"Hide and Seek" is the first episode of The Walking Dead Webisodes: Cold Storage. This story tells the tale of a man called Chase. Hide and Seek was posted October 1, 2012.


Chase is first introduced on a rooftop, lying unconscious against a wall. He is awakened a minute later by Harris, who hands Chase a crowbar as a weapon. Across the way, a storage facility is seen and Harris suggests heading for it to collect supplies. Down on the street, Chase spots a picture of children and Harris is attacked and devoured by walkers, while Chase manages to break down the facility's door and enter the building. Chase then darts into a storage unit and attempts to lower the shutters, but some walkers manage to reach underneath them. Suddenly, all three walkers are shot dead by an unseen person in the corridor.



  • First appearance of Chase.
  • First appearance of Harris.
  • A partly destroyed city of Atlanta can be seen in the background, making this episodes chronology start the day after the Atlanta bombings by the Military as seen in Lori's flashback in "Chupacabra".
  • Inside the storage facility, a poster with faces of children can be seen on the wall, with a message next to it asking whether anyone has seen any of the children, indicating they may have gone missing during the outbreak, whether they died or fled is unknown.


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