"Zombies in a herd are a force of nature. They don't operate on logic or reason."
Eugene Porter explaining a herd of zombies[src]

A Herd, also known as a Horde, is a large group of zombies. They are usually attracted by sound, leading a few individuals to come together, eventually finding and merging with new groups, growing larger and larger and even more ferocious.

Herds wander around without a real purpose until attracted by sounds or prey. Herds are notably more aggressive than smaller groups, and the presence of zombies around other zombies almost creates a "synapse", or "hive-mind" effect, with them able to react more quickly by watching what others do rather than acting on their own. Herds can smash through the heaviest of barricades, tear down fences, and completely overwhelm humans in waves of undead bodies, and are essentially the zombie population at its most dangerous.

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The name "Herd" was adopted from the terminology for a herd of cattle. Cattle typically bulk together to graze or for protection, and, if angered, a herd can form a deadly stampede. This formed the basis for the post-apocalyptic terminology for large groups of walkers.


Eugene Porter first mentions the herd in Issue 53 and explains what a herd is to the post-prison survivors in Issue 54.[1]

A herd of "about 2,000 or more" zombies is first encountered by Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, and Morgan Jones in Issue 59, as they are traveling from Cynthiana, Kentucky, with Abraham Ford to rendezvous with the rest of the survivors.[2]

The herd are later encountered by the people of the Alexandria Safe-Zone in issue 79. The herd proceeds to surround the safe-zone leaving the survivors trapped inside. Eventually the herd break through the safe-zone's walls and start to devour many of the residents including Tobin and Douglas Monroe. When Carl is shot in the face and injured, Rick makes a final stand with the other survivors. They manage to repel and kill the herd and learn that the undead are a manageable threat. 

In Issue 127, the herd is seen when Paul Monroe and his team are steering the massive amount of zombies away from The Kingdom.

In Issue 143, an extremely large herd is seen when Alpha takes Rick at gunpoint to a building nearby The Whisperers camp. The herd is estimated to be nearing the ten-thousands.

In Issue 162, the herd from Issue 143 is seen nearing Alexandria, due to Andrea shooting a bullet in the air to notify the Alexandrians that the Militia is back from fighting in the war. The Whisperers took this at their advantage, with them not fighting anymore and letting the herd do its job.

Eugene explained:

  • "Zombies in a herd are a force of nature. They don't operate on logic or reason. If one of them even so much as brushes a hand against your door [where you are hiding]--and another one sees that, mistakes that as an attempt to get in--it's over. That one starts trying to get in--the one who did the accidental tap thinks something's inside all of a sudden--he starts beating on the door with him. They would kill you all."[3]

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The name "Herd" was adopted from the terminology for a herd of cattle. Cattle typically bulk together to graze or for protection, and, if angered, a herd can form a deadly stampede. This formed the basis for the post-apocalyptic terminology for large groups of walkers.


The first herd of walkers appears in Atlanta, Georgia, when Rick Grimes arrives there in search of his family. Another herd is later seen attacking the camp in the outskirts of the city. It is possible that these walkers were the same ones seen in the city but were separated from the group. [4]

The herd of walkers is also seen on the highway moving out of the city of Atlanta. The group pulls up to the vehicle congested highway, finding no way to pass, and, to make matters worse, Dale Horvath's RV breaks down when the radiator hose bursts again. The group scavenges for supplies from the abandoned cars when suddenly Rick spots the herd of walkers approaching. He tells everyone to hide under the vehicles as the groups wander onward past the survivors. [5]

Later, a herd of walkers that migrated out of Atlanta (previously seen at the beginning of Season 1) attacks the Greene family farm.[6]. It is unknown whether this is the same herd that was seen on the highway. In Season 3, a herd of walkers appeared to have settled themselves in and around the West Georgia Correctional Facility. The area is known as the "Red Zone" by the people of Woodbury, Georgia.[7]

A herd not far from the red zone is found by Daryl Dixon, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob Stookey in "Isolation". It is numbered at 7,500 walkers.[8]

The fighting between the prison group and The Governor's militia in "Too Far Gone" attracts a herd of nearby walkers which eventually occupy the ruined prison, rendering it uninhabitable. Clara, a woman who committed suicide in front of Rick in "30 Days Without An Accident", is among the walkers.

After escaping the overrun prison, Daryl and Beth Greene hide from a herd in the trunk of an abandoned car in "Still" during a thunderstorm. As it takes multiple hours for all walkers to pass, as evidenced by time lapses in the scene, it can be assumed it is a large herd passing by.

Carol Peletier uses a herd to her advantage in "No Sanctuary", attracting it and allowing it to overtake Terminus, so that she can infiltrate the compound in the guise of a walker and rescue her friends who were captured. Later, when Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, Eugene Porter, Glenn Rhee, Maggie Greene, and Tara Chambler are on the way to Washington, D.C., in "Self Help", a massive herd blocks their path on the road. This eventually leads to Eugene's confession that he does not know the cure to the outbreak.

A significantly large herd numbering at 30,000 walkers [8] was first seen in the Season 6 premiere, "First Time Again". It was trapped inside a rock quarry near Alexandria. Rick and the other residents planned to direct the herd away, bu tas they were doing a trial run part of the barrier trucks fell and released the herd, forcing them to execute the plan immediately. As they were leading the herd away, half of it broke loose due to a horn and made its way towards Alexandria, eventually arriving right at the community's wall in "Now" and began to gather around in "Heads Up".

Another herd was also present in "Thank You" at an abandoned town that Aiden and Nicholas had previously scouted for supplies. During that previous run, an accident resulted in the death of Will, a former scout for Alexandria. The herd in that abandoned town was also responsible for the deaths of SturgessAnnie and David. Later on, it led Nicholas to commit suicide after he and Glenn were cornered in an alleyway.

The section of the herd that broke off in "First Time Again" was able to enter Alexandria when the church watchtower, located outside of the wall, fell over in "Start to Finish". The herd flooded the streets, forcing all of Alexandria's residents to barricade themselves inside their homes.

In "No Way Out", the herd roamed the streets of Alexandria. Rick, Carl, Michonne, Jessie, Sam, Ron, and Father Gabriel used guts smeared on sheets to move through the herd unnoticed, planning to get outside and draw it away with cars at the quarry. Sam panicked before they could make it out and drew the attention of several walkers and was devoured. This caused a chain reaction that led to the deaths of Jessie and Ron and to Carl being shot in the eye.

Denise and Owen move through the herd but Denise is grabbed and Owen saves her resulting in him getting bitten, Denise promises to save him if they get to the infirmary.

They continue to move through the herd, but Owen is shot by Carol and - as a last stand - grabs several walkers to save Denise, she then sorrowfully leaves him to reanimate and heads towards the infirmary arriving at the same time as Rick, Michonne and an unconscious Carl.

In a fit of rage over losing Jessie and almost Carl, Rick heads outside to face the herd himself. Aaron, Michonne, Heath and Spencer head outside to help and soon Olivia, Eric and Bruce, join alongside the rest of the able bodied Alexandrians.

Glenn and Enid go together to save Maggie but Glenn is surrounded and is about to be devoured when Sasha and Abraham arrive and shoot all the walkers, saving Glenn.

Daryl pours all oil from the truck into the lake and fires his rocket launcher, creating a huge fire, all the walkers see this and walk towards it killing themselves, The Alexandrian army take this time to kill all possible walkers. This marks the end of the super herd.

On their way back from the Kingdom Rick and his group stumbles upon a herd on a highway near the Sanctuary cutting most of them in half with a wire between two cars and let some explode with TNT.

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The name "Herd" was adopted from the terminology for a herd of cattle. Cattle typically bulk together to graze or for protection, and, if angered, a herd can form a deadly stampede. This formed the basis for the post-apocalyptic terminology for large groups of walkers.


A herd of walkers is seen following the train Lee's group is riding to Savannah. The group stops when a crashed gasoline tanker blocks the tracks, forcing them to to cut it loose from the bridge. They are still trying to remove it when Ben spots the herd approaching from behind. Everyone except for Omid and Lee, who were on the bridge cutting the tanker, get on the train to leave. The two then try to jump onto the vehicle. Lee makes it, but Omid lands badly, hurts his leg, falls off, and starts limping towards the moving train. Christa jumps down to help and they manage to get back on, temporarily escaping the herd.

The same herd later follows the track all the way to Savannah and trap Lee's group as they search for Clementine. They are later attracted to the city of Savannah by the ringing of church bells around the city. They later show up and claim the lives of many people in Lee's group including Ben and when he gets trapped in an alleyway by the herd. On his journey to the Marsh House Lee has to fight his way through the herd, killing dozens of walkers before getting to the Marsh House. Lee has to navigate back though this herd on his way out of the Marsh House with Clementine. However this time he does so undetected by using walker guts to disguise Clementine's and his scent from the herd.

Later on, a large herd amassed near an old hardware store and strip mall fortified by a group led by William Carver. Clementine, along with several people attempting to escape Carver's camp, alerted the herd using the store's P.A. system, and made their escape by covering themselves in blood and entrails from a few dead zombies, walking through the herd as it quickly overwhelmed Carver's camp, devouring Troy and Carlos.

If Clementine ends the game with A.J. she encounters a herd.

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  • The Herd is the Income Tax equivalent in The Walking Dead Monopoly.


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