The Hostiles are a group of antagonists in the mobile app, The Walking Dead: Assault.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about the Hostiles before or as the outbreak began, it is possible that the members knew each other before the outbreak.


Episode 1: Days Gone Bye

Rick, Shane, Glenn and Andrea will meet two hostiles. The survivors have to kill the hostiles in order to complete Chapter 4: The Tank

In Chapter 6: The Helipad - The survivors will again meet a group of hostiles. This time there will be around 12-15 hostiles. At some point the hostiles got control of a helicopter.

In Chapter 8: Industrial Area - The survivors once again meets a group of hostiles. They will here be spread out, hiding behind dumpsters. 

Unlike walkers, playable characters and NPCs have the option to either kill the hostiles (with guns) or knock them unconscious (either with melee weapons or their fists). They will lie on the ground asleep, and will be protected from attacks by walkers. A hostile that has been killed, whatever the circumstances, will reanimate as a stronger "horde" zombie, indicated by their red coloration.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Hostiles has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.
  • Survivors (Determinant)
  • Reanimated hostiles (Determinant)
  • Reanimated survivors (Determinant)


Killed By


  • Any of the playable characters, and NPCs, can kill the Hostiles.
  • The Hostiles are able to yell the infamous line said by Brian Blake in Issue 42, "Kill them All!"
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