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"Aren't you guys supposed to stay in the mapped zone? Why would he come out here?"
—This guard to Darius about Nathaniel's whereabouts.[src]

The Hilltop Guard is a character first seen in Issue 133 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is part of Jesus' patrol team.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about guard's life before or as the outbreak began.


Sometime in the apocalypse, the guard managed to find the Hilltop Colony and joined its community, becoming a guard.

This guard is seen riding his horse on patrol along with Jesus and another guard. As they come across Darius, a member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Jesus and Darius speak and Darius addresses his concern about Nathaniel's whereabouts. Darius asks if the patrol will ride out with him, and they agree.

As the patrol search the uncharted territory for Nathaniel, the guard asks Darius that if they have a mapped zone that they have to stay in, why would Nathaniel come so far outside the border, and Darius replies that Nathaniel liked to do secret runs to find little knickknacks as it was a hobby of his, and the patrol continues to ride out of the border. Continuing to look for Nathaniel, the patrol unknowingly are being followed by the undead and camouflaged in between, members of The Whisperers that mention that they are loosing the patrol but they'll catch up when they stop.

As the patrol come to a stop under a highway, Jesus calls of the search as he doesn't like to be this far out of the border and in such a sketchy area. After deciding to head back, Darius is stabbed by what looks to be a walker with a knife, and he falls of his horse. Jesus tells the two guards that Darius is dead, informing then to stay alert as the undead have knives, then orders them to get out of the area, however this guard is stabbed in the stomach, and as he falls of his horse he is stabbed multiple times in the chest.

His body is later seen briefly, when Joshua, one of the Whisperers says that Jesus does not belong in the area.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the guard has killed:


Killed By

After witnessing being told by Jesus to get out of the area, the guard starts to ride out but is stopped as he is caught and stabbed in his stomach, then is stabbed multiple times in the chest.


Paul Monroe

"He's dead. Get out of here, guys. Just go! Guys?!"
—Paul to the guards about getting out of the area.[src]

This guard and Paul seemed to have a positive relationship, as he was one of the guards that was part of Paul's patrol team. After the undead attack with knives, Paul cared about his safety, telling him to get out of the area immediately before Paul even knew he was safe. After Paul sees this guard being pulled of his horse and stabbed, he is seen in shock.


Comic Series

Volume 23: Whispers Into Screams

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