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This article is about the Savior. You may be looking for the Alexandria Safe-Zone resident, The Video Game character, the Novel Series character, the Road to Survival character, the Survival Instinct character, the writer, the actor, or the other actor.
"What's the matter, Dwight? Tired?"
—John to Dwight.[src]

John​ is a character and an antagonist first encountered in Issue 104 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is one of the original members of The Saviors. John serves as the secondary antagonist of Volume 28.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about John's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Here's Negan

John is mentioned by Negan, showing that John was one of the original Saviors.

What Comes After

John is first seen with Tara attempting to capture Paul Monroe. John asks Paul to surrender, stating that he remembers him from the Hilltop and that he was nice, so he promises not to hurt him if he comes peacefully. Tara then threatens that she will cut off Paul's testicles while brandishing her knife. Paul kicks John, Tara, and another Savior down, but they hop to their feet, attempting to gain control of him. Tara subdues Paul, and John watches as she prepares to kill Paul, but Dwight intervenes, stating that Negan wishes to question him.

The Whisperer War

After the two year time skip, John is still alive and well. While Vincent tries to convince the Saviors to help others on the upcoming war. John and Tara are resistant to do so as they now have no alliance with any community after Dwight left. John tells him to leave his horse at the Sanctuary. Tara says the Whisperers will come after them after they take down Rick's crew, in which John does not care, wanting them to come.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims John has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people.



"I always hated you."
—John as he chokes Dwight[src]
Although following Dwight's lead for over two years and surviving with him for over four years, John states in Issue 165 that he always hated him.


Sherry and John have a close relationship, and John does respect her leadership a lot.


Here's Negan

  • "Part 11"

Comic Series

Volume 18: What Comes After

Volume 27: The Whisperer War

Volume 28


  • John is blind in his right eye, whether this was because of an accident pre-apocalypse or post-apocalypse has yet to be determined.
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