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Actor Danielle Burgio
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Early 30s
Occupation Unknown
Family Andrew - Husband (Deceased)
Jamie - Stepdaughter
Billy - Stepson
First Appearance "Family Matters" (Zombified)
Last Appearance "Step Mother" (Zombified)
Death Episode "Domestic Violence"
Cause of Death Bitten by zombies. (Caused)
Shot by Andrew. (Accidental)
Killed by Hannah. (Zombified)
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Unnamed Woman (Webisodes) 6
Judy Dead
Judy being bitten on the mouth and then killed by Hannah.
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"Oh my god! Hey, sweetie? Hey! Hello?"
—Judy reacting to discovering the unconscious woman.[src]

Judy is a main character and survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead Webisodes: Torn Apart. Judy is Andrew's current wife and lives with him in his neighborhood. She knows and gets along with Andrew's children, Billy and Jamie, from his previous marriage with Hannah whenever they came to visit him.


Judy was walking home from a trip to the grocery store, not knowing that the situation with containing the infection had gone out of control. She heard and noticed the town seemed strange and felt like something was wrong when she encountered an unconscious woman lying in the middle of the street who later turned out to be an infected individual. Hannah also saw a family picture of Judy with her kids, Jamie and Billy, in the episode "Family Matters".


Upon discovering the unconscious woman on the street, Judy attempted to go assist her, not knowing that she was a walker. As she tried to revive the woman by giving her mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration, the walker immediately bit Judy's tongue and ripped her lips off, leaving Judy screaming frantically and running back to her house, and to Andrew.


Killed By

Coming home with a bag of groceries, she discovered an unconscious woman lying on the road. She ran up to assist and checked her breathing. While performing CPR, the walker awakened and bit her in the mouth. Bleeding profusely, she headed back to Andrew for help.

Disoriented by pain and blood loss, Judy shambled weakly into the house in a manner similar to a zombie. This frightened Andrew and he proceeded to shoot her in the chest, the force of which blasted her off her feet and killed her instantly. Afterwards, Andrew rolled her body inside a rug, and put her in the closet.

Judy eventually reanimated and for a period of time was gradually uncovering herself from the rug before attempting to kill Andrew and Hannah's children, Billy and Jamie. Hannah heard her children's screams and saved them by putting down Judy with a single chop to the head with an axe.



Andrew and Judy loved each other deeply. They got married after Andrew and Hannah's relationship ended. After Judy was bitten, Andrew shot her, not realizing who it was. He was then shown to be devastated as he mourned over Judy's death. Andrew didn't know that he had to shoot a reanimated person in the head to kill them and instead wrapped Judy's corpse in a carpet.



Torn Apart

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