee began, culminating in Lee throwing a stone bust head at Kenny, however if Lee didn't throw the bust in time, Kenny will instead. Regardless, the bust will be thrown at the wall. The wall is shown to be weak and decaying, and leading to the house next to it. The group breaks through it and ends up in a sealed room where a couple committed a double-suicide, locking their room off from the walkers infesting the house.

Lee finds a balcony where it is possible to cross to the next roof, and the group follows. If Ben is still alive, the balcony will collapse and fall as he begins to jump. If Ben is not alive, Kenny will not fall in the jump but will perish in a later event. Regardless, Lee will run down in an attempt to save the both of them. If Ben fell, however, it is shown that a balcony railing stabbed him in the stomach. His yells of pain attracts walkers, and Kenny forces Lee to leave, telling him to go on and find Clementine. Kenny uses the last bullet in his pistol to mercy kill Ben, and is overtaken by the horde that enters the alleyway where they are.

As Lee, Christa, and Omid finally reach the waterfront just across from the Marsh House, they are forced to climb over a large Maccabe Imports sign to get to the next rooftop, as walkers crowd the street below. As either Lee or Omid and Christa climb over, the sign collapses. Armed with a cleaver he found earlier, and a shard of glass if his arm was not amputated, he orders Christa and Omid to go on and meet him later, and to take care of Clementine when he is "gone". Lee descends into the streets and fights his way through the massive horde of walkers.

He arrives at the Marsh House and searches several rooms until he finds one with a bedroom and closet door roped together. He walks in curiously, only to have Stranger appear behind him with a pistol drawn. Though Clementine calls out, thinking she hears Lee, Stranger puts the gun to Lee, forcing him to be quiet and abandon his possessions. Stranger, in a psychotic but calm state, sits down with Lee and has a discussion with him, asking him if he has ever "hurt anyone". After Lee's response and a short talk, Stranger reveals the station wagon from "Starved For Help" belonged to him and his family. Whether or not Lee and Clementine looted it, his reaction is the same. It is revealed his son went missing on a hunting trip. When he returned to the station wagon where his family stated, he and his wife went back out but failed to find his son still. They returned, and Lee's group had stolen his supplies, effectively ruining his life as some of Lee's group had stated. His wife took their daughter and left, though the presence of her severed, reanimated head in Stranger's bag, as well as the fact that he continually repeats he "hurt her", indicates he may have killed her, or may have found her later after she had reanimated.

At some point Stranger has found Clementine with a walkie-talkie of his own. He reveals to have been monitoring Lee and his group, through Clementine, since the events of "A New Day", and depending on the decisions Lee made throughout Season 1, he confronts Lee about his many difficult choices, from saving Carley or Doug, to going to the St. John's Dairy with Clementine. In the end, Stranger tells Lee that he will take Clementine and "hurt [Lee], so bad." While he begins talking to his wife's severed head he keeps in a bowling bag, which is shown to be reanimated, Clementine escapes from the room and, using one of several objects Lee laid on a table at Stranger's order, sneaks up and attacks him just as he says, "[Clementine] wouldn't hurt a fly."

Lee and Stranger begin a fierce brawl, each trying to get Stranger's gun which is knocked around the room. In the ensuing fight, Lee can either kill or incapacitate Stranger, and if he kills him, has a choice of shooting him to prevent reanimation or not. If he spares him, he attacks Lee again only to be shot by Clementine. Lee and Clementine reunite, and just as they leave, a walker appears at the door. However, as it sniffs Lee, it ignores him, going for Clementine, though Lee stops it. Realizing from a comment by Clementine about the "muck", spilled on him as he fought the herd, Lee understands that the walker was confused by his scent, he takes an organ from the walker and rubs it on Clementine in order to mask her scent as well.

The two initially manage to wade through the walkers outside on the street well, until Clementine sees her parents, Ed and Diana, who are now walkers, walking the streets. Saddened and terrified, Lee tries to calm her, but passes out once more. Waking up in what appears to be a store of some kind, Clementine had taken Lee there for safety. Lee then shows Clementine that he was bitten, or tells her why he amputated his arm. He begins to limp over to where the exit is, but slumps to the ground and cannot move. Clementine begs him to get up. He tries twice, but fails both times. His voice begins to grow very hoarse and he starts becoming extremely tired. Depending on the next few actions, Lee, on the brink of death now from the bite, whether he amputated his arm or not, can choose to tell her to restrain him to a nearby radiator in order to keep him from attacking her. They find a zombified security guard trapped in an office where an emergency exit lays, Clementine can pick up handcuffs on the ground to attach the walker's left hand (on Clementine's side) to a bar to the walker's right.When Clementine attempts to take either his gun or keys based on Lee's decision, the walker attacks her, if the walker was handcuffed, his cuffed arm will snap in two and the walker will proceed to attack. She ends up killing it with Lee's help, and with the gun and in tears, she begs Lee not to become one of them, though she states she does not think she can bring herself to kill him. Lee can give some advice and it is said Clementine will remember it (this being a likely hint to a future installment).

In-Game Decision

After telling her he will miss her or that she should remain strong, or saying nothing, they give their final goodbyes.

Have Clementine shoot Lee (Dead)

Lee closes his eyes, and Clementine, in a nearly- if not already- broken-down state, will shoot him with the gun she obtained from the zombified security guard and leave to go out on her own, with a goal given by Lee's advice.

Have Clementine leave Lee to turn (Undead)

Clementine will leave him handcuffed/laying next to the radiator, seconds later, his lifeless body slumps to the floor. She tearfully goes off into the fields of what can be assumed to be the outskirts of Savannah.

"400 Days"

If Lee threatened Vernon when they first met and went with all his group (including Kenny, Christa, Omid, and possibly Ben if he survived) to the morgue in his search for Clementine, the choice is determinant in unlocking a dialogue in Shel's story. One of the survivors of the cancer group, Clive, will remark of Vernon's unwillingness to shoot Lee after being verbally intimidated by him. However, Clive states had it been himself Lee spoke to in the same fashion, he would've not hesitated to shoot the man.

Season 2

"All That Remains"

Clementine is seen looking at the photo of Lee that was torn by him at the drugstore when he found the picture of his family in "A New Day". She can say that she misses him to Christa at the start of the game. When Clementine and Sam are looking at the trapped walker, if Lee cut off his arm in "No Time Left" she will say that the walker probably tried to cut off his arm and that it never works. She also mentions him if she confides in Luke later on, remarking that he taught her how to survive. When Pete asks her if she can use a gun, she tells him that she can and has the option of confiding that it was Lee who taught her.

"A House Divided"

If Clementine chooses to teach Sarah how to shoot, her teaching method will emulate the way Lee taught her previously.  Kenny mentions Lee to Clementine after being reunited with her and tells her that he "half expected Lee to walk up right next to her" and mentions that they were like "two peas in a pod." Kenny then becomes saddened at the reminder of his death.

"In Harm's Way"

Lee can be mentioned by Clementine when she tells the others how they escaped from The Marsh House by smearing themselves with walker guts, to which Kenny will say "good one, Lee".

"Amid The Ruins"

If Clementine killed Lee in "No Time Left", she tells Jane how she had to put him down, after killing a zombified Nick, if the latter was saved in "A House Divided". When Clementine is trying to get through to a catatonic Sarah she can tell Sarah about how Lee protected her and died so she could live, comparing him to Carlos. This has a positive effect on Sarah, and convinces her to put her glasses back on. 

Later, while attempting to get through to Kenny in the tent, Clementine can angrily state that she had to shoot or leave Lee, telling Kenny not to act like an asshole and pretend he's the only one who has lost people. This causes Kenny to angrily storm out of the tent, saying that he can't even look at her. 

While searching the museum with Bonnie and Mike, Clementine mentions Lee, saying that "he would love this place". (Determinant)

"No Going Back"

After Clementine is shot by Arvo and loses consciousness, she "awakens" in a dream where Lee is sitting beside her. She questions what had happened, and she becomes aware that she is in the RV they had used before arriving at the train. Everyone else (save Kenny) is asleep in the RV and Lee tries to get her to go back to sleep. Clementine realizes that Duck had been bitten, but Lee assures her that Duck might live, though Clementine is unconvinced. She feels bad for calling him a crybaby and believes that she wouldn't get the chance to apologize. She then asks him why Lilly killed Carley/Doug. He responds by telling her that Lilly had been depressed for a long time, that sadness had turned to anger at the world for causing her such pain and she had chosen to take that anger out on someone else. He tells her that people do not always make sense, which Clementine says is stupid. She asks him if he had ever been that mad before, and Lee says that he was once. (Determinant) He explains that "bad things happen to everyone" and that some people react to them differently. Lee asks Clementine her opinion on leaving Lilly behind (if she was left behind in "Long Road Ahead") or letting her stay (if she was brought along in "Long Road Ahead"). Lee tells her that "part of growing up is doing what's best for the people you care about... even if sometimes... that means hurting someone else." Clementine, however, does not want to accept this, and Lee asks her what he can say to make her feel better. If she asks him to say that she wont have to hurt anyone, he remains silent. Alternatively, Clementine can ask him to say that everything would be okay in the end, to which Lee would say that she would make it okay. Alternatively, she can ask him to say that he wouldn't leave her, to which Lee would smile to and reassure her that that would never happen. Regardless of what the player asks, Clementine quietly begins to cry, but Lee soothes her with a smile. Clementine curls up against him and falls asleep.


Killed By

  • Zombie(s) (Caused, Determinant) (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Stranger (Indirectly Caused)
  • Clementine (Indirectly Caused; Out of Mercy, Determinant)

Clementine's interactions with the Stranger lead him to Savannah as he was bent on revenge for Lee's actions leading to his family's deaths. He took advantage of Clementine's innocent nature and secret resentment towards Lee for the acts of survival he committed, which she didn't understand was needed. Because of the Stranger kidnapping Clementine, and dropping Clementine's radio outside the house, he caused Lee to bend down to pick it up, and gets bitten on the arm from the walker in the trash.

As the two initially manage to wade through the walkers outside on the street well, Clementine sees a zombified Ed and a zombified Diana walking the streets. Lee tries to calm a saddened and terrified Clementine, but passes out once more. Waking up in what appears to be a jewelry store, Clementine had taken Lee there for safety. Depending on the next few actions, Lee, on the brink of death now from the bite, whether he amputated his arm or not, can tell Clementine to restrain him to a nearby radiator in order to keep him from attacking her. They find a zombified security guard trapped in an office where an emergency exit lays. If Lee does not tell Clementine to restrain him, he can instruct her to restrain the security guard before she attempts to take either his gun, keys, or both, based on Lee's decision. Despite being restrained or not, the walker attacks her. She ends up killing it with Lee's help, and with the gun and in tears, she begs Lee not to become one of them, though she states she does not think she can bring herself to kill him. Lee gives her helpful advice and after telling her he will miss her or that she should remain strong, or saying nothing, they give their final goodbyes, and Lee, with a great amount of sadness, can either have a breaking-down Clementine shoot him or leave him to reanimate. Either way, he closes his eyes, and dies quickly.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Lee has killed:

Non-Canon Deaths

If Lee fails to complete a certain objective, it is possible for him to be killed. These deaths are non-canon and will result in a game over. Lee will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. The following is a list of times Lee can die.[1][2][3][4][5]

"A New Day"

"Starved For Help"

"Long Road Ahead"

"Around Every Corner"

"No Time Left"



"I'll miss you..."
—Lee's last words to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship with Clementine is ultimately up to the player, but regardless of the player's choices, Clementine learns most of what she knows about survival from Lee, which shows her affection for him.

Lee's affection towards Clementine was readily obvious the moment he met her. While their relationship starts off as nothing more but a helpful stranger and a little girl, the bond strengthens over the course of the episodes. As Clementine is the closest person to Lee in the apocalypse, both of them came to form a symbiotic relationship, Lee seeing Clementine as a daughter of his own while Clementine considering Lee as her guardian, and later on as a father. However, the relationship eventually takes a toll for the worse when it was revealed that Clementine had been secretly communicating with the stranger on her walkie-talkie. The act of hers had greatly strained the relationship between the two. Although Lee still cares about her, Clementine starts to show slight distrust towards him, sometimes by taking matters in to her own hands, ultimately abandoning him to reach the Stranger, who supposedly has her parents. Their relationship is improved however when the two reunite at The Marsh House after Lee saves her from the Stranger. The two end on a warm but emotional note, as Clementine, in tears, is forced to either leave Lee to reanimate or shoot him. Lee is without a doubt Clementine's greatest influence throughout the series, and his legacy and advice, along with his decisions, went on with her, Clementine able to affectionately reminisce that Lee taught her how to survive when speaking to Luke. Clementine still keeps her photo of Lee with her, indicating she misses him very much. Clementine mentions Lee several times in Season 2, and becomes visibly saddened each time he is mentioned. Depending on player choice she can either remark that Lee saved her from the Stranger, or that Lee died because of her association with the Stranger. She has a flashback of him at one point, and dreams of the two riding in the RV and sitting together.


"Kenny was my friend, he could be tough to like but I agreed with him most of the time, so we were assholes together I guess."
—Lee honoring Kenny. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship with Kenny is ultimately up to the player, but outside of the player's choices, Kenny is shown to have a lot of respect for Lee both before and after his death.

Lee and Kenny became companions after enduring the walker attack on Hershel's farm, in which Lee can choose to assist in saving Duck, or attempt to save Shawn. When they were kicked off the Greene Family Farm, they started traveling together. Lee can either become Kenny's best friend or they can be at odds with each other. Lee and Kenny went through some dramatic events and were almost always helping each other. After the St. John's Dairy Farm incident in the meat locker, they would either have a stronger relationship if Lee decided to help Kenny kill Larry, or Kenny would despise Lee for trying to revive Larry since Lee didn't back him up on a morally questionable action. After Duck was bitten, Lee can argue with Kenny about putting his son out of his misery, and eventually fight physically about it, or Lee can be caring towards Kenny and talk him out of his denial towards his son's hopeless situation.

Lee's relationship with Kenny is put to the test in "Around Every Corner", as Kenny is still struggling with the loss of Duck and Katjaa. Lee may choose to help or not to help Kenny through these trying times. When Clementine is taken by the Stranger, Kenny will either jump at the opportunity to help his friend Lee (If Lee had always agreed with him on everything), ask Lee that if he himself was asking Lee for help, would he be there for him (If Lee agreed sometimes with Kenny, and other times didn't)- in which case Lee would have to say "Clementine is my family" in order to get him to come with, or just not volunteer to help Lee at all saying, that Lee never helped him with anything (If Lee never sided with him once).

Regardless of whether or not Lee always agreed with Kenny (if he was brought along at the end of "Around Every Corner"), Kenny will try to cut Lee's arm off to save him, and will also say that he would not let Lee die if Lee failed to make a decision about cutting his arm off. During "No Time Left", Kenny will show concern over Lee's bite and even begins to think that it could be a Larry situation again. They get into a fight about this and ends with one of them losing their temper. After though, Kenny will try to mend his relationship with Lee. They will talk about past events and Lee can apologize for anything Lee ever did wrong to Kenny. They then share a drink. Lee was saddened and mournful of Kenny's presumed death after he sacrificed himself to save Ben or Christa from walkers. Fueled by Kenny's presumed death Lee continues his journey to find Clementine and calls Kenny a good man, his friend.

When reunited with Clementine, Kenny mentions that he half-expected Lee to walk up next to her and that the two were always together, before becoming saddened at the reminder of his death and remembers what he had done for him. In "In Harm's Way", if Clementine mentions that Lee disguised themselves with walker guts to escape the Marsh House, Kenny will say "Good one, Lee. In "No Going Back", Kenny reveals to Clementine that he wishes Lee was still alive, showing that he is still deeply saddened about his death and he asks her if he was still with them, what would he do.


"You've always looked at me with kind eyes, I wonder if you could still do that if you knew I was a convicted felon."
—Lee telling Katjaa about his past. (Determinant)[src]

Lee and Katjaa have a friendly relationship because Katjaa takes care of Clementine when Lee is unable to. Lee is the first non-family member to be told about Duck's bite. This shows that Katjaa thinks Lee is a very trustworthy person. Katjaa asks Lee to be there for Kenny and is grateful to Lee for volunteering to end Duck's suffering, saying he'd be doing the family a great service. Lee is later shown to be saddened by Katjaa's death.


"Has Clementine said anything to you about Doug or Duck?"
—Lee to Katjaa about Clementine and Duck. (Determinant)[src]

Lee and Duck aren't shown interacting very often although when they do they seem to get along and are friendly towards each other although Lee can find him slightly irritating. Their relationship can improve if Lee allows Duck to help him discover who has been stealing their supplies and Lee high fives him after he helps then Duck will regard Lee as incredibly awesome. Lee is later shown to be saddened by Duck's death, even more so if Lee was the one to shoot Duck.


"I never really got to tell her, but, yeah, I did have feelings for her."
—Lee telling Katjaa he had feelings for Carley. (Determinant)[src]

Carley and Lee started a good relationship from the very first meeting of the two, where she and Glenn saved Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck from a pack of walkers, much to the disdain of Larry and Lilly. Later on, she saves Lee's life again when she shoots the walker in the drug store. When Carley reveals she knows Lee's secret, he can choose to either trust her, or not. Either way, she'll be rather supportive of Lee's actions. When given the choice to save either Carley or Doug, Lee's decision may lead to Carley's death.

If Carley is saved, Lee and her relationship continues to grow over three months, to a seemingly high level. She supported his decision to bring either David Parker or Travis to the camp after being injured. If she is given food, other than the apple, she will refuse it, saying Lee already helped her out, and tell him to give it to someone else. She will then save him once again when zombified David/Travis attacks him. After this, the two don't interact much due to her and Ben Paul going back to the motel to guard it. Later on, during the night, Carley helps Lee against Andrew St. John, by shooting him in the ear. Carley will remain neutral towards raiding the station wagon.

In episode three, Carley will tell Lee to tell the people he trusts about his secret, and to talk to her when he's done. When he comes back, she and Lee will start conversing and seemingly flirt, leading Carley to kiss him on the cheek. When she is accused of taking supplies and giving them to the Save-Lots Bandits by Lilly, along with Ben, she will aggressively defend herself and Ben. Lee then has the choice to side with her or not, but regardless of the choice, Lilly will shoot and kill Carley on the spot for insulting her. Her death was a shock to everyone, especially Lee. After her death, Lee can confess to Katjaa that he had feelings for Carley.


"...Actually, why don't you keep my share today. I know I said it didn't matter why you saved me and not Carley, but... I owe you a lot more than half a day's rations."
—Doug to Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Lee and Doug seemed to build a quick friendship, with Lee thinking Doug's resourcefulness and technical abilities are a valuable asset. While defending the pharmacy, Doug said that if they don't make it, he wants Lee to know that he thinks he is a great man. In return, Doug respected and was loyal to Lee, sacrificing any rations given to him so that Lee would not go hungry and starve. When Doug said that he feels worthless, Lee seemed to be concerned about Doug's mental health, to the point of bringing it up with Lilly. After Doug was accidentally shot by Lilly, Lee was shocked and enraged.


"You gotta do what you gotta do."
—Lee telling Glenn about his opinion on Glenn's decision to head to Atlanta. (Determinant)[src]

Glenn and Lee are shown to share common attributes, including a kindhearted sense of humanity and outgoing bravery, displayed by both when they agree to help a woman trapped in the Travelier Motel surrounded by walkers. Both are shown to appreciate each other, as they aid each other in times of need; Glenn leaves the pharmacy to go on a supply run for Lee and the rest of the group and, when he gets surrounded by walkers, Lee and Carley head out to rescue him. Glenn also admires Lee's ability to kill walkers while infiltrating the Motor Inn, describing it as "Rad." While talking to Glenn after they return to the pharmacy, Glenn will question Lee's decision to give Irene the gun. Depending on Lee's decision, Glenn will either understand or disapprove of Lee's decision.


"I just want you to know I've got your back on whatever you decide."
—Mark to Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Lee and Mark have a good friendship. Mark was grateful for Lee and the group when they picked him up at the overrun Robins Air Force Base during the three-month timeskip between "A New Day" and "Starved For Help". Since then, Mark became a good friend of Lee's. Mark respects, trusts and supports Lee in his decisions. Ever the faithful friend and comrade, Mark promises Lee that in case if anything runs amuck at the St. John Dairy Farm, he will have Lee's back, in terms of support and defence. Lee worries about Mark when he is not present at the dinner made ​​by the St. Johns, and is later shocked and outraged when he finds out they cut off his legs and served them for dinner. Mark's words are carried over to the grave, as his reanimated self saves Lee and Katjaa from being shot by Brenda St. John.

Ben Paul

"God... poor fucking kid. He didn't deserve any of that."
—Lee about Ben's death. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship with Ben is ultimately up to the player, as the player chooses how much faith to put in Ben. Regardless of the player's choices, Ben is shown to be very respectful to Lee, obeying most of his commands.

Lee and Ben's relationship is completely up to the player. Lee doesn't trust Ben much since his appearance, but accepts him as a part of the group. However, this relationship becomes strained after discovering that Ben is partially responsible for the bandit attack which forced them to leave the motel. In "Around Every Corner" Lee is visibly annoyed with Ben as he ran away from zombies that endangered Clementine while he was in a position to help, much of the relationship determined by Lee after this, Lee may not blame Ben for the bandit attack as he knows that Ben never meant for any of it to happen and attempt to show Ben that he trusts him as much as anyone else in the group, or he may be mistrustful and frustrated towards Ben to the point where Lee can allow him to die in Crawford.

If Ben escapes Crawford, then, after Lee is bitten, Ben will trust Lee to decide whether or not Ben should go with him to search for Clementine. However, if Lee leaves the decision up to Ben, then Ben's decision will depend on his relationship with Lee; if Lee has not shown him much faith and support in the past, then Ben will decide to stay behind, but if Lee has always tried to support and defend Ben, then he will willingly accompany Lee out of gratitude.

If Ben is saved, he is impaled on the rung of the balcony after it comes loose when Kenny jumps across. Lee can either choose to leave Ben with Kenny, or exclaim he's not going anywhere, causing Kenny to forcefully shove him out into a gate. After Ben's death, Lee is extremely depressed, saying that he didn't deserve any of it.


"You deserved better, old man."
—Lee, after finding Chuck's dead body in the sewers.[src]

Initially, Lee didn't trust Chuck, thinking him to have some ulterior motive to revealing himself to the group and giving the children candy. He was enraged when Chuck told Clementine that she was going to die just like Duck. Lee angrily confronted Chuck about it, to which Chuck reveals his true intentions. He says that Clementine won't survive in the zombie apocalypse in her state, and tells Lee to cut her long hair, plan for the future and to teach her to use a firearm. Grateful for Chuck's advice, Lee respects him. This respect grew when Chuck saved Clementine from a group of zombies. When Chuck was overrun by walkers, Lee seemed worried about him, but reluctantly pressed on. After later finding Chuck dead, Lee seemed mournful, saying that he deserved better.


"You two would be great for her."
—Lee to Christa about taking care of Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship with Christa is ultimately up to the player, but outside of the player's decisions, Christa is known to have respected Lee for caring for Clementine and even giving his life for her.

Similar to how Lilly was when Lee first met her, Christa seems to be suspicious and doubtful of the group's motive to travel to Savannah, but tags along with the group due to Omid's persistence. For the better part of "Long Road Ahead", they both seemed have a dislike for each other as a result of Christa bossiness in Lee's ways of caring for Clementine, but nonetheless still occasionally cares for Lee out of respect. By "Around Every Corner", the pair seemed to have gotten used to each other, if not liked each other better since Lee volunteered to look for medicines in order to treat Omid's leg injury. If Lee decides to tell the group about the bite on his hand, Christa and Omid are the first who willingly volunteered to go along with Lee to search for a missing Clementine, with Christa stating that it is all of their responsibilities, showing that she has come to trust and like Lee and Clementine. After Lee's death, she is saddened and distraught about his death, as it is seen "All That Remains" when she is unwilling to discuss about him.


"With your arm and my leg, I'll cripple fight you right here, buddy."
—Omid to Lee, joking about their injuries. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship with Omid is ultimately up to the player, but outside of the player's choices, Omid is shown to have great respect for Lee because of his care for Clementine.

Initially, Lee was distrustful towards Omid, and stated that he won't let him escape if he turns out to be someone bad. Upon introducing himself, Lee treated Omid as a kind friend, and they worked together to cut off the tanker dangling from the ledge of a bridge. Omid immediately saved Lee when the tanker gave way, which results in Lee being grateful to him. Omid's optimistic personality and interest in history allowed the both of them to become quick friends. As Omid spent the better part of his time resting due to an injured leg, Lee was concerned for him, and volunteered to help get medicine for him. After Omid finds out that Clementine was missing and that Lee was bitten, Omid, along with Christa, agree to help Lee look for Clementine. Throughout "No Time Left", Omid shows concern for Lee and his bite, and they discuss their plans for the future; what they should do with the Stranger, what they should do with Ben, and who should look after Clementine. After Lee's death, Omid and Christa take up Lee's role as Clementine's guardian and take full responsibility of taking care of her.


"I just wanted to say thanks. For everything. It's been fun."
—Molly to Lee before parting with his group. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship is entirely up to the player.

Molly and Lee's relationship started rocky as Lee mistook her for the Stranger while Molly thought that he was a member of Crawford, and fought each other. After the fight, Lee demands to know about Molly, and is shocked to realize that she was the one who rang the church bells around town, causing walkers to attack Lee and his group earlier that day. Shortly after, she ditches Lee, Kenny and Clementine for zombies, but eventually decides to save them. Later on, when Lee asks Molly of Clementine's whereabouts, she says that she isn't her keeper and that he should go bug Kenny and Ben instead of her. Lee is shown to be angry towards Molly but keeps his anger to himself. At Crawford, they worked and bonded with each other to get the battery for the boat. Lee can confront Molly about her secret, to which she reveals that she was a resident of Crawford and that she had an affair with the doctor of town to obtain medicine for her sister, but was betrayed which resulted in the death of her sister. This caused Molly to leave Crawford and begin a life of a scavenger. Tearfully, Molly takes out a photograph of her sister, saying that she wanted it a lot. Sympathetic towards her, Lee comforts her. Later on, Lee catches Molly as she is about to head back into Savannah on her own, despite always saying that she should be on the boat because she saved Kenny and Lee's lives. Lee questions her sudden change of heart, and she claims she's "better off by herself", but it is heavily implied that she does it to avoid pushing the group into an unpleasant decision when the time comes, and bids farewell to Lee, telling him to take care of Clementine. Lee and Molly share a hug and part on good terms, wishing each other luck.


"He treated you like shit, knew who you were and you still tried to save him. The last thing you need to do is to apologize."
—Lilly to Lee about Larry after he told her about his past. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship with Lilly is ultimately up to the player, but outside of the player's choices, Lilly always retained some amount of respect for Lee, either because of their previous agreements or because of his general nature.

Like Kenny, Lilly's relationship with Lee is determined by his decisions. If Lee often sides with Lilly, she will show him a side of her that no one else seems to see, and will be nice and caring towards Lee. If he sides with Kenny, however, she will act much more defensive towards Lee. Lee and Lilly's relationship is seriously affected during the meat locker incident at the St. John's dairy. If Lee decides to try and help revive Larry, she will be more understanding towards Lee, and save him when he is held at gunpoint by Danny St. John, and later again when Andrew St. John is attempting to force his face onto an electrified fence.

Lee and the group worry for her mental health after Larry's death. When at the motel, he is the one to talk to her about it. Bad standing or Good, she seems to trust Lee the most and even opens up to him about the thief. She asks him to investigate and he agrees. If they have good standings, she will not believe him to be the thief; however on the other hand should Lee and Lilly have poor standings with each other she will warn Lee that she believes he may be the thief. Lilly will express genuine remorse to Lee for stealing the RV if they're on good terms. If on bad terms during the hijacking she will inform Lee she could have killed him while his back was turned and that a small part of her understands his reason for helping to kill Larry. This indicates Lilly's ultimate respect for Lee even if she loathes him on the surface. If Lee lies about the supplies, saying it was him who stole them to stop Lilly harassing Ben, Lilly's response will be harsh regardless if her relationship with him.


"You must really hate me... but guess what? You're stuck with me. I plan to be around LONG after you're gone and if you turn...I'll be the one to put the axe through your skull."
—Larry to Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship with Larry is, for the most part, unchangeable by the player, but the player is able to choose how much he would like to try and be friends with Larry.

Lee and Larry weren't friends at all and Larry showed extreme distrust towards Lee. At one point, Larry punched Lee in the face and left him for dead, although Kenny intervened and helped him. Lee either tries to get along with Larry, giving him the benefit of the doubt, or simply tries to not talk to him, depending on Lee's actions. However, Lee never showed any real hatred towards Larry. In fact, Lee can try and convince Larry they don't have to be enemies. Lee has to decide whether or not to help Kenny kill Larry during the events in the meat locker at the St. John dairy. This goes on to affect his relationship with Larry's daughter, Lilly, greatly. After the death of Larry, he is shown to either feel guilty and doubtful of his actions (If he helped Kenny), or angry at Kenny for killing him (If he helped Lilly).


"You're a good man, Lee. You've been protecting these people as best you can so far, and they look up to you. Rightly so. But it's different with a child. You might have brought her this far, but sooner or later she might ask you for more than you can give her."
—Vernon telling Lee his opinion on him and his ability to protect Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship with Vernon is entirely up to the player, but outside of the player's choices, Vernon had no qualms about stealing from Lee, proving how he valued himself over Lee.

Lee's relationship with Vernon can vary greatly depending on the choices the player makes. If Lee was honest with Vernon when they first met, they have a generally cordial relationship. However, if he lied to or threatened him, Vernon will regard him with more hostility, and doesn't have much trust in him. Additionally, if Lee drops Ben from the bell tower, Vernon will question his morals. Regardless of these choices, Vernon will still offer to take Clementine at the end of "Around Every Corner", citing either Lee's immoral actions or inability to provide for a child that isn't his blood as reasons she won't survive long with him. Lee can either calmly ask for time to consider this, or angrily rebuke the offer. Vernon leaves mysteriously the next morning, which leads to Lee believing he kidnapped Clementine. He travels to the morgue that he met Vernon in, only to discover that he and his group had left. Vernon's group had actually stolen the boat they were planning to use, either beating up the people that stayed at the mansion while Lee searched for Clementine or leaving a note saying he regrets leaving them behind. Lee loses whatever respect he had for Vernon, as he stole the only hope he had for getting out of Savannah.


"Hey, Lee. Thanks for all your help back there. I don't think we would have made it without you."
—Brie to Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's relationship with Brie is ultimately up to the player, but outside of the player's choices, Brie is shown to have had some emotional impact on Lee, saddening him after her death.

At first, she told Vernon that he should kill Lee with the insistence that he was a member of Crawford. She worried that Lee would reveal their group's location, which would result in the group possibly being raided and killed. Much to her dismay, Lee talked Vernon out of it and disarmed him. She was later brought along with Vernon to help Lee's group get in Crawford. When she went with Kenny to get fuel, she thanked Lee and claimed she didn't think they'd make it back if he didn't show up. If Lee threatened Vernon, she will act hostiles towards Lee and will refuse to talk to him. Lee was shocked and saddened when Brie was devoured. When she reanimated, Lee was shocked and hesitated before killing her.


"I still can't believe we let that guy threaten us like that! If that guy Lee, had told ME I didn't have the balls, I'da shot him on the spot!"
—Clive about Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Clive and Lee never interacted due to Clive staying at the morgue while Vernon and Brie went to Crawford with Lee and the others, but Clive seems distrustful of Lee. This is further explored in "400 Days", where if Lee threaten Vernon, Clive will remark of Vernon's unwillingness to shoot Lee after being verbally intimidated by him. However, Clive states that if Lee spoke him into the same fashion, he would've not hesitated to shoot the man.


"Vernon and the boat are the reason the group fell apart, not trusting strangers! Vernon was out for the boat the whole time! And the SECOND they left the boat unattended, we just stole it! THAT'S when our group fell apart."
—Boyd to Roman's group about trusting strangers. (Determinant)[src]

Although Boyd and Lee were never shown interacting, Boyd, in case Lee decides to head back to the mansion through the sewers by himself, promptly suggests Vernon to go help him, and when he mentions stealing the boat from Lee's group in "400 Days" he displays a sort of sadness for it, showing that he cared a little bit about Lee's fate.


"The last time we did that... we lost Brie, and then Vernon with that goddamned boat!"
—Joyce to Roman's group about trusting strangers.[src]

Although Joyce and Lee never interacted directly, Joyce was shown to be distrustful to Lee. If Lee threatens Vernon in order to get him to show Lee the way out of the sewers, she is shown to loathe and fear Lee. In "400 Days", Joyce argues with Roman's group to kill Roberto saying that strangers should not be trusted and mentions that they lost Brie, Vernon and the boat for trusting Lee's group.

Shawn Greene

"No problem, Lee. Couldn't leave you behind."
—Shawn to Lee if he left Clementine's house during the day. (Determinant)[src]

Shawn and Lee had varying relationships depending on Lee's decisions. They mostly remained formal and friendly, speaking to each other in positive tones, unless Lee decided to lie. They had a conversation about the apocalypse, and Lee offered to cut wood for Shawn's fortification-building process. When Shawn was attacked by walkers, if Lee chose to attempt to assist him, Shawn revealed this in his last dying words to his father, which brightened Hershel and Lee's relationship.

Hershel Greene

"You're gonna have to depend on the honesty of strangers if you're gonna make it. And if those same people get to questioning yours, you're gonna be in trouble."
—Hershel to Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Due to Hershel's short time in the game, they don't interact much. When Lee first arrives at the farm, he will volunteer to fix his leg. Hershel will begin to question Lee about what happened and he has the option of lying or telling the truth. If Lee lies, he will automatically know it but keeps it to himself. When they talk the next day, if lied to, or if Lee lies in their next conversation, Hershel will confront him about the lie and says he has to become a better liar. No matter if Lee told the truth or lie, he will talk with him about the trust of strangers and the matter of family, but this is cut short of Shawn's scream. As Hershel gets his gun, Lee has to choose whether to save Shawn or Duck. If he saves Duck, Shawn will die and Hershel will blame him and kick him off his land with no mercy. If he tries to save Shawn, he will still die, but Hershel will be more sympathetic towards Lee, but will still kick him off. Lee respected his wishes, and left.


"It was nice to meet you both."
—Chet to Clementine and Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Although Chet and Lee met briefly and were never given much time to develop any form of relationship, Chet was friendly to him and seemed grateful that Lee and Clementine came along and helped them get out of Clementine's neighbourhood.


"Why are you alone up here? What happened to you?"
—Lee talking to Jolene. (Determinant)[src]

Jolene and Lee only interacted once, but Jolene already knew who Lee was. She appeared to believe that Lee stole Clementine from her, mirroring the events between Danielle and the Save-Lots Bandits even though she was wrong in believing so.


"I'm here with you."
—Lee's last words to Irene before she commits suicide. (Determinant)[src]

Irene and Lee only met each other briefly, but Lee was eager to save Irene when she was trapped in the motor inn. Irene wanted to commit suicide as she was already bitten and wanted to end her suffering. Lee was sympathetic and felt sorry for her, and said she might be okay, but realized the inevitable and told Carley to give her the gun. Lee stayed with Irene alone until her last moments. Dying of a walker bite, Lee told Clementine about Irene and that he gave Irene a gun to end her suffering and that he's thankful for that choice now that he knows how it would feel.

B. Everett

"I know you would've died for them if you were there."
—Lee to his undead brother about his death and their parents.[src]

B. is Lee's brother. Not much is known of their relationship, but it can be inferred they had a normal and passive relationship. Lee was very distraught and depressed when he had to kill his zombified brother. Lee misses his family, as was mentioned in "A New Day" to Clementine.

Mr. Everett

"My parents came in here hoping to survive... but it looks like one of them was hurt. I wonder if it was my dad, trying to be a hero maybe..."
—Lee musing about his parents.[src]

Mr. Everett is Lee's father. Not much is told about their relationship, although Lee seemed to have respected him, judging from the way he talked about his father when he and Clementine found his old cane and Lee shared the story that his father would whoop shop lifters with it. Lee was seen to be emotionally distraught on discovering his family was dead, his father included. Lee refers to his parents as good people while discussing them.

Mrs. Everett

"They were good people. I wasn't around much, but yeah, they're dead."
—Lee telling Katjaa about his parents. (Determinant)[src]

Mrs. Everett is Lee's mother. Not much is told about their relationship, but it can be inferred they had a normal mother-son relationship. Lee was emotionally distraught on discovering his family was dead, his mother included. Lee refers to his parents as good people while discussing them.

Lee's Ex-Wife

"My wife. (...) It was a long time ago. (...) In a lot of ways. She travelled for work. I didn't like that. I wanted a family. (...) So we fought, and it made my biggest fear come true... Got sick one day on my way to class, canceled it and went home and found her there with someone else, killed him. I was mad at her for so long and I can't imagine how much pain she felt."
—Lee revealing his and his wife's past. (Determinant)[src]

Before the apocalypse, Lee was married to an unnamed woman. It could be assumed that the two loved each other initially, however, over time they began to argue with Lee wanting to have a family but could not due to her having traveling job. Eventually, Lee caught his wife sleeping with a state senator whom lee killed. It was also implied that Lee did not list his wife' snake on the visitor's list while awaiting trial in jail. It is clearly shown that Lee deeply regrets killing the man and he rarely mentions her, though there were times when he would open up to others about what happened, and it appears that Lee had forgiven her in the end, after opening up to the stranger.


"You're a monster. You're a murderer and a thief, and I'm going to hurt you so bad."
—Stranger to Lee.[src]

The relationship between the Stranger and Lee Everett is determined by a decision Lee makes in "Starved For Help". If Lee decides to raid the Stranger's station wagon, he will despise Lee and will openly insult him. If you chose not to raid his station wagon, he will be slightly more sympathetic, stating, "After I found Clementine on my radio, I wasn't even mad at you. I was coming for the others, for revenge." Regardless of Lee's choices however, the Stranger will still find fault with Lee for putting Clementine in so much danger and desires to kill him to keep her safe in his state of mind.

Mutually, Lee, while sympathetic towards his misfortune and descent into insanity, hates the man for kidnapping Clementine and indirectly causing the ultimate destruction of his group and his own life, and will try to kill him later on in the episode. The Stranger will also criticize your choices throughout the game, including: Lee keeping his past from Clementine, giving Irene the gun to kill herself or refusing to, saving Carley or Doug, whether or not he chose to go to the St. John's Dairy Farm, killing the St.John brothers, failing to stop Clementine from eating human meat, stealing supplies from his station wagon or not, leaving Lilly or taking her with you in the RV, and dropping Ben Paul to his death or not.

After conversing for a while, Stranger tells Lee he will take care of Clementine, and Lee may even consider letting her stay with Stranger, but clearly sees that the man is utterly insane and needs to be put down for Clementine's safety after he talks to the decapitated head in the bowling bag. Working together, Lee and Clementine are able to defeat the Stranger and reunite finally.

The Stranger's hatred for Lee, even if Lee never did anything to indirectly hurt him or his family, seems indicative of his own hatred for himself. The Stranger seems guilt stricken over losing his one and only son and causing his wife immense pain and suffering as a result. It seems that through insulting, degrading, and torturing Lee through Clementine's abduction, the Stranger is achieving his own needs to gratify himself and ease his self-loathing, making Lee little more than his victim.

Even if Lee was by no means a bad man and the Stranger's own mistakes and actions mirror some of the actions he begrudged Lee for, he will continue to address himself as a far better man and father figure for Clementine, further implicating the man's psychotic nature and his objective of making himself feel better through revenge and Lee's demise. However, the Stranger's wish to kill Lee indirectly came into fruition due to his actions, though his plans ultimately failed when Clementine proved to truly care and love Lee, who spent his final moments saying goodbye to the little girl he gave his life for in order to protect her from a dying world.

Andrew St. John

—Andrew taunting Lee.[src]

Andrew was seen being kind and understanding towards Lee, striking up a friendly conversation with him on the way to the farm no matter what Lee says to him. However, Andrew had no qualms about turning on the electric fence when Lee and Mark were checking the perimeter, as he knew the bandits would be attacking soon and was hoping to get rid of Lee and Mark. Their relationship starts to deteriorate as Lee has his suspicions of the St. Johns being up to no good. When Lee confronts the St. Johns with their cannibalism, Andrew takes Clementine hostage, a move that ignites Lee's anger. During the final showdown with the St. Johns, as he keeps Lee at bay by holding Duck hostage, he accuses him and his group of ruining everything for him and his family. The two get into a physical fight, and Lee can either beat Andrew savagely and leave him for the walkers, or kick him straight into the electric fence, killing him. At the end, if Lee decides to spare Andrew, he shouts Lee's name repeatedly, entering in a status of deep depression.

Danny St. John

"You ain't gonna kill me, just like you didn't kill Jolene... You don't have what it takes!... Fucking coward."
—Danny to Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Danny was seen being kind and understanding towards Lee, striking up a friendly conversation with him on the way to the farm no matter what Lee says to him. Later, Danny asks Lee to go into the woods with him to hunt down the Save-Lots Bandits, where they encounter Jolene. When Jolene was about to reveal that the St. Johns were cannibals, Danny shot her to protect his secret. Lee was shocked and disgusted by Danny's actions, and realized that Danny was capable of murder. Their relationship starts to deteriorate as Lee has his suspicions of the St. Johns being up to no good. When Lee confronts the St. Johns with their cannibalism, Danny butts Lee in the head with his rifle, knocking him out. Danny finds Lee and Kenny hiding in the barn and attempts to shoot Lee, having no qualms about it. During the final confrontation between Lee and Danny, Lee angrily scolds him for participating in cannibalism and for killing innocent people, including Mark. Danny attempts to convince Lee into letting him live, so that Lee and his group can eat him. Lee can either kill Danny or spare him, saying that cannibalism is not the answer and that Danny won't make Lee kill him.

Brenda St. John

"This woman, right here, is fucking INSANE."
—Lee to the group about Brenda. (Determinant)[src]

Initially, when Lee first arrived at the farm, she acted very kindly towards him, reassuring him many times about the safety of the farm for his entire group. Their relationship since then remained on friendly terms, until Lee discovered the cannibalistic behavior of the St. John's retrieving Mark legless in a secret room behind a book shelf, and thus gravely severing any kind of friendship they had. However, despite the fact that she had no qualms about locking Lee in a meat locker to be probably served as food, she hesitated to kill him when he confronted her in the family house, showing that she, regardless of dialogue choices, had at least a bit of liking for him.


Video Game

Season 1

Season 2


  • In a Q&A with Jake Rodkin and Harrison Pink, lead designer and designer of "Long Road Ahead", it was stated that the prison Lee was being transported to in the beginning of the game is in fact the same prison that the survivors stay at in the comic, Meriwether County Correctional Facility.
  • In "Starved For Help", Lee has to decide who to give food to. 11% of players choose to feed Lee, the second least out of any character, only before Doug. [6] [7]
  • Lee is one of the few survivors who lasted after being bitten, others being Morgan, Allen, Jim, Dale, Peter Joseph Randall (Determinant), Sarita (Determinant), as well as Kenny Jr..
  • Lee enjoys alcohol, as he comments on filling Clementine's tea set with bourbon, (Determinant) drinks whiskey with Chuck, (Determinant) states he would like to enjoy the liquor in the abandoned house after he is done checking it, and (Determinant) drinks liquor with Kenny and Christa.
  • As stated in "Long Road Ahead", Lee shows a particular interest in the American Civil War, a likely explanation for why he was a history professor.
  • Depending on Lee's actions, he has killed the most named people in the game (26 plus five unnamed Save-Lot Bandits and the stranger) due to mercy killing, defending himself and Clementine, and killing zombified people.
  • The ending of "No Time Left" shows Clementine finding a shotgun shell and seeing two people (later revealed to be Omid and Christa) in the distance. This is similar to Lee finding a shotgun shell and seeing someone in the distance (later revealed to be Clementine) at the start of the game in "A New Day".
  • Lee can get bitten multiple times in "No Time Left" without dying, a total of two, most commonly the contest winner zombies in the herd while on his way to the Marsh House to find Clementine.
    • Lee is the only character that can be bitten multiple times and not be directly killed by walkers.
  • In "No Time Left", players can finally discover the truth behind Lee's status as a convicted murderer. When talking with the Stranger, Lee can mention how he hurt his wife, in which he explains how he became angered at her traveling lifestyle. His wife ended up sleeping with another man, who Lee admits to killing in his conversation with the Stranger. This is one of the very few pieces of background information that the player has no control over, signifying Lee as a flawed individual regardless of his personality.
  • Game Informer lists Lee as #1 in the 'Top 10 Heroes of 2012', while, GamesRadar staff named Lee on number 84 in their 'Best Video Game Hero'.
  • Clementine's brother was one of the original ideas for the main character of Season One, rather than Lee, but was eventually axed due to the pre-existing relationship between the two. [8]
  • Lee is the final character in Season 1 to have a determinant status (not counting the "400 Days" DLC).
    • He is also the first playable character to have a determinant status.
  • It was stated by Melissa Hutchison, the voice actor of Clementine, that Lee's death in "No Time Left" was written when the cast were recording the sessions for "Long Road Ahead".[9]
  • Lee's voice actor, Dave Fennoy, is not credited in "No Going Back".


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