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This article is about the Comic Series character. You may be looking for her TV Series counterpart. You may also be looking for Carl's teacher in the TV Series.
  Judith Grimes
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age A few weeks to months old
Occupation N/A
Family Lori Grimes - Mother (Deceased)
Carl Grimes - Possible Brother/Half-Brother
Rick Grimes - Possible Father
Shane - Possible Father (Deceased)
Jeffrey Grimes - Possible Uncle(Deceased)
First Appearance Issue 39
Last Appearance Issue 48
Death Issue Issue 48
Cause of Death Shot by Lilly Caul.
Status Dead
Series lifespan #39 to #48
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Lori and Judith being shot by Lilly Caul
Judith Grimes (Comic Series) Gallery
"It's a girl."
—Alice when Judith is born.[src]

Judith "Judy" Grimes is a character first encountered in Issue 39 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is the newborn daughter of Lori Grimes, but, it is still uncertain if she was the daughter of Rick Grimes or Shane and the full or half sister of Carl.


The Calm Before

Judith was the second child born to Rick and Lori Grimes and the first infant depicted as having been born after the outbreak. As the only person so far to have no memories of a world without the horrors of the outbreak, her parents expressed hopes that she would not live in constant fear as they do and accept the post zombie world as the way things were without referencing the way things used to be.

It was a point of contention within the comics as to who is Judith's biological father. Lori had a very brief sexual liaison with Shane, Rick's best friend, on their way to Atlanta. This put Shane into the right time frame for Judith's conception, although Rick was reunited with Lori not long after, so it was still entirely possible that he was indeed Judith's biological father. Rick had since forgiven Lori for her affair with Shane, but, forbid mention that he mightn't be Judith's biological father. As far as he was concerned, he loved his daughter and the circumstances of her conception were completely irrelevant.

Made To Suffer

Judith is protected by her mother and Alice Warren, upon The Governor's assault at the prison. While fleeing the prison, Lori is shot while carrying Judith. The blast also killed Judith.


Killed By

As the Grimes family fled the prison, Judith's life came to an abrupt and tragic end as she and her mother were killed in the final stages of the Woodbury Army's assault on the prison.

She was shot, along with Lori by Lilly. Judith was mentioned several times by Carl and Rick after her, and Lori's death. During a long talk with Douglas, Rick acknowledged Lori's affair with Shane, and affirmed his doubt about being Judith's biological father. Judith could have possibly died due to being crushed by Lori.


Rick Grimes

Rick was shown to love Judith immensely. Rick was overjoyed to see the birth of Judith, despite the confusion of her real father being either him or Shane. Both Rick and Carl were devastated by her death.

Lori Grimes

Lori loved and cared for her daughter since her birth, and was constantly seen holding her. During the Woodbury attack, she held Judith in her arms as she ran trying to carry her to safety. Her attempt to save Judith resulted in both of their deaths.

Carl Grimes

"I don't remember Judy. It's sad that she's dead... but most everyone I know is dead."
—Carl to his father, about his baby-sister.[src]

Carl was very fond of his sister, and has stated on several occasions that he misses his mother and sister. After losing his memory, Carl says he doesn't remember his young sister anymore, but is saddened by her death nonetheless.

Lilly Caul

"You made me kill a fucking baby!"
—Lilly Caul to Brian Blake after executing Lori and Judith[src]

Lilly never interacted with Judith or a member of her family, but she regretted killing an innocent mother with her daughter. So much so it drove her to shoot The Governor.



  • Judith was the only baby in the Comic Series who was born after the outbreak, until the birth of Hershel some time after All Out War: Part Two.
  • Judith was originally going to die in #47, but it was postponed to #48.
  • Judith was originally supposed to die by being stabbed, while Lori was pregnant, by Thomas Richards, but the idea was scrapped.
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