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  Jim Bridges
Placeholder other
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unspecified
Occupation Unknown
Family Unnamed daughter (Deceased)
First Appearance The Fall of the Governor
Last Appearance The Fall of the Governor
Status Dead
Ethnicity Unknown
"All due respect...that was Jim Bridge's daughter, and she weren't no slut."
—An elderly man about Jim's daughter.[src]

Jim Bridges is the father of an unnamed daughter and lives in Woodbury



Little is known about Jim before the apocalypse except that he had a daughter and lived in Atlanta.


Woodbury, Georgia

Jim and his daughter were staying in Woodbury. Jim's daughter was later accidently killed by Nick Parsons in an attempt to save her life.


Killed By

If Jim was involved in the war between Woodbury and The Prison, he was either killed by the prison defenders in the first of second assault, or devoured by the walkers that overrun the prison.

If Jim stayed behind in Woodbury, he was possibly later killed by the walkers that overran Woodbury when the Church group blew the gates to Woodbury, if he did not escape; it was shown that only few Woodburians were confirmed alive, escaping onto the courthouse roof.


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