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"I just wish we didn't have to spring this on these people. I've really grown fond on these folks."
—Harold showing remorse after hearing Jeremiah's plans.[src]

Harold Benjamin Stauback, or Staubach, is a main character who makes his first appearance in The Walking Dead: Descent. He is part of Pentecostal People of God, and is described to be the groups only black congregant, middle-aged man with a fussy little pen-line mustache. Only trustworthy survivor of the group, Harold is often praised for his singing voice.



Harold grew up the son of a sharecropper in Florida. He worked as a disc jockey and singer before the outbreak. He was known commonly as "The Voice of Valdosta", and was one of soloists from the Calgary Baptist Church.



Harold survived along with Pentecostal People of God, led by Jeremiah Garlitz. The group is rescued by Woodbury survivors, and soon after Harold discovers that Jeremiah tries to execute all the survivors including his, Harold feels remorse. After destruction of Woodbury, he joins the rest of the survivors, abandoning Jeremiah and his two surviving minions Reese and Stephen.


Weeks later, Reese and Stephen discover that there is still some Woodbury survivors alive. They inform Jeremiah about the situtation. Jeremiah becomes furious, especially to Harold for abandoning his cult. Jeremiah attacks the remaining survivors and manages to wound Harold in the shoulder. Harold demands David, Miles and Norma to leave him behind, but they refuse to do so and the trio drag him to the recently established safe zone.


Killed By

After noticing Woodbury has been under attack, Lilly and others discover Harold's body on the steps of the court house. Harold had been dead for hours after being shot to the chest several times. David tells Lilly Harold tried to hide Mercy to the court house and tried to protect her, but was shot down like an animal, without hesitation.

Killed Victims


Jeremiah James Garlitz

Jeremiah and Harold had a good relationship until Harold refuses to participate on the suicide pact. Jeremiah becomes furious towards him and during the attack shoots Harold to his shoulder, wounding him badly.

Lilly Caul

The two did not interact much, although Lilly trusted Harold.

David Stern

Harold earns easily the trust of remaining Woodburians, among them David. During the battle between Most Holy Redeemer Parish and Woodburians, Harold is fatally shot and demands others to leave him behind. David refuses to leave him behind and drags him to safety with Norma and Miles.

He becomes furious after Harold is killed like an animal, and respects him for trying to be the hero and trying to save Mercy from being kidnapped.

Norma Sutters

Norma took care of Harold after he was shot by Jeremiah, and later on the two established a relationship. Norma deeply cared for him.


Novel Series


  • Harold was the only trustworthy survivor of Pentecostal People of God, having second thoughts about killing Woodburians and finally stepping out of the suicide pact. He also joins the rest of surviving Woodburians after the destruction of Woodbury and gains their trust.
    • He was also the longest surviving member of the group, appearing in three novels (although as a corpse in "Search and Destroy").
  • Throughout the "Invasion" and "Search and Destroy" novels, Harold's last name is spelled "Staubach".
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