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"Any of them not missing parts? I'm sick of eating leftovers."
—Greg to Chris about Rick and Dale's missing body parts.[src]

Greg is an antagonist first encountered in Issue 61 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is one of the six cannibalistic Hunters who were tracking down Rick Grimes and his group of survivors on their journey to Washington, D.C.. He served an antagonist of Volume 11: Fear The Hunters.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Greg's life before or as the outbreak began.


Fear The Hunters

Greg was one of six cannibalistic survivors who stalked and preyed upon other living humans, namely the weak or isolated, for sustenance. Not much of his personality was revealed, only that he, like the others, listened to and obeyed the group's leader, Chris.

Like his peers, Greg had initially become a cannibal due to the circumstances of the new world and the scarcity of food; however, the extent of how much he agreed with his group's actions is unknown. Chris had revealed to Rick that they had eaten their own children to survive, and it is unknown if Greg had any children that was part of the re-telling.

Greg was the most physically imposing member of The Hunters, as acknowledged by Rick when he identified Greg to be shot first by Andrea when the two groups collided. He also seemed to be the most active Hunter, having been one of the three who stalked Rick's group and one of the two, the other being Charlie, that abducted Dale. It was additionally hinted he may be good with a gun, which was why he was chosen to stalk Rick's group.

Greg provided very little interaction in the series and was mostly just a background character. When Rick's group confronted the Hunters at their own base, Greg was the first to ready his gun, and before Chris could order him to do anything, Rick ordered Andrea to mangle the Hunters with shots. Greg was the first to be shot, and had his ear completely mutilated from the bullet, incapacitating him from further action.


Killed By

He, like the other Hunters, was mutilated, beaten, and burned by Rick, Abraham, Michonne, and Andrea in retaliation for their attack on Glenn and mutilation of Dale, and allegedly for the safety of the group.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Greg has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people.


Comic Series

Volume 11: Fear The Hunters

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