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"It doesn't matter whether I have or not... I'm telling you these dudes are bad fucking news."
—James about the Scorpions.[src]

James Frazier, also known as Jimmy, is a survivor and a main character appearing in The Walking Dead: Invasion. He is described to be young, sandy-haired man with the kind eyes and scraggly beard and blond whiskers. He is part of Patrick's convoy, and acted as Padre's protégé.


Almost nothing is known about James' life. He was however raised in a religious family, with strict and conservative parents.


Jasper, Florida

James Frazier, along with his wife Molly traveled among with thirty tree other survivors, led by a Irish preacher Patrick Murphy. The Fraziers never cared about their fellow survivors' religious backgrounds, but figured they are better here than out there alone.

Both James and Molly originally joined on Jeremiah's attack on Woodburians. However, after realizing how mad the plan was, they decide to flee from the caravan group and just start to drive away.


Jimmy's fate remains unknown.


Molly Frazier

James loved his wife, and together they fleed from Jeremiah's convoy.

Patrick Liam Murphy

James and Patrick had a good relationship. James also served as Padre's protégé.

Jeremiah James Garlitz


  • The author, Jay Bonansinga, named the character after his friend, James Frazier, the Walker Stalkers and Walker Stalker Con founder.  
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