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  Lambert Kendal
Actor Jim R. Coleman
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Mid to late 40's
Occupation Sheriff Deputy
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Days Gone Bye"
Last Appearance "Bloodletting (Flashback)
Status Unknown
Ethnicity African-American
Lambert Kendal Gallery
Jim R. Coleman Gallery
"Sounds like they chasing those idiots up and down every back road we got."
—Lambert talking about the car chase between the criminals and officers.[src]

Lambert "Lam" Kendal is a minor character in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a sheriff deputy working at the King County Sheriff's Department alongside Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh and Leon Basset. After the initial outbreak, Kendal's fate is unknown.


King County, GeorgiaEdit

Lambert Kendal served time in the U.S. Military before becoming a law enforcement officer, where he engaged in a military career and trained for combat.

Season 1Edit

"Days Gone Bye"Edit

Lambert and Leon are part of the team of deputies called in to assist the Linden County Sheriff's Department in pursuing suspects during a high speed chase. Lambert is armed with a handgun, and participates in the shootout between the deputies and troopers against the criminals in the speeding car; which had flipped off the road. He does not appear after Rick Grimes was shot. 

Season 2Edit


During a flashback of Carl and Lori, Shane talks to Lori and tells her that Rick is in the hospital after being shot during the police pursuit. Lambert is seen in the background by the police car with another unnamed police officer.


Location UnknownEdit

Nothing is known about Lambert since the outbreak. Similarly to Shane, he was most likely, at the time, attempting to aid FEMA and the Military in evacuating civilians, although his status is unknown.

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Lambert has killed:


Leon BassetEdit

All that can be inferred about Lambert's relationship with Leon, is that the two of them were partners before the zombie apocalypse ensued.

Rick GrimesEdit

Not much is known of the two's relationship other than they were colleagues. However, Lambert was seen in the background in the episode, "Bloodletting", of Shane giving the bad news, that Rick had been shot in the line of duty, to Lori.

Shane WalshEdit

Similar to Rick, not much is known of the two's relationship other than they were colleagues. However, he along with his partner, Leon, were seen in the background in the episode, "Bloodletting", helping Shane give the bad news to Lori.


TV SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • Jim R. Coleman believes that because of Lambert's military and police background, he managed to get underground and form a group of survivors. Whether or not this will play out in the TV Series remains to be seen. [1]
  • Lambert is one of the only characters to be shown alive before the outbreak.


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