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This article is about the Video Game character. You may be looking for the Companion Series character.
"I did whatever I had to do to protect them."
—Javier to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Javier García, also known as Javi, is the protagonist in Telltale Games's The Walking Dead: Season Three. A former professional baseball player, Javier's life fell apart prior to the outbreak with the destruction of his career, and him not being there when his father was ill, which caused a strain in his relationship with his family upon his father's death. To Javier, the most important thing to him in regard to survival is toughing it out for the ones he loves, though he isn't ready to lay down his life for others as long as there's a more reasonable path to take. His voice of reason is respected among his friends and family, even if it doesn't entirely get him where he wants to go.


Javier is portrayed in accordance to the player's choices, though in almost all circumstance he takes the position of an arbitrator and the voice of reason, deliberating between equally viable options in a manner that seeks to disarm any opposition within or outside of his group, such as when Clementine and Eli get into an altercation over void bullets where he can either attempt to support Clementine or ask her to calm down, or when his family gets caught using supplies that belong to the New Frontier and he must attempt to negotiate. In both scenarios, Javier proves to be a capable combatant, managing to knock out Lonnie after a brief struggle and successfully disarmed Eli despite him attempting to stab him with a blade.

He often is delegated the de-facto leader in a variety of circumstances due to his collected nature, which is a position that he doesn't exploit to his power, instead using it to defend his group and protect them. This can be seen when he and his family lived inside the van, when the group chances upon Jesus hiding away near Richmond and Javier goes to investigate and after Mariana is shot and killed, where he can either support Kate after she is shot or remain with Clementine to avenge Mariana's death and stop the New Frontier from trying to find the remainder of his family.

Despite this, he doesn't appear to have possessed the trait of selfless leadership and initiative until it was several years into the apocalypse, as at the start of the game and through dialogue it is learnt that he appeared to be insular in his desires and goals and focused instead on his own baseball career instead of his sick father and grieving family, essentially abandoning them in a situation he now never would.

He can be quite altruistic and act with the sole benefit of the group in mind as opposed to his own safety, as seen when he hands himself in to the New Frontier to secure Francine's release or when he grabs and throws back a bomb from the New Frontier at the chance of expending his own life and in the goal of protecting Clementine and himself and trying to kill off the assailants. (Determinant) This trait is expressed to a lesser degree when he allows himself to be attacked by David at the start of the apocalypse so that David could have some catharsis from the death of their father and Javier not having been there for the family.

The player can determine whether or not Javier is somewhat amoral or uncaring towards consequences, stealing supplies from the New Frontier or shooting the fleeing member of a New Frontier despite the group's insurmountable force and weaponry as well as their thirst for vengeance.

Javier is sardonic and witty, easily exchanging jabs with Clementine and Kate. He is quite charismatic and is mentioned to be able to charm his way out of most situations and is seen to do exactly that with characters such as Clementine and Tripp, who come to trust him quite quickly due to his amicable disposition.


Baltimore, Maryland

Javier was a professional baseball player[1] in Baltimore, possibly under the jersey number 25 (which he is seen wearing in the extended preview). He was kicked out of the league, however, after he was caught betting on his own games, a scandal that went into the news and was still remembered by some survivors even for four years after the apocalypse. He once played a minor league game in Arkansas before he was expelled, commissioning a charter plane to fly him there.


Season 3

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"

At the onset of the outbreak, Javier was on the highway desperately trying to get to his parents family home, having heard his father was dying and he was needed.

He ditched his car and sprinted all the way to the home, arriving only to find his brother David on the porch drinking cans of beer. David subsequently revealed to Javier that their father had died shortly before he arrived. Devastated, Javier began frantically apologizing for not being there only for David to punch him to the ground and berate him for not being their and putting his baseball career before his family. Javier either furthered his apology or permitted David to beat him as punishment. (Determinant)

Before Javier could be hurt further, Gabe came outside and asked what they were doing. Javier made up an excuse, meeting Kate who told him his mother needed him. Once inside, Javier was smacked by his mother who also chastised him for not being there for her husband. Javier hugged his mother and apologized for not being there.

He and his family then mourned for Rafael's passing while Hector called for someone to take Rafael's body away, but was unable to due to the line being off service. Mariana left Rafael's bedroom with a cup, claiming her grandfather was awake. Curious, the family entered Rafael's room to see him standing. Javier watched as Hector approached and asked how it was possible that he is alive. The now zombified Rafael starts attacking Hector, Javier and David immediately restraining their father. Their mother asked what they are doing, believing that her husband is still alive, only to get bitten. Amidst the chaos that followed, Javier reluctantly killed his zombified father.

Javier then helped David prepare to take Mrs. García to the hospital, warning his brother not to take the highway as it is blocked. Javier then found a crying Marianna under a table, taking her to get in the van so everyone else could flee towards the hospital. As they departed, Javier noticed that Hector was bitten.

The story cuts to four years later in present day. Javier, now older and having a beard, is watching a large herd of walkers approaching in the distant with Kate. She asks Javier to inform her when they reached the campfire in order to understand how fast the herd was moving. Once the herd did so, she noticed that it took them under fours hours so they needed to keep moving.

Returning back to their van, they departed while Mariana and Gabriel slept in the back. Driving down the road, they discussed the herd as Kate began to smoke, Javier either scolding her or partaking in it. (Determinant) They discussed David and the children, Kate expressing her worries about Gabriel's recent attitude, Javier merely putting it down to puberty. Their talk eventually woke the children, who noticed the smell of drugs regardless of Javier admitting to it or not. (Determinant) The family reached a junkyard, Javier deciding they should search for supplies.

Javier soon finds a ladder that leads to another section of the junkyard. Taking Gabriel with him, they find a wagon with plenty of fuel and cabin containing an array of food. As Kate and Marianna enter, Gabriel expresses a desire to stay in the hut for the night despite Kate objecting; Javier can either agree with the former or the latter. (Determinant)

Leaving the hut, Javier returns to a wagon to siphon some gas siphon only to be discovered by a hostile group. Their leader, Max, demands to know where the rest of Javier's group are, holding him at gunpoint, taking him to the cabin while the others search the area. After forcing Javier inside the hut and finding his food eaten, Max beats Javier before leaving Lonnie to guard Javier. After hearing a noise under the cabin, Javier either jumps to his family's defense after they are discovered or he immediately threaten or starts a fight with Lonnie. (Determinant) The fight ends with Lonnie getting knocked unconscious and the hostile group finding such. Furious, Max knocks Javier out with the handle of his gun.

Waking up, Javier finds himself in truck, his hands tied and a member of the hostile group driving the truck next to him. Realizing that his family is still at the junkyard, he attempts to plea to the man only to be told to shut up. Suddenly, a tree falls down, causing the man to crash the truck. With the man briefly stunned, Javier takes a gun and exits the truck; his former guard stumbling out also. As the man starts running away, Javier orders him to stop and points a gun at him, either letting him go or shooting him dead. (Determinant)

Despite believing he is safe, he is cornered by a stranger, the person making Javier drop his gun. After criticizing his choice regarding how he handled Rufus, the girl ordering him to stay as she begins searching the truck, revealing she stopped the truck to use for herself. The girl then begins searching Javier's backpack, claiming that it was payment for saving him. As she forced him to leave, Javier explained his situation and wanted to know where the junkyard was located, wanting to return to his family. Having knowledge of the junkyard, the girl (revealed to be called Clementine) agrees to take him there in return for a van. Javier can either agree or disagree though Clementine reveals he has no choice. (Determinant)

The duo begin walking down the road, Javier attempting to make small talk about their situation. However, they notice a herd of walkers prompting Clementine to declare that they head to a nearby town to get shelter. After cutting his bindings, they push through the herd to the entrance of Prescott. Arriving at the gate, they find it shut, the gate keeper urging them to kill the walkers before letting them inside. As they fought the walkers, Clementine switched to her handgun only to find the bullets not working; Javier can shoot the walker attacking her or allow Clementine to save herself. (Determinant) Tripp soon opens the gate to let them in.

The gate keeper introduced himself as Tripp; he warned them not to cause any trouble during their stay as the duo entered Prescott. Once inside the town, Clementine explained Prescott's history. The town used to be an old airstrip that turned into a town. Clementine led Javier toward the bar to talk to a person about her bullets. Before leaving Clementine suggested Javier to go and make some friends. Heading toward the bar desk, Javier found a man and a woman playing poker. They introduced themselves as Conrad and Francine. Conrad, the owner of the bar, recognized Javier. He remembered the news about how he got banned from baseball due to betting on himself. Javier built a rapport with the pair before they got interrupted by Clementine arguing with someone at the hanger.

Javier approached and asked what is going on. Clementine explained that she traded him a crate of batteries and he gave her bullets that wouldn't fire. She was furious that he could have gotten them killed. The argument turned violent when Clementine proved her point by shooting the defective bullets at Eli. Javier defended Clementine as Eli tried to knife her. He received a scar at his eye before disarming him. The argument ended when one of the defective bullets turned out to be working and Clementine shot Eli through the forehead. Conrad entered with his shotgun and furiously demanded Clementine to drop her gun. Tripp soon appeared and demanded to know what is going on. Clementine asked Javier to cover for her.

If Javier chooses to cover Clementine: Javier covered for Clementine and claimed that she was justified. He claimed that Eli attacked and showed his wound as proof. Tripp put them both under lock until he figured out what to do with them. Once locked behind a cage, Tripp scolded Javier but relented and told Javier that he will get someone to look at his eye before leaving. Clementine thanked Javier for having her back at the hanger, but she told Javier not to expect that it will make them friends. But nevertheless the relationship between them will be more positive. Eleanor came to the cage and began treating Javier's wounds. Tripp soon arrives and told them that he will take them to the junkyard tomorrow. Once he leaves, Eleanor suggested that they can leave through the back-gate at midnight.

If Javier tells the truth: Javier told them the truth about what happened, much to Clementine's disappointment. Tripp accepted the truth and thanked Javier for being honest. Before taking Clementine outside to talk, Tripp told Javier to find Eleanor so she can treat his wound. Tripp came to the infirmary with Clementine. He told Javier that he will take them to the junkyard tomorrow and suggested that they should rest at the infirmary. After Tripp leaves, Eleanor told Javier that they can leave at midnight through the back-gate. Once alone, Clementine expressed her disappointment to Javier; she expected him to cover for him. The pair then decide whether to depart with Eleanor on horseback or Tripp in his truck. (Determinant)

The next day, Javier reached the junkyard with Clementine and Eleanor/Tripp, (Determinant) finding Mariana's tape player as Mariana came out of her hiding place and reunited with Javier. She explained that she got separated from Kate and Gabriel when the herd showed up. They began looking for Kate and Gabriel and eventually found them inside a truck, surrounded by walkers. After dispatching the walkers, the reunited family began leaving the junkyard.

As they started leaving, Mariana found and picked up her headphones on the ground. As she did, she got shot through the head by the same hostile group of survivors from the night before. Led by man, the hostile group began shooting at them. Javier ducked for cover. When Kate tries to get to Mariana's body, she got shot. This prompted Gabriel to rush to her defense. Javier can either help them or return fire. (Determinant)

As the group regrouped under cover, Tripp/Eleanor urged them to retreat back to Prescott so they can give Kate medical help. Clementine suggested that they should stay behind and fight to end the group's threat.

If Javier retreats: Javier agrees to Tripp's/Eleanor's suggestion and is forced to leave Clementine behind when she refuses to leave without taking out their attackers first. Heading back to the car or horses, (Determinant) Javier look at Mariana's body one last time before retreating. The episode ends as Kate loses consciousness as Javier desperately pleaded her to wake up.

If Javier stays behind to fight: Javier agrees to Clementine's suggestion to stay and fight. He told Gabriel to help Tripp/Eleanor take Kate away as he stays behind. Once the family left, Javier and Clementine fired back at their attacker. One of them threw a grenade at them. The episode ends with Javier throwing the grenade back at them or he tackled Clementine to protect her from the blast.

"Ties That Bind - Part 2"

In a flashback before the Apocalypse, Javier stayed in the David's house. He had just lost his career as a professional baseball player. Kate was washing the dishes as Javier approached; he wanted to help. Kate politely declined and said he was family. They talked about his current situation. Javier was worried about his future due to his action of betting on himself. They talked about David and how he had an issue with Javier's presence. Javier teased with the idea of traveling around. Kate asked if he would take her with him. She expressed that she always wanted to travel to Norway to see the Northern Lights. While washing the dishes, Kate accidentally broke David's army glass and cut herself. Javier moved to help her and held stop the bleeding. David came in and saw either Javier holding Kate's hand or not. (Determinant)

When David saw his army glass broken, he argued with Kate. David turned his attention to Javier. He was angry at Javier for judging him.

Tell him off: Javier fired back at David. He told him that Kate was leaving him and that she said it herself. This angered David and shocked Kate. Furious, David told Javier that in three days time, he will leave his house. Once David leaves the kitchen, Kate reprimanded Javier for his blunt words before leaving Javier alone.

Let it go: If Javier decided to let it go and admit that it wasn't his business, David calmed down. Kate apologized for breaking his glass. David forgave her and walked out of the kitchen. Kate assured Javier that she can handle him and that his mood will pass.

If Javier stayed behind to fight: Javier regained his consciousness. He found himself on the ground and a walker crawled toward him. Clementine shot the walker and told Javier to take it easy. She explained that their attacker got away. Javier remembered Mariana whose corpse was nearby. Clementine told him that she had already dug a grave for her. Javier carried his niece's corpse as Clementine led him to the grave. He laid her corpse in the grave and after some last words he began filling her grave. He can either keep her tape player or leave it with Mari. Clementine thanks Javier for staying and that he probably saved her life. They attention turned toward a sound nearby. They found one of the attackers now zombified. Javier killed the walker. He noticed that the walker had a brand. The same brand that the hostile group had. Clementine revealed her knowledge about them. The group is called The New Frontier and that she had encounters with them. Clementine drove Javier back to Prescott in one of the cars left behind by the New Frontier.

If Javier went back to Prescott: Back at Prescott, Javier and Gabriel was at Kate's side as Eleanor did surgery on her. After much effort, Eleanor managed to take out the bullet inside Kate. Amidst the surgery, Gabriel can either stay or get told to leave. (Determinant) If Gabriel stayed, he accidentally spilled alcohol on Kate's wound which caused her pain. Ashamed by his mistake, Gabriel leaves. (Determinant)

Eleanor told Javier that although Kate was stable, she was still bleeding inside and it was only a matter of time before she dies. She suggested that he go and search for Gabe. Javier found Gabriel outside the gate. He was cutting a walker. Javier comforted his nephew about the recent events. Gabriel said that he wanted to go back and bury Mariana and that he was ashamed of how helpless he was. He promised that he won't sit back and watch next time. Then they saw Clementine returned with a car or trucks approaching. (Determinant)

Retreating back to the gate, Javier went to lookout where Conrad and Tripp was already armed with guns. Max appeared with Badger and a group of The New Frontier. Max demanded that Javier surrender himself due to his action against their group. Badger pushed the issue when he revealed that Francine was their hostage. Either Javier can comply to their demands or he can start firing his guns. (Determinant) The confrontation turned violent either way. Badger disobeyed Max's authority and ordered the truck loaded with walkers to ram Prescott's gate. Javier and his group managed to flee the ruined town, in a set of cars, as the rest of the residents got killed or captured by the New Frontiers.

Stopping at the road to regroup, the group dealt with their current situation. After defusing a tense moment with Conrad who blamed Javier for Francine's death, Clementine suggested that they should head to the community in Richmond to look for medical aid for Kate and shelter. With a destination in mind, the group quickly moved on.

In the night, as Eleanor drove the car, Javier talked to Kate about her current situation and Gabe. She pondered about Gabriel's future and that he might turn into David or Javier. She asked Javier to take care of him when she is gone, to which Javier can promise her that he will. (Determinant)

The next morning, the group arrived at an abandoned gas station. Tripp signaled them to stop due to their path being blocked by cars. After assessing the area, Javier found an abandoned jeep with a winch in a garage. Using a jumper cable he found in an abandoned car, he powered the jeep by connecting it to Tripp's car. As the blocked cars gets pulled out of the way, the noise attracted the attention of a large group of walkers. After clearing a road for Eleanor, Javier ordered her to quickly take Kate to Richmond. Before they could escape on Tripp's car, the winch has continued to been pulling the car and made escaping difficult.

Javier quickly ordered his friends to head toward the roofs of the station and nearly got bitten before Conrad pulled him out of harm's way. On top of the roof, the group began arguing about their current situation. Their argument stopped when both Javier and Tripp realized that someone was watching them from roof of another building. The group took cover. Javier headed out to find the stranger. When he reached the other building by using the bridge, Javier found him looking at his group through the hole of a billboard. Javier apparently discovers him looking at his group through the hole of a billboard. Regardless of whether he makes himself known to the mysterious watcher or shoots him, Javier discovers that the figure was a decoy. Upon hearing a safety click off, Javier drops his gun and raises his hands at the order of the watcher standing behind him. The two briefly ask each other about their motives and whether or not there would be trouble between them. Javier can choose to threaten him or try to reassure him that he would suffer no harm in regards to Javier's group after he is asked about whether or not they would shoot at him.

The group came to Javier and surrounded the stranger. He surrendered and the group began questioning if he was with the New Frontier. The man denied that he wasn't part of the group. He revealed that he was heading to Richmond when he heard that the New Frontier took over. Realizing that Kate and Eleanor was heading into danger, the group needed to catch up to their friends. The man offered to join them and lead them to Richmond through a train tunnel. Javier can either decide to tie the man or trust him. (Determinant) Before heading out, the man introduced himself as Paul, but his friends calls him Jesus.

After having entered the tunnel for a time, Clementine asked Javier for his attention. She explained that she hasn't told the whole truth about her encounters with the New Frontier. She revealed that she wasn't their prison, but was a member of the group. She showed her brand as proof, much to Javier's shock. She explained that if the group is in control of Richmond, she can't be allowed to be seen by them and thus she has to leave once they are in safety.

Catching up to the group, they reached the train path heading toward Richmond. The tunnel turned out to be filled with walkers. After Conrad impulsively started shooting the walkers and thus alerting the herd to the group, Javier and the other fought their way toward the end of the tunnel. The path was blocked by an abandoned train. Javier managed to break the door and stayed with Clementine and Gabriel to block the door as the rest of the group moved ahead to clear a path.

Javier succeeded in blocking the train door and as they were about to leave, Conrad appeared and pointed a gun at Clementine. He revealed that he heard their talk and demanded Clementine to reveal her brand. Conrad suggested that they should hold Clementine as captive and bring her to Richmond to negotiate with the New Frontiers. Clementine warned that they wouldn't bargain with them. The confrontation turned heated when Conrad held Gabriel's as captive and threaten to kill him if Javier doesn't comply.

Agreeing to Conrad's plan: Javier apologizes to Clementine as he turns his gun at her. Clementine berates Javier for his betrayal as Conrad leads her out at gunpoint. Gabriel also scolds Javier, calling him a coward; Javier defends his action, claiming it is best for Kate. (Determinant)

Shoots Conrad: Javier shoots Conrad in the head, killing him. Clementine urges them to leave and that she will find her own way before leaving. Javier briefly consoles a shocked Gabriel before leaving the train and Conrad's corpse behind.

Rejoining Jesus and Tripp, the latter will either ask why Conrad was holding Clementine at gunpoint or where Conrad was. (Determinant) Continuing forward, the group find Eleanor's car abandoned. They found Kate still inside the car, but Eleanor no where in sight. Seeing no other option, Javier carried Kate towards Richmond's entrance.

They reach the gate, Javier calling for attention. Max appears, demanding to know why they are there. Javier pleads to let them in to save Kate, complying or refusing Max's demands. (Determinant)

The gate of Richmond opened as the New Frontier's leader walked out, demanding to know what was going, Javier realizing the leader is David.

"Above The Law"

Javier will appear in this episode.

"Thicker Than Water"

Javier will appear in this episode.

"From The Gallows"

Javier will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Javier has killed:

Non-Canon Deaths

If Javier fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for him to be killed. These deaths are non-canon and result in a game over. Javier will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Javier can die.

Season 3

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"



"Well, it's nice to meet you, Clementine."
—Javier to Clementine.[src]

Javier and Clementine's relationship was initially rather hostile, the girl making him her prisoner in order to help her secure a working vehicle. As time progressed, she opened up more to him and let him handle a gun. Their friendship becomes closer if Javier supports her claim she shot Eli to defend him. (Determinant)

However, she still saw their relationship as one of business, claiming she only came with Javier to find his family if he secured her a working vehicle. Clementine did still care about him to a degree, shooting Javier's would be killer if the man surrendered himself to Badger. (Determinant) Their friendship only grows closer if Javier defends her from Conrad's attempts to make her his hostage, though she becomes more hostile towards him if he complies with Conrad's demands. (Determinant)

Kate García

Prior to the outbreak, Javier and Kate had a friendly relationship, often joking around with each other. However, due to David's attitude, Kate became closer to Javier. During the apocalypse, Kate and Javier are revealed to be the sole guardians of Gabe and Mariana, and they both protect them fiercely. Javier can also reveal feelings for her by kissing Kate, (Determinant) sparking a romantic relationship between the two.

They often disagree on some choices regarding Mari and Gabe, with Kate usually taking the choices that guarantee the group's safety and Javier choosing what the kids like, becoming "the cool uncle" while Kate is "the mean step-mother". After Kate gets shot and wounded, Javier shows deep concern for her, showing that he truly cares for her. 

Rafael García

Although they were never seen interacting on-screen, it is assumed that Javier and his father had a stable family relationship. Upon reaching home, Javier was deeply saddened when David told him that their father had passed away and that he wasn't there for the final time. Before passing away on his deathbed, David expressed that he was 'scanning' the room, looking for Javier, showing that he loved Javier. When his father had reanimated as a zombie and was attacking David, Javier apologized to him before reluctantly killing him. 

Mrs. García

Although Javier seemed to have a close relationship with his mother. Despite his mother initially hitting him for not being there when her husband died, they still comfort each other over the loss. Javier also displays concern for her well-being, protecting her from his undead father and selflessly carries her to a car so she can reach the hospital.

David García

"He was always stubborn like that, even when we were kids. He saw the world in a certain way... and he'd try and make you see it that way too."
—Javier talking to Kate. (Determinant)[src]

Before the apocalypse, Javier and David were on sour terms as Javier put his baseball career before his family, which David disliked. He was heavily frustrated with Javier not being there when their father died, punching him in the face and scolding his behavior and choices.

However, he later confessed his jealousy towards Javier, believing their father favored Javier over him, concluding he ultimately loved his 'little brother'. When their father had reanimated and was trying to kill David, Javier came to his brother's aid, showing that he held no hard feelings against him, willing to save his life. Despite this, David did feel judged by Javier during an argument with Kate sometime prior.

Hector García

Although, Hector and Javier did not interact with each other on-screen before his death, it can be inferred that they cared for each other given their familial relationship.

Mariana García

"We'll never forget you. You were a good sister to Gabe. And... And like a daughter to me..."
—Javier at Mariana's burial. (Determinant)[src]

Javier had a close relationship with his niece, Mariana. After spending four years in the apocalypse together, Javier came to regard her as his surrogate daughter. Her sweet and kind demeanor helped strengthen their bond, Javier optionally giving her batteries for her cassette player. (Determinant) Javier was especially worried about her safety when he was separated from her and was utterly devastated when she was killed by the New Frontier, expressing a vengeful desire to kill her murderers. (Determinant)

If he stayed behind to fight the New Frontiers, he sorrowfully buries her. In grief, Javier wished that she deserved better and how she was like a daughter to him. Javier can either keep her old tape-player as a keepsake, bury it with her or give it to Gabe.

Gabriel García

Javier and Gabriel have a close relationship that is continuously being tested due to Gabe beginning to go through puberty and the generally stressful situations the two of them find themselves in. After Mariana is killed and Kate is shot Javier has trouble getting through to Gabe after he becomes frustrated with his "failure" to help them, with Gabe preferring to look to his idea of what his father was like for guidance rather than Javier.

Despite their difficulties however, the two are very protective of each other, with Javier making many of his decisions on the basis of protecting Gabe and their family and Gabe threatening to kill Conrad if he attacks Javier.


Tripp and Javier's relationship was rather stable upon first meeting. Tripp showed concern for Javier and his family when it is discovered that they were missing, either learning to trust Javier or become suspicious of him if he defended Clementine (Determinant); if the former, Tripp trust grows if Javier helps get Kate to Prescott. (Determinant)

As time progressed, Tripp and Javier become less hostile, Tripp soon seeing him as a friend and the de facto leader of the group.


Javier and Conrad relationship are mostly neutral, initially being on good terms due to playing poker together and Conrad's knowledge of Javier's life before the outbreak. Despite a slight downturn in their relationship due to an incident in Conrad's bar, (Determinant) Conrad trusts Javier enough that he supports him in the defense of Prescott. He freely offers Javier advice and tries to help him with Gabe after he had stormed outside of the walls as "one parent to another".

However, after Francine's death, Conrad becomes cold and hostile towards Javier, blaming the man for her death; he even shoves him at one point in a fit of rage though their relationship will still be content, as Conrad helps Javier up onto the ledge when they are surrounded by walkers, still valuing his life.

Despite this, their relationship meets a turning point in Conrad's desire to make Clementine a hostage due to her past with the New Frontier, Conrad even taking Gabe hostage to persuade Javier. If Javier is against it, (Determinant) any friendship they retained is destroyed when Javier kills him with a bullet to the head. Alternatively, Javier reluctantly trusts Conrad's decision, (Determinant) though the extent of their friendship is left unclear.


Javier and Francine had a mostly passive relationship, conducting small talk about Javier's past, the man even helping her play poker. (Determinant) Javier can also express concern for Francine's safety by surrendering to Badger so she won't be harmed. (Determinant)


Initially, Javier and Eleanor's relationship can either be full of trust or caution. (Determinant) Nonetheless, Eleanor remains flirtatious and welcoming later on, even expressing great concern and care towards Javier, helping him escape from Prescott to find his family and fixing a cut he sustained to his eye. Tripp infers they appear close enough that it reminds him of how he used to be around Eleanor, implying a hint of romantic infatuation. (Determinant)




Javier and Badger have a very hostile and violent relationship, both harbouring hatred for one another. Javi deeply despises Badger for murdering Mariana and the destruction of Prescott, killing many of the inhabitants. Badger on the other side seeks vengeance and retribution after Javi killed a number of The New Frontier members.

In 'Above The Law', both Javi and Badger engage in a bloody brawl to the death where Javi finally gains the upper hand and has the choice to beat him to death with an aluminium baseball bat, leave him to reanimate or allow Conrad/Tripp to finish him. If Javier chooses to beat him to death, he has the choice to beat him continuously to the point where there is nothing left of Badger's head remains, showing how much hatred he has for the man.


Although they haven't spoken that much, Javier and Lonnie share a basic uneasy relationship. After Lonnie discovers Kate, Gabriel and Mariana, Javi doesn't hesitate to attack him and the two engage in a scuffle, knocking him out in the process thus further souring their relationship.


Javier and Ava are on good terms, or at least on steady ground. While making way to the hospital, David introduces her to Javi and the pair briefly greet each other. Later on, when Javi and the rest are kicked out of the community, Ava rushes out to give him a duffel bag packed by David himself. If you choose to go and help David, she is seen at his house telling Javi to get going and is later present at the meeting.





Paul Lingard



Video Game

Season 3


  • Javier is the first character in the Video Game to have some kind of a celebrity status.
    • Job Stauffer confirmed that Javier was a professional baseball player.
  • Javier is a known drugs user, the others in the Video Game being Bonnie, Wyatt, Eddie and Kate, though the player can deny when Kate offers it.
  • Despite having played professional baseball in Baltimore, the jersey that Javier wears throughout the game does not at all resemble those worn by Baltimore's only professional baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles; in fact, Javier's jersey more closely resembles that of a Kansas City Royals or Tampa Bay Rays uniform.
  • According to his original character model, Javier was going to be a member of The New Frontier.


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Prison Bus VinceJustinDannyBennettJerryClydeMarcus
Rural Road RussellNate
Wyatt's Group WyattEddie
Bonnie's Group BonnieLelandDee
Gil's Pitstop ShelBeccaRobertoWaltRomanMichelleStephanieJean
Winston's Group RalphVictorWinston
Moonstar Lodge SaritaWalterMatthew
Howe's Hardware Alvin Jr.MikeTaviaLowellVeraTylerTishaTaraJaneHankRebeccaLukeSarahNickCarlosTroyWilliamAlvinReggieJohnnyPeter
Sandusky Family TamaraJon
Russian Group ArvoBurickoNatashaVitali
Wellington Edith
Randy's Family GillPatriciaRandy
Michonne's Family MichonneElodieColetteDominic
The Companion PeteSiddiqOakBerto
Monroe RichGabbyJonasJoeNormaZacharyJaneyRandallCam
Fairbanks Residence PaigeJamesAlexSamanthaJohnGregSophia
García Family JavierDavidGabrielKateMarianaHectorRafael
Prescott TrippEleanorConradFrancineEli
The New Frontier LonnieAvaPaulClintFernJoanRufusMaxBadger
Richmond Paul
Animals MaybelleSamWalter
Walkers BethDrew
Alive characters appear in green. Dead characters appear in red and italics. Unknown characters appear in blue. Undead characters appear in grey and italics. Determinant characters appear in purple. With italics, determinant characters either die or turn undead. Without italics, determinant characters either die, stay alive or are left with unknown status.

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