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This article is about Katjaa's husband. You may be looking for his son.
AHD Kenny Bright
Actor Gavin Hammon
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Early to mid 40's
Occupation Commercial Fisherman
Family Katjaa - Wife (Deceased)
Kenny Jr. - Son (Deceased)
Sarita - Girlfriend
First Appearance "A New Day"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "A New Day" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
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Gavin Hammon Gallery
"She left me... my son... people that cared about us... I forgive her, but it don't make it any less wrong. You don't just end it 'cause it's hard. You stick it out, and you help the folks you care about. So let's figure a way outta here and get that little girl."
—Kenny to the group about Katjaa's suicide.[src]

Kenny is an original character and tritagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One, and a returning character in Season Two. A likable, but nevertheless flawed man, Kenny acts as the de-facto leader of the group, and is a sharp, hard-working person who likes to take action and make things happen.


Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, FloridaEdit

Before the outbreak Kenny was a commercial fisherman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While fishing, he commercially caught snapper and yellowfin, but in the summers, he'd take tours down and sailfish. He met his wife, Katjaa, after acquiring a sick octopus and needed it to be patched up, taking it to her veterinarian office. She and their son, Duck, are his main priorities. He originally had a pet dog, but had to "put him down", even though he couldn't stand it. He always said that it was the best to get fresh tuna from his catch, then grilling it, and having Katjaa prepare it. He and his family were returning from Memphis, Tennessee after visiting Katjaa's sister when the outbreak started. He and Duck were seen making a stop at Gil's Pitstop, just before the outbreak started.


Season 1Edit

"A New Day"Edit

Lee and Clementine first encountered Kenny and his family while staying on Hershel's Farm. While he knew the situation of the apocalypse was messed up, Kenny firmly believed that the government and military would sort out the mess very shortly. Lee could learn from Kenny about his boat he hoped to use as a back-up plan, along with other details about his family. When both his son and Shawn Greene were attacked, Lee had to make a choice on who to save. If Lee chose Duck, Kenny and Lee saved him from the oncoming walkers. However, Shawn was killed and the group was kicked off Hershel's farm. If you chose to save Shawn, Kenny saved Duck easily but ran off instead of assisting you in saving Shawn. Shawn told Hershel about your attempts to save him right before his death. Hershel gets upset with Kenny and somewhat thanked Lee for attempting to save Shawn, but kicked the whole group off the farm, regardless. Kenny offered a ride to Macon, nevertheless, however, his relationship with Lee would change depending on who Lee tried to save.

Upon approaching Macon, the group ran out of gas and began traveling on foot. Kenny attempted flagging down a person in the distance, but it turned out to be a group of walkers. One of them attacked Duck, but he was rescued by Carley and Glenn who lead them into Lee's family drug store. There, they met Doug, Lilly, and her father, Larry. When Larry saw that Duck was covered in walker blood, he assumed that Duck had been bitten and attempted throwing him out. Kenny stood firmly in between them, threatening to hurt or kill Larry if he even touched Duck. How Lee responded to the argument will affect Kenny's relationship with Lee. After Lee saved Clementine from a walker and Larry suffered a heart attack, Kenny began to assess the situation and assigned Doug and Carley to keep a lookout on the street. Lee later talked to Kenny, who took a moment to discuss the outcome of what had happened with Shawn. Either way, Lee attempted to console Kenny over the guilt he felt on the outcome.

When Lee and Lilly accidentally tripped the pharmacy alarms, Kenny did his best to prepare for the group for the escape, while Lee, Carley, and Doug provided cover. When Larry punched Lee and abandoned him for the walkers, Kenny rescued him in the nick of time. Depending on Lee's relationship with Kenny, he either commented on not leaving a good friend behind or how he was rescuing Lee despite thinking he was a jerk. When the group arrived at the motor inn, Kenny heard gunfire from the city which he hoped was the military, "winning this thing." He, along with the rest of the group, agreed that they should hole up in the motor inn until all of the trouble passed over. Right when they began to think everything was okay, the power shut off around them.

"Starved For Help"Edit

Three months after the drugstore attack, Kenny was out with Lee and a new survivor named Mark hunting for food. Lee and Mark discussed how Kenny had been getting into arguments with Lilly over the last few months, since they disagreed on how to lead the group. When Lee and Mark hear screams and find Ben Paul, Travis, and David Parker, Kenny was right behind them to assist the situation. Kenny offered to hold off the approaching walkers as Lee decided to either free David from the bear trap or leave him to die. Following the choice, Kenny headed off with the group back to the camp.

Back at the camp, Lilly and Kenny had yet another argument over bringing more people into the group. This caused Lilly to become frustrated and forced Lee to divide the rations for that day. Lee can talk to Kenny during this time, which Kenny will discuss how he planned to head to the coast with his family once he repaired the RV they had discovered. Whether Lee supported his decision or attempted to persuade him to stay, Kenny's mind was made up by that point. Kenny also discussed the current state of their friendship, which might've been good or bad based on Lee's decisions in "A New Day". Kenny refused to accept any rations until you had fed Duck. If you fed Duck and Clementine, Kenny supported your decision since it is what "a real man does" and offered you a place on the RV when the time came.

When Katjaa and Lee were attacked by a reanimated Travis or David, Kenny began accusing Ben of not telling the group that the person was bit. At this point, Ben revealed that simply dying, and not being bitten, was how a person turned. Everyone was already infected and true death only came through destroying the brain. It is then that the group encountered the St. John brothers, who offered to trade food for gasoline. The group agreed that Lee, Mark, Ben, and Doug/Carley should go to investigate their dairy to prove their story.

When Ben and Doug/Carley came back from the dairy, Kenny came with the rest of the group to check it out. They arrived right when Mark was attacked by bandits, however, which lead Kenny to be a bit concerned. He was seen later pushing Duck on the newly rebuilt swing, where Lee talked to him about the current situation of their friendship. Whatever their state is, Kenny mentioned about how there would come a time where Lee would have to pick sides. When Lee returned from scouting Jolene's camp, Kenny was found with Katjaa, Duck, Clementine, and Andrew St. John attending the family's cow. Kenny had been in another argument with Lilly over his suspicions of the St. John's. He mentioned that there was a locked door that Andy was particularly fast to lock up and he had heard metallic sounds from there. With Lee's help, they distracted Andy long enough to retrieve tools to break the lock. Unfortunately, the St. John's called everyone for the dinner they had prepared. Kenny told Lee that he would make an excuse for him while Lee broke the lock.

Kenny was eating at the dinner table with the rest of the group when Lee discovered that Andy, Danny, and Brenda were cannibals and had cut off Mark's legs to serve for dinner. The brothers knocked Lee unconscious and threw him, Kenny, Larry, Lilly, and Clementine into the barn's meat locker. Kenny became distraught over knowing the St. John's had kidnapped his family. When Larry suffered a heart attack and his pulse had stopped, Kenny came to the conclusion that he was dead and that they needed to kill him before he reanimated. Whether Lee decided to help him or attempt to save him, Kenny picked up a salt lick and crushed Larry's head with it. Though shocked that he went through with it, Kenny justified himself that he did what was necessary to protect the group. Kenny's relationship with Lee would be seriously affected by what Lee chose to do here and he would either appreciate Lee for backing up him on making a hard and morally questionable decision, or resented him for leaving him alone to do it. Immediately after, Clementine crawled through an air vent and freed them, Kenny rushing out to save his family. When Danny caught them sneaking up, Lee engaged in a fight with him. Either Kenny or Lilly would come to Lee's rescue, and afterward, Kenny rushed to the house. Kenny was later seen confronting Andy, who was holding Duck hostage. Kenny lunged at Andy, but was shot in his side. Lee eventually overpowered Andy and, after deciding to kill him or spare his life, the group left the dairy as walkers demolished the barrier and overran the farm.

As the group walked back, Kenny took a moment to discuss with Lee about what had happened. Either the two of them would be on good terms or Kenny would tell Lee that they needed to stay out of each other's way for a while. When the group discovered an abandoned car, Kenny was the first to propose looting the car for the abundance of supplies it contained. Lee either agreed with the looting or decided against it, but Kenny participated in the looting, nevertheless.

"Long Road Ahead"Edit

At the beginning, he and Lee scavenged Macon for supplies. They encountered a girl who was being attacked by walkers. Kenny urged Lee to not shoot her, stating that she's buy them more time to scavenge. Lee had a choice to leave her, or to put her out of her misery.

Back at the Motor Inn, Kenny and Lilly got into another fight over whether or not to leave the inn. If Carley was saved in "A New Day", Lee had the option of telling him about his past, and Kenny appreciated his honesty. Lee also realized that Kenny had not told Katjaa the truth about what had happened in the St. John's meat locker.

The bandits later attacked the Motor Inn, and the group fled in the RV. Still hostile toward Lilly, Kenny called for Lee to leave her behind, but she eventually got in the vehicle. After Lilly killed either Doug or Carley, he once against insisted that she was left behind, and Lee can either agree or disagree with him. It was then that Katjaa revealed that Duck had been bitten during the attack.

Kenny refused to believe that Duck was going to die until the very end. When Lee got the train up and running again, Kenny took over the steering. Katjaa, seeing that Duck was on his last legs, eventually realized that he was inevitably going to die, and asked Lee to have Kenny stop the train, so they could say their goodbyes. Kenny was still in denial and Lee either had to physically fight him, or talk him down to get him to stop it. If the latter was chosen, it was revealed that he still felt guilty over Shawn's death, and that he thought Duck dying was the world's way of punishing him.

Saying goodbye to Duck, Kenny, and Katjaa agreed that they didn't want him to reanimate, and decided that one of them should shoot him in the head. Lee could tell one of them to do it, or alternatively offer to take care of Duck himself instead.

Regardless of his decision, Kenny and Katjaa took Duck into the nearby forest to make sure that Clementine didn't have to see him die. Hearing a gunshot, Lee ran into the forest to find Katjaa had committed suicide and Kenny had completely broken down with sorrow beside her. Lee either let himself kill Duck, or insisted on doing it himself.

Kenny, depressed and in state of half-way shock, started driving the train again, and received a sip of whiskey from Chuck. When the group met Omid and Christa, Lee could relay Kenny's story to them, to gain their trust. Kenny also agreed to instruct Omid on how drive the train.

Having escaped a horde of walkers in the train, Kenny was still obviously depressed, but he had also gone back to focusing on following his plan of escaping in a boat. If his relationship with Lee was previously strained, he seemed to have decided to let the hostilities rest for the time being. Him and Lee then overheard a transmission to Clementine's walkie-talkie from a mysterious person inside Savannah. Disturbed by this sudden turn of events, the duo look upon the city in awe.

"Around Every Corner"Edit

The group got off the train and made their way to the riverfront. Kenny lead them, but was obviously depressed and shocked about his wife and son's sudden deaths. Lee attempted to talk with him about their next move, but no matter what, he was single-mindlessly obsessed about finding a boat. Along the way, a church bell rung, and the voice spoke up on the walkie-talkie, telling them to get out of the street for their own safety, and this angered Kenny, who felt the man was toying with the group. Suddenly, dozens of walkers began pursuing the group. Kenny took many of them out, but was tripped and nearly bitten by a walker. He was saved by either Lee or Christa. When more walkers arrived, Chuck was surrounded, Kenny leading the group to the back of a house. While there, he argued about Omid's condition with Christa, openly airing his wish to leave Omid behind, if he didn't show any improvement soon, causing Lee to break it up. He, Lee, and Ben searched for a way inside the house. Once inside, the group decided that they needed to escape, as the radio man was stalking them. Seeing the house as a temporary safe-zone, Ben and Kenny searched the upstairs for walkers. He heard something and headed to the attic. Inside, he discovered a child walker who reminded him of Duck. He stared at it, paralyzed, and couldn't bring himself to kill it.

Lee came up and saw the child walker as well. Kenny either admitted that he was a coward since he couldn't kill his own son, and that he couldn't kill another kid. Lee could either kill it, or convince Kenny to redeem himself and kill it. Either way, Kenny asked Lee to bury the kid. While Lee buried him in the backyard, a man was seen watching him. Becoming worried, Kenny and Lee decided to go find a boat at the riverfront. Along the way, Lee may ask Kenny if he was okay, which Kenny ignored. Another church bell went off, and Kenny drew his gun. He thought the radio man was luring the walkers toward them, but he and Lee quickly discovered that the walkers were being lured away. Reaching the riverfront, the duo find all of the boats destroyed or stripped of parts, almost completely crushing Kenny's hopes. In desperation, he ordered Lee to help search the area, although Lee considered it a hopeless undertaking. While he and Lee searched, they spotted an unknown survivor nearby. They believe it was the radio man, and planned to capture him. Kenny hid around the corner with his gun, while Lee snuck up on him. When the survivor was about to kill Lee, or be killed by Lee, Clementine showed up and begged them not to. The survivor stopped and revealed herself as Molly. Kenny appeared from behind the corner, gun drawn, but Lee told him not too shoot. Molly knocked Kenny over in self-defense, causing his gun to fire. She explained to them that other people took all the boats, fuel, and batteries when the apocalypse began. She also told them about Crawford, and the horrific nature of it. Walkers arrived, due to Kenny's gunshot, and they ran into a nearby alley. Molly escaped, and was about to abandon them, but Clementine convinced her to save them. She saved Kenny and Clementine, but Lee was forced to retreat to the sewers.

Lee returned later with Vernon, a doctor, but discovered Kenny drunk on whiskey. Kenny explained that he had lost all hope, and drinking was the only thing that kept him from thinking about Duck and Katjaa. But he threw the booze away when Clementine discovered a boat in the backyard shed. Given a new sense of purpose, he looked it over and found that he needed fuel and a battery to get it up and running, but also realized that the boat can't fit the whole group. To get everything, plus the medicine for Omid, the group decided to sneak into Crawford at night. While there, they found Crawford overrun with walkers. They locked themselves in the Crawford Catholic School and split up to find everything. Kenny and Brie, a member of Vernon's group, narrowly survived and retrieved the fuel. Once everyone was back, they attempt to break into the armory, as walkers forced themselves into the building. A panicked Ben revealed that he was the one who had dealt with the bandits, and caused the deaths of Duck and Katjaa. Kenny snapped and tried to kill Ben, but was held back by Lee and Vernon. Kenny abused Ben verbally and announced that he would not be accompanying them in his boat. Walkers broke in and the group retreated to the armory.

The armory was empty except for a few rounds. They took the rounds and ran. Kenny discovered a loaded shotgun and tossed it to Lee. They all ran to the bell tower and found a way out through a window. As they climbed out, Ben was grabbed by a walker and pulled over the ledge, but managed to hang on. Lee killed the walker, but Ben dangled over the edge and attempted convincing Lee to escape and leave him behind, which Kenny also urged Lee to do. Whatever Lee's choice, he escaped with or without Ben. Back at the house, Kenny either praised Lee or scolded him, based on if he saved Ben or not. He then went to repair the boat with the new fuel and battery.

Later, he, Christa, Omid, and Ben (Determinant) find Lee outside, where Lee reveals that someone kidnapped Clementine. Lee may or may not of informed them of his walker bite. If Lee told them about the bite, Kenny was shocked and could not believe it.

Results of Lee's actionsEdit

Depending on Lee's relationship with Kenny, Kenny decided whether or not to help with finding Clementine. Kenny did not help if Lee never backed him up or agreed with him. If this happened, he instead decided to get the boat to the river and wait for them. If Omid and Christa didn't join Lee in the search for Clementine, Kenny can also make the decision to leave Savannah without Lee.

If Lee was always helpful towards Duck and Katjaa, despite having disagreements with Kenny and tells him that he views Clementine as his family, Kenny admitted that, although Lee failed to support him on some important decisions, he always helped his family when they were in trouble, and it would be hypocritical of him to deny help towards Lee when he was in the same situation. He still was angry at Ben, and protested when he offered to go with them, and Lee either agreed with him or told him that Ben was coming along no matter what, to which Kenny reluctantly agrees.

If Lee always backed him up and agreed with him on things in the past, Kenny jumped immediately at the opportunity to help, saying that Lee is his closest friend.

If Kenny agreed to help, he followed Lee (along with others who joined), who believed that Vernon was the suspect. When they reached the underground morgue of Vernon's group, they found it empty. Lee became distraught, and they noticed a giant herd of walkers outside. The radio suddenly came on and the unknown man claimed that he has Clementine, but revealed that it was not Vernon.

"No Time Left"Edit

If Kenny accompanied Lee's group, he was present when the Stranger contacts him. He assured Lee that it was okay. As walkers forced themselves in, he blocked the door and told Lee to find a way out. After discovering a way, Lee passed out from the symptoms of his bite. When he awakened, he found Kenny about to chop his arm off. Lee prevented him from committing the act, but had the choice of cutting off his arm or not. If he chose to do it, Kenny will either do it (if it was just him with Lee), or he would tell Christa to do it (if she came). Once that is done, the group escaped to the roof. On the roof, Kenny searched for a way down and noticed Crawford in the distance and cursed it. When Lee managed to use Molly's bell-ringing philosophy to distract the walkers, the group headed back to the manor house. Back at the house, they found that the boat was taken by Vernon and his cancer survivor group. Either Vernon left a note (if everyone came with Lee) or someone will be locked in the garage and will inform the group (if someone was left behind).

If Kenny stayed behind, he will be beaten up by Vernon's group and tossed in the garage, being locked in by a braced shovel. Lee will free him from the garage. He will either be shocked by Lee's arm, or ask if the bite is paining him.

He and Christa get into a fight on where to head. If Ben was saved, he will yell at Ben, causing Ben to snap on him and tell him off. Kenny will apologize to Ben if he does so. Walkers quickly approached and the group took shelter in the house. They attempted to deal with the walkers, but were forced to take shelter in the attic. In the attic, he and Lee got into a fight, due to Kenny panicking on what to do with Lee, calling it another "Larry situation." Lee either throws something at the wall, or Kenny does. They discover that they could break through the corroded wall. They took shifts on breaking it, and Kenny went first. On his break, he and Lee discussed what happened in the previous episodes and will make up for anything that had happened. Kenny says that even though he is angry about his situation regarding Ben, he never thought things the way Ben did. He, Lee, and Christa then all share a drink. Once through the wall, they made their way into the neighbor's house and discover a couple who had committed suicide. Kenny reflected on how suicide was bad, and will reflect on how Katjaa did the same. He took a moment, and Lee discovered a way out of the house. Before they left, he uncovers one clip for his gun.

In Game DecisionEdit

Saved BenEdit

If Ben was saved, the group jumped to the next house, but Ben fell. Lee and Kenny headed down and uncover Ben with a balcony rung ripped through his stomach. As Kenny attempted to yank him off the rung, walkers heard Ben's cries and investigated the alley. Seeing it as the only way, Kenny pushed Lee out of the alley if he refused to leave, saying that it's something he's gotta do,and that he needed to find Clementine. He used his last bullet to put a dying Ben out of his misery.

Killed BenEdit

If Ben was killed in "Around Every Corner", after making their way across the rooftops, Kenny bumped into Lee, causing the walkie-talkie to fall through a hole into an abandoned warehouse. Christa jumped in to get it, causing Omid to panic. Lee and Omid attempt to pull Christa out, but they can't reach her. Kenny jumped in and boosted Christa out. After that, Lee frantically screamed for Kenny as he fired his last shots. Lee was stricken with grief, assuming Kenny was devoured by the walkers, but remained focused. When Christa asked how he felt after Kenny's supposed death, he simply said that Kenny was a good man.

"400 Days"Edit

Both Kenny and Duck make a cameo appearance at Gil's Pitstop in the intro sequence. In Shel's Story, the remaining survivors of the cancer support group align themselves with Roman, Shel, and Becca as allies at the pitstop. Depending on the in-game choice in "No Time Left", and if Kenny stayed behind to guard the boat, he will be mentioned by Boyd as the "guy with the mustache" they beat up when speaking about the past experience of having stolen the boat in Savannah.

Season 2Edit

"All That Remains"Edit

Clementine was looking at a drawing of Kenny along with Duck and Katjaa, that she made near the end of "Long Road Ahead", when she was looking for a lighter in her pack. She has the option of burning it in the fire.

"A House Divided"Edit

Kenny first appears in this episode at the Ski lodge, along with Sarita and Walter. Initially, they are arguing with the cabin survivors once they are spotted, but as soon as Kenny sees Clementine once more, the argument ends and Clementine's group is allowed inside the ski lodge

Clementine and Kenny sit down in front of the fireplace and catch up with each other. He explains that after he was separated from Lee, Christa, and Omid, he managed to evade the walkers, and escape Savannah. After a time, he holed himself up in an old restaurant, and was found by Sarita. The two traveled together looking for safety and overtime the two developed a relationship. Several weeks prior to "A House Divided," they found a ski lodge somewhere in Virginia, where two men were living, Walter and Matthew. They then formed a group at the lodge.

Kenny then asks Luke and Nick to help bring in the supplies before the storm could hit, and recommended Clementine to help Walter with dinner. Later, when dinner is served Clementine can choose which table to sit at, but Kenny will be at which ever table she is at. Kenny then states that their group is planning to head north to Wellington in Michigan. Kenny then gets into an argument with Nick in which Clementine can choose to be neutral or side with either one. He then accidentally calls Clementine "Duck" when asked for a can of food, which then deeply saddens him.

Kenny later appears outside checking the windows in preparation for the storm, and asks Clementine and Walter to help. They then spot a woman named, Bonnie, peering into the windows. She asks for food for her "family" to which Walter allows, but Kenny still remains unsure. Regardless Walter gives Bonnie a big box of food. Kenny then asks Clementine to leave, as he needs to talk with Walter alone.

Kenny exits the lodge to discover the windmill spinning too fast and making much noise. He tells the group that they need to shut off the windmill before it draws in walkers. After getting to the windmill, a small boom is heard as a transformer blows, resulting in the power shutting down. He and Luke go to investigate, while Clementine shuts down the windmill.

After Carver and his gang arrive at the lodge and take everyone hostage, Clementine can choose to find Kenny and Luke or surrender. Regardless, Kenny shoots and kills Johnny which causes Carver to kill Walter. Bill then grabs Alvin, and marches him to the window:

If Clementine tells Kenny to shoot, Kenny will fire and hit Carver in the shoulder. However, Carver then gets back up and instantly shoots Alvin in the head. Carver then grabs Sarita, and Kenny surrenders realizing that she could be killed. If Clementine tells Kenny not to shoot, Alvin is spared.

If Clementine surrendered in the lodge, Carver grabs her and points a gun to her head. Regardless, Kenny then surrenders, and Carver orders Troy and Bonnie to grab the remaining survivors and bring them back to their settlement.

"In Harm's Way"Edit

Kenny will appear in this episode.

Non-Canon DeathsEdit

If Lee fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for Kenny to be killed. These deaths are considered non-canon, and result in a game over. Lee will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Kenny can be killed.[1]

"No Time Left"

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Kenny has killed:

  • Larry (Assumed before reanimation, but possibly moments after or alive)
  • Danny St. John (Caused, Determinant)
  • Duck (Out Of Mercy, Determinant)
  • Fivel (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Tess (Indirectly Caused)
  • Elizabeth (Indirectly Caused)
  • Ben Paul (Indirectly Caused, Determinant) (Out of Mercy, Determinant)
  • Johnny
  • Walter (Caused)
  • Alvin (Caused, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


Lee Everett

"Aw, darlin', don't say that. I know that ain't true. He made a choice, same as the rest of us. He was a hell of a guy."
—Kenny to Clementine if she says she got Lee killed.[src]

Lee and Kenny have varying relationships, both of which are purely determinant. When they were kicked off the Greene Family Farm, they started traveling together. Lee became Kenny's best friend. Lee and Kenny went through some dramatic events and are (almost) always helping each other. During "Starved For Help", Lee's relationship with Kenny will be continued based on their decisions in "A New Day". Kenny will want to leave the motel, and based on the decisions Lee made, he will want Clem and Lee to come along or not to trust Lee.

Once Larry suffers a heart attack, Kenny believes it is too late to save him and wishes to smash his head in with a salt lick to keep him from coming back, fearing that he would be too strong for anyone to fight. Based on who Lee decides to help, he will either be angry with Lee for leaving him alone on a tough moral decision or cooperate with Lee, treating him as a close friend. After Duck is bitten, Lee has the option to repeatedly remind Kenny of Duck's condition, pushing him into realizing that Duck's situation is hopeless, contribute to his optimism of the train, or question the reliability of the train.

"Around Every Corner" demonstrates how strong their relationship is. If Lee has a strained relationship with him, Kenny won't help Lee in searching for Clementine. If Lee keeps helping and siding with Kenny, he will return the loyalty and state that Lee and Clementine are all the family he has left. If you sided with him sometimes and disagreed with him sometimes, he will only help with the search for Clementine if you say "She's my family." Kenny will respond with "You were there for Katjaa and Duck when it mattered the most."

By the final episode, even if Kenny and Lee disagreed at times, Kenny tries to finally make amends and apologizes for any pain he caused Lee and the group, mentioning that Katjaa always told him to be more supportive of Lee. In the end, Kenny lets go of any ill feelings towards Lee and supports him in his mission to save Clementine no matter what, sacrificing himself for any group member that falls into trouble, proving himself to being a brave man who is above ill feelings in the face of danger.

When reunited with Clementine during the events of A House Divided, Kenny mentions that he half-expected Lee to walk up next to her and that the two were always together, before becoming saddened at the reminder of his death and depending on the players choices in season one, He'll say that Lee was a 'hell of a guy', or that they "had their differences".


"She left me... my son... people that cared about us.... I forgive her, but it don't make it any less wrong. "
—Kenny sharing his opinion of Katjaa's suicide.[src]

Kenny and Katjaa were husband and wife. They had a child together and loved each other very much. They both trusted Lee very much. After Katjaa killed herself and Duck was put out of his misery/left to reanimate, Kenny fell into a deep depression. Over the next few days, he was conflicted with a combination of immense sadness and anger towards his wife for killing herself and Duck dying.

He forgives her in the end, but still acknowledges that what she did was wrong and makes a point to mention that no one should give up so easily to simply avoid pain and tough circumstances. Kenny never stopped loving his wife no matter what though and continuously asks himself if he would still be able to protect her if she were alive and with him in Savannah.

Kenny Jr.

"Isn't there some sort of pill, or something we can just give him...He can just drift off to sleep, right hon? I mean, Jesus, this is our son!"
—Kenny discussing Duck's death with Katjaa.[src]

Kenny and Duck had a good father-son relationship and loved each other very much. Even after the apocalypse began Kenny had time to push Duck on the swing and tend to him whenever he could. Kenny always mentioned that he wouldn't let anything hurt his son. Kenny proves this by saving him from walkers at Hershel's Farm and taking a bullet for him when Andrew St. John was about to shoot him. When Duck was bitten Kenny went into a state of shock and disbelief saying that he wouldn't turn and that he was fine. Eventually either Lee or Kenny was forced to shoot Duck to put him out of his misery and prevent him from reanimating. After Duck died, Kenny went into deep depression and started to drink his sorrows away. Kenny never stopped loving his son no matter what though and continuously asks himself if he would still be able to protect him if he were alive and with him in Savannah. Even by the events of A House Divided he is still deeply affected by his son's death, becoming visibly upset when he mistakenly refers to Clementine as 'Duck'.


"Still wearin' this dirty old thing, huh?"
—Kenny to Clementine about her hat.[src]

Kenny does not interact much with Clementine, and they are hardly ever seen together. Kenny states however, that he cares about Clementine as much as he does for his family. If Lee gives food to either him or his son, Kenny is grateful to Lee, and says that Lee and Clementine are welcome to come along with him and his family if he leaves the motor inn one day. Kenny also agrees to help Lee look for her when she goes missing. In Season 2, it is revealed that Clementine keeps the picture she drew of Kenny and his family, indicating that she misses them very much. When Kenny and Clementine reunite, it is clear that they have a strong friendship from their time together in Season 1 and is willing to trust the group based on her opinion, as well as surrendering to Carver when he threatens Clementine. It is also shown that he may even think of Clementine as his own child, demonstrated when he accidentally refers to Clementine as "Duck"


"For now, get some rest -- you're a good shot, and I'd like to keep it that way."
—Kenny commenting on Carley.[src]

Carley and Kenny had a passive relationship. Upon reaching the drugstore, Kenny told Carley to rest up, since she was a good shot and he wanted her to stay that way. In Starved For Help, Carley suggested to Lee that he should think about feeding Kenny and his family so they'll remember his actions if they ever leave the motor inn. In Long Road Ahead, Kenny tells Carley to can it, after she sarcastically confronts him and Lilly about the arguing. Kenny seemed to be quite enraged and shocked over Carley's death and was the one who suggested they leave Lilly behind for killing her, though it's just as likely that this was due to tensions between Kenny and Lilly as any attachment Kenny had to Carley.


"Cool it, Doug."
—Kenny to Doug, during an argument with Lilly.[src]

Doug and Kenny had a passive relationship. Upon reaching the drugstore, Kenny commanded Doug to keep a lookout at the pharmacy, and was obeyed by him. Despite not being good with guns, Kenny seemed to value Doug's knowledge and technical skills. When Lilly accidentally shoots Doug, Kenny was enraged and shocked, and even suggested leaving Lilly behind for the walkers.


"You got it."
—Glenn obeying Kenny's orders.[src]

Glenn was caring to Kenny, as shown when he risked himself to save him and the others when they were surrounded by walkers. In the pharmacy, Glenn defended him and the others from Lilly and Larry, stating that he couldn't bring himself to leave him out there for the walkers. Glenn later happily goes along with Kenny, who established himself as a de facto leader of the group, much to Lilly's dismay. During the walker attack, Glenn obeys Kenny's orders and helps defend the pharmacy.


"You think Kenny's having any more luck than we are out here?"
—Mark to Lee about Kenny.[src]

Mark and Kenny seemed to be friends and on good terms with each other. Mark was grateful for Kenny and the group when they picked him up at the overrun Robins Air Force Base. Since then, Mark respected Kenny and viewed him as a good leader, but worries for him and his relationship with Lilly and Larry. When Mark heard a scream in the woods, he was worried that it may be Kenny. Later, Kenny and Mark work together to fire at the walkers to buy Lee time while he attempts to free David from the bear trap. After finding out that Mark's legs were chopped off by the St. Johns, Kenny was horrified by what happened to Mark.

Ben Paul

"You little pissant! You're fucking dead, do you hear me?! Dead! My wife and child, you got them both fucking killed! If this asshole thinks he's getting on my boat after what he did, he's out of his motherfucking mind! You hear me shitbird?! You can stay behind and fucking rot!"
—Kenny to Ben after he revealed he helped the bandits.[src]

Kenny and Ben have a slow developing relationship because Kenny doesn't trust him to be on watch and thinks he panics too much. But he does trust him to look after Duck while he is out scouting for supplies or fixing the RV. After the deaths of Katjaa and Duck, Ben says he spends more time with Kenny and its implied they are friends. However, he found out what Ben did, and Kenny's initial reaction was to kill him, ultimately leading to the end of their friendship. Kenny says he won't let Ben leave with them on the boat and then when Ben is in danger Kenny urges Lee to let Ben die.

If saved, Ben eventually stands up for himself after Kenny's constant threats, telling him that he is still incredibly sorry for what happened to Kenny's family and never meant to hurt them. He goes on to state that he himself never even saw his family after the outbreak and Kenny at least had the time to say goodbye and the knowledge of what happened to them. This causes Kenny to finally understand where Ben was coming from and begins to pity him, eventually admitting to Lee that he was glad Lee saved his life in the end after hearing about Ben's wish to die. Kenny would eventually risk his life to protect Ben and use his last bullet to make sure Ben didn't suffer a painful death from the Walkers. However, later on he would still regard him with some contempt going so far as to refer to him as a 'shitbird'.


"This ain't shit."
—Kenny to Chuck about his responsibilities to the group.[src]

Kenny is mentioned by Chuck to share his "love of the road." This offered a good start to their relationship. This is possibly bolstered when they share a drink after Katjaa's and Duck's death to dull Kenny's pain. However, a small amount of tension may have arisen from their heated argument that occurred over how much the group is truly capable of after they are forced to stop on the tracks due to an oil tanker hanging from a bridge. This can be backed by the fact that if Lee decides to bring up finding him to Kenny, the latter will ignore the statement.


"Lady, I've known you for all of twelve hours - you don't get to say 'we', unless you're talking about just you and him."
—Kenny showing his initial disdain for Christa.[src]

When Christa and Kenny meet, Kenny sees her and Omid as just "excess baggage" and insists that the two of them are slowing down him and Lee, because of this, Christa doesn't care much for Kenny and vice versa.  However in "No Time Left", Kenny and Christa bury the hatchet so to speak, by Christa asking Kenny how he's doing when trapped in the attic. Kenny can eventually save Christa's life when she is attacked by a herd of walkers, also sacrificing himself in the progress. Christa was saddened of Kenny's presumed death, and is grateful towards him.


"You're every man for themselves until you and your boyfriend actually needed something!"
—Kenny to Christa, about her and Omid.[src]

Initially, Kenny was distrustful towards Omid, and stated that he won't let him escape if he turns out to be someone bad. After introducing himself, Kenny teaches Omid how to operate the train. It is presumed that Omid's optimistic personality allowed for him to get along with Kenny to an extent. In the train, Omid was eager and excited to operate the train and began touching buttons, which results in Kenny ordering him not to touch anything and calling him a jackass. In Around Every Corner, however, Kenny seems open to leaving Omid behind if the infection in his leg worsens, concerned only about finding a boat. In No Time Left, Kenny argues and accuses Omid and Christa of being selfish in their motives, only caring about each other rather than the whole group, to which Omid tries to disarm and deny. As time goes on, Kenny seems to officially accept and trust Omid as a reliable member of their group. Kenny can eventually sacrifices himself to save Omid's girlfriend, Christa, from a herd of walkers. Omid was saddened of Kenny's presumed death, and is grateful towards him. By the time of A House Divided, Kenny is visibly shocked and saddened to hear of Omid's death.


"Yeah, but what has she done for me lately?"
—Kenny's feelings on Molly.[src]

Kenny and Molly had a relatively negative relationship, and never really trusted each other. When they first meet, Kenny comes at her with a gun despite Lee telling him not to. Molly then knocks him onto the ground and nearly beats him to death before Lee breaks the two up. Later, when Molly says she had been ringing the bells in Savannah, Kenny accuses her of deliberately trying to get them killed even though she had no idea who they were. His negative attitude almost has Molly leave the group on River Street, if not for Clementine being there. Molly later demands that the group takes her with them on the boat as payment for the rescue. After Molly ditches Lee in Crawford while still having the battery, Kenny thinks she abandoned them, despite having no reason to since the battery by itself was useless. Finally, when Kenny tries to attack Ben after he admitted to helping the bandits, Molly snidely commented on how well their group was getting along, showing how little she cared for Kenny or most of the other members, but Lee brushes her off saying its not a good time.


"You like to think you're the leader of this little group, but we can make our own goddamn decisions! This isn't your own personal dictatorship!"
—Kenny to Lilly.[src]

Kenny and Lilly have a very tense relationship with one another. Kenny wants what is best for his family and tends to often get in the way of Lilly's management. Lilly and Kenny first met at the drug store where Lilly's father demanded that Kenny's son, Duck, should be thrown out to the walkers for possibly having been bitten. This started their relationship off on a bad level. After Larry has to sit down, due to his heart condition, Lilly takes care of him leaving Kenny in charge of the group. When Carley is given an order by Kenny to shift in with Doug when he needs it she replies "You got it, 'boss.'" Lilly can be seen in the corner, her facial expression indicating that she's disgruntled by Kenny's taking charge.

Throughout "Starved For Help", Kenny and Lee constantly argue over who's leadership method should be followed. Kenny and Lilly's relationship is seriously affected during the meat locker incident at the St. John's dairy. Kenny will kill Lilly's father, Larry, with an salt lick, in fear of him reanimating. This completely solidifies Lilly's hatred for Kenny, and causes Lilly to begin a deep grieving process for her father.


"Over my dead body."
—Kenny threatening Larry, who intends to kill Duck before he reanimates.[src]

Larry and Kenny weren't friends at all. Kenny showed hatred towards Larry when he thought that Duck was bitten and wants to throw him out. In "Starved For Help", Kenny frequently argues with Lilly, saying that they she is not their leader. Larry stands up for his daughter, and gets into arguments with Kenny as well. During the events in the meat locker at the St. John dairy, Larry gets a heart attack. Kenny tells Lilly that he too wishes to save Larry, but says that he can't be saved and he must be stopped from reanimating. Eventually, Kenny crushes his head with a salt lick, and later tells Lee that he didn't enjoy what he did to Larry, and tells him that he did that for the safety of the group. 


"You still got that walkie-talkie? Might want to give him a call and tell him we're coming for him."
—Kenny to Lee about the Stranger.[src]

Kenny never interacted with the Stranger, but because Kenny was the most passionate about raiding his station wagon, it is presumed that the Stranger hated Kenny the most. Kenny makes a number of threatening comments regarding the Stranger while travelling to The Marsh House, later showing that Kenny viewed him as an enemy for kidnapping Clementine. The Stranger seemed pleased with his wife and son's outcome as well as he goes on to brutally insult them specifically Katjaa.


"I'll make the bastard wish the cancer had got him."
—Kenny after discovering that Vernon and his group stole the boat.[src]

Kenny seemed distrustful of Vernon since the two first met. He questioned why Vernon wanted to bring Brie on the Crawford raid, and acted impatient whenever having a conversation with him. When Vernon left the house the morning after the raid, Kenny was eager to blame him for kidnapping Clementine. Later, when Vernon's group stole the boat, Kenny completely lost any sympathy for him, and swore to kill him if they ever met again.

Andrew St. John

"Don't you fucking hurt him!"
—Kenny to Andy while he holds Duck hostage.[src]

As usual, Kenny is immediately distrustful of Andy when they first meet. He holds Andy and his brother at gunpoint outside of the motel, despite the pair seeming to have no ill intentions, and decides against joining the first group to the dairy farm out of concern that the brothers are lying. When Kenny arrives, he finds Mark shot, and worries about the safety of the farm. Andy mentions that he knew about the bandits who shot Mark, rekindling Kenny's mistrust in him for not informing the group of the danger. He then grows more and more suspicious of Andy, witnessing him lock a strange door in the back of the barn as soon as he, Katjaa, and the kids enter it. Kenny convinces Lee to investigate, worried that his family may be in danger. Upon Lee's revelation that the St. Johns are cannibals, Kenny is separated from his wife and child by Andy and is locked in a meat locker with the other group members. Once they break out, Kenny rushes to find his family. He discovers Andy holding Duck at gunpoint, fueling an intense anger that gives him the courage to charge Andy and get shot in the gut in an attempt to rescue Duck. Andy is soon subdued by Lee, and Kenny makes no further comments on him or any of the St. Johns for the remainder of the episode.

Brenda St. John

"Don't you go near my fucking family!"
—Kenny to Brenda and her family.[src]

As usual, Kenny is immediately distrustful of Brenda when they first meet. Kenny decides against joining the first group to the dairy farm out of concern that the St. Johns are lying. When Kenny arrives, he finds Mark shot, and worries about the safety of the farm. Kenny convinces Lee to investigate the barn, worried that the St. Johns were hiding something and that his family may be in danger. Kenny was later shocked when it was revealed that the St. Johns were cannibals and that they chopped off Mark's legs, ruining any friendship he had with Brenda. In the meat locker, Kenny was shown to be disgusted by the cannibalistic nature of Brenda and her family and is eager to save his family from them.


"Clem, this is my girl, Sarita. Ain’t she beautiful?"
—Kenny to Clementine about Sarita.[src]

Kenny first met Sarita when she found him holed up in a restaurant some time after No Time Left. From there, the two developed a very close relationship, with Kenny becoming protective of her. He has refused to tell her almost anything about his life before they met. He has shown to suddenly lash out at her angrily, though she insists to Clementine that it is only his protective nature.


"Walter here is one smart son of a bitch. Makes a mean can of beans, too."
—Kenny to Clementine about Walter.[src]

Kenny and Walter are very friendly towards one another, as Walter allowed him to stay at the ski lodge for several weeks.


"Hey Walt, where’s Matthew? He still out there rootin’ around?"
—Kenny to Walter about Matthew.[src]

Kenny and Matthew are very friendly towards one another.


"We’re cool, okay? Hey, hey, we’re cool, we’re cool."
—Luke to Kenny about putting their weapons down.[src]

Kenny and Luke are shown to have a very tense relationship in which both display much cynicism about the intentions of one another. Luke is shown to dislike Kenny's erratic and constantly shifting behaviour as well as his unpredictable and volatile mannerisms, such as acting amiable and being adamant on the matter of inviting them into his group one moment while arguing over who Clementine likes better the next. Despite this, he agrees to pair up with Kenny to ward off walkers further off while the rest of the group tries to fix the overpowered turbine. However, Kenny later tells him to "take a hike". When Kenny mistakenly refers Clementine as 'Duck' during dinner, Luke asks who Duck is. Should Clementine mention Duck was Kenny's son; Luke quickly feels saddened for Kenny and shows regret for asking the question. 


"Listen, Vanilla Ice, I don’t know what your deal is, but you’re more than welcome to take off in the morning."
—Kenny to Nick arguing during dinner.[src]

Kenny and Nick are fairly hostile towards each other.


"Kenny is the... loud man with the beard?"
—Carlos talking about Kenny.[src]

Initially, Kenny and Carlos distrust one another, but become friendlier towards each other as they stay at the ski lodge.


"Son of a bitch woulda shot Walt no matter what we did."
—Kenny to Clementine in the preview for "In Harm's Way".[src]

Although not seen interacting for very long, Kenny and Carver are hostile towards one another. This hatred is enhanced when Carver murders Walter.


Video GameEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • When Lee and Kenny were inspecting the lock on the St. John's barn, Kenny made an assumption that Lee could pick the lock because he was "urban." After Lee called him out for stereotyping based on race, Kenny responded to that with, "I'm from Florida. Crazy shit just comes out of my mouth sometimes."
  • In "Starved For Help", Lee had to decide who to give food to. 33% of players choose to feed Kenny.[2]
  • Kenny was one of three characters confirmed to appear in all 5 main story episodes, the others being Lee and Clementine. Kenny was also the only character to appear in all 6 episodes of Season 1, with the inclusion of the 400 Days downloadable content.
  • Kenny displayed numerous stereotypes of a redneck.
    • He owned and drove a pickup truck in "A New Day".
    • He has a mullet and a horseshoe.
    • He has a taste for alcohol, as seen in Episodes 3, 4, and 5.
    • He made a racist comment to Lee when inspecting the lock at the St. John Dairy, assuming that he knows how to pick a lock simply because he was African-American.
    • He lived in Florida prior to the outbreak.
    • He states that he's glad he doesn't have to deal with politics anymore because of the outbreak.
  • Kenny bears multiple similarities with Nick.
    • Both sport a mullet.
    • Both have facial hair.
    • Both wear caps.
    • Both had the same color clothes before Kenny had green clothes.
    • Both have a short fuse and bad temper.
      • Both tend to get angry with the protagonist when provoked.
    • Both have a taste for alcohol. (Shown in "A House Divided", if rescued)
      • Both became drunk at one point and believed that there was no more hope for themselves to survive after a family member died.
    • Both are sharing their drinks with the playable protagonists (Determinant).
    • Both become depressed after losing a family member. Kenny lost Katjaa and Duck, while Nick lost his mother and his uncle, Pete.
    • Both are very protective of their family members.
    • Both apologize to the playable characters for their past actions.
    • Both disappear to a herd of walkers. (Determinant)
      • Both are later discovered to be alive.
  • Kenny has a taste for alcohol.
    • In "Long Road Ahead", he shares a drink with Charles.
    • In "Around Every Corner", he drinks the booze found on the table.
    • In "No Time Left", he finds a bottle of booze in a box while hiding up in the attic.
  • Kenny seems to share several traits with Tyreese.
    • Both are highly protective of their families.
    • Both suffer a mental breakdown when they lose their family.
    • Both attacks the protagonist during the argument. (Determinant)
    • Both survived being overwhelmed by a large number of walkers.
    • Both act as the protagonist's right hand man.
  • In an interview, Gavin Hammon, the voice actor who supplies the voice of Kenny, stated that Kenny's death scene (The alley) wasn't originally as open ended. In a first shoot, it was "extremely clear" that Kenny died. However, Telltale later went back and asked Gavin to do a second recording, in which the scene was "more somber", and Kenny was "more resigned".[3]
  • Clementine and Kenny appear in the most episodes of the Video Game.


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