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This article is about the Glock 17. You may be looking for other similar named Glock firearms.
  Glock 17
First Appearance "Days Gone Bye" (TV Series)
"A New Day" (Video Game)
Last Appearance "Coda" (TV Series)
Series lifespan "Days Gone Bye" to "Coda" (TV Series)
"A New Day" to Present (Video Game)
Users Leon Basset
Lambert Kendal
Shane Walsh
Daryl Dixon
Theodore Douglas
Rick Grimes
Glenn Rhee
Caesar Martinez
Andre Mitchell
Ben Paul
Lee Everett
Save-Lots Bandit 3
Anna Correa

The Glock 17, sometimes referred to by the manufacturer as Glock "Safe Action" Pistol, is a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Glock Ges.m.b.H., located in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. The company's founder, engineer Gaston Glock, had no experience with firearm design or manufacture at the time their first pistol, the Glock 17, was being prototyped. Glock did, however, have extensive experience in advanced synthetic polymers, knowledge of which was instrumental in the company's design of the first successful line of pistols with a polymer frame. Glock introduced ferritic nitrocarburizing into the firearms industry as an anti-corrosion surface treatment for metal gun parts.

Despite initial resistance from the market to accept a "plastic gun" due to durability and reliability concerns, Glock pistols have become the company's most profitable line of products, commanding 65% of the market share of handguns for United States law enforcement agencies as well as supplying numerous national armed forces and security agencies worldwide. Extremely reliable and durable, as well as being easy to use and maintain, Glock pistols are incredibly popular with civilians and law enforcement alike.

This model, the Glock 17, is the standard-sized pistol chambered for 9x19mm ammunition. It normally uses magazines with 17 rounds. The very similar Glock 19 is a more compact model, with a slightly shorter grip and therefore a smaller magazine that accepts up to 15 rounds.


TV Series

Season 1

WalkingDead-ColtPython "Days Gone Bye" Leon Basset and Lambert Kendal aiming their Glock 17's as they talk.
500px-WalkingDead-Glock "Days Gone Bye" Lambert Kendal aiming a Glock 17 as they prepare for the shootout.
500px-WalkingDeadG17holsteredep04 "Vatos" Shane Walsh with his holstered Glock 17 while he talks to Jim.
Aaaaaaaa "TS-19" Shane Walsh aiming his Glock 17 outside Rick Grimes' hospital room.

Season 2

TWDS2E01 02 "What Lies Ahead" Andrea as she tries to assemble a Glock 17.
Werwrwrw "Secrets" Jimmy aiming a Glock 17.
TWDS2E06 15 "Secrets" Jimmy aiming a Glock 17, from the side.
TWDS2E06 13 "Secrets" Jimmy aiming a Glock 17, from a different angle.
Episode-7-shane-carl "Pretty Much Dead Already" Shane Walsh with his Glock 17 tucked in the back of his pants.
TWDS2E07 11 "Pretty Much Dead Already" Shane aiming his Glock 17.
WD2072732 "Pretty Much Dead Already" T-Dog aiming a Glock 17 before he fires it.
Pretty Much Already Dead "Pretty Much Dead Already" Shane and T-Dog firing Glock 17s.
TWDS2E10 04 "18 Miles Out" Rick aiming a Glock 17 as he shoots walkers.
WD211 0646 "Judge, Jury, Executioner" Shane Walsh as he threatens Randall with his Glock 17.
WD212 0023 "Better Angels" T-Dog with a Glock 17 as he rides in the back of Otis's pick-up truck.
WD212 2170 "Better Angels" Shane Walsh aims T-Dog's Glock 17 at Rick, before Shane is killed.
Episode-13-rick-walkers "Beside the Dying Fire" Rick with T-Dog's empty Glock 17.
59CF50B6F "Beside the Dying Fire" Rick with T-Dog's Glock 17 hiding with Carl and Hershel.
TWDS2E13 17 Beside the Dying Fire Andrea loading a Glock 17.

Season 3

See2d "Seed" Rick Grimes aiming a Suppressed Glock 17 as he bursts through the doors of an abandoned house. The suppressor appears to have been improvised from a MAGlite flashlight.
Twd301-000045 "Seed" Rick Grimes firing a Suppressed Glock 17 as he bursts through the doors of an abandoned house.
TWDS3E01 03 "Seed" Rick Grimes with a Suppressed Glock 17 as he searches the abandoned house.
Vlcsnap-2012-10-16-13h57m33s96 "Seed" Rick Grimes with a Suppressed Glock 17 as he runs through the prison yard to close a gate.
Ep 4 Glenn shooting "Killer Within" Glenn with a Glock 17 as he shoots the Prison's alarms.
TWDS3E05 01 "Say the Word" Glenn with a Glock 17 as he searches the prison for Rick.
Walking-Dead-6-07 "Hounded" Glenn with a Glock 17 as he aims it at Merle Dixon.
TWDS3E06 01 "Hounded" Glenn with a Glock 17 as he aims it at Merle Dixon, from a different angle.
TWD GP 306 0709 0275 "Hounded" Glenn with a Glock 17 as he aims it at Merle Dixon, from a different angle.
Walking-Dead-308-02 "Made to Suffer" Rick Grimes with a Glock 17 as he interrogates a Woodbury guard.

Video Game

Season 1

Andre Glock "A New Day" Andre Mitchell aiming his Glock 17 at a reanimated Chet.
Carley Protects "A New Day" Carley uses her Glock 17 to protect Duck from zombies.
2012-11-24 00039 "A New Day" Carley fires her Glock 17 at zombies.
Carley "A New Day" Carley uses her Glock 17 to kill a zombie attacking Lee Everett.
Irene with Gun "A New Day" Irene about to commit suicide with Carley's Glock 17.
CarleysavesDoug "A New Day" Carley protects Lee and Doug from zombies with her Glock 17.
Screen Carley "Starved For Help" Carley aims her Glock 17 at Andrew and Danny St. John.
CarleyShootsAndy "Starved For Help"

Carley uses her Glock 17 to shoot Andy.

Everett Pharmacy Drugstore 8 "Long Road Ahead" Kenny holding off zombies with his Glock 17.
Bandit 3 "Long Road Ahead" Save-Lots Bandit 3 shooting at the group.
LillyAfterShooting "Long Road Ahead" Lilly uses a Glock 17 to shoot Carley.
KatjaaSuicide "Long Road Ahead" Katjaa after committing suicide.
Duckdeath "Long Road Ahead" Lee about to put Duck out of his misery.
Kenny Shoots Duck "Long Road Ahead" Kenny about to put Duck out of his misery.
LRA Target Practice "Long Road Ahead" Lee teaching Clem how to use a gun.
LRA Unsteady Hands "Long Road Ahead" Clementine holding Lee's Glock 17.
EP4 Angry Lee "Around Every Corner" Lee shooting zombies in the streets of Savannah.
Lee Everett Ep 04 "Around Every Corner" Lee searching the mansion for walkers.
Kenny at Ready "Around Every Corner" Kenny holding a Glock 17 by Savannah's riverfront.
WDG Kenny Glock close-up "Around Every Corner" A close-up of Kenny's Glock 17.
AEC Molly Gun "Around Every Corner" Lee holding a Glock 17 to Molly.
WDG Jeff Shot "Around Every Corner" Lee Everett with a Glock 17 as he kills a reanimated Jeff.
Ben Morgue Guard "No Time Left" Ben covering the door to the morgue with a Glock 17.
NTL Kenny Glock "No Time Left" Kenny covering the door to the morgue with a Glock 17.
WDG Lee Casual Kill "No Time Left" Lee killing a walker with a Glock 17.
WalkingDead101 2012-11-22 07-15-46-51 "No Time Left" Lee, Kenny, and Ben use Glock 17s to fight off zombies in the mansion.
WDG Weapons check "No Time Left" Ben's Glock 17 can be seen behind Lee.
WalkingDead101 2012-11-22 08-12-17-34 "No Time Left" Clementine readying her Glock 17 before shooting Lee.
Bennett Inox Holstered "Vince's Story" Bennett can be seen with a holstered silver Glock 17.
Nate Driveby "Russell's Story" Nate, aiming a Glock 17 at a walker.
Draw on Nate "Russell's Story" Russell, aiming a Glock 17 on Nate.
Russell Glock 17 "Russell's Story" Russell, drawing a Glock 17 on Nate.
400D Nate Glock "Russell's Story" Nate, covering Russell with a Glock 17.
Execution "Shel's Story" Roman, before executing Roberto for stealing supplies.
2013-07-05 00016 "Shel's Story" Shel, holding her Glock 17 when deciding to leave or kill Stephanie.
400D Vince Glock "Epilogue" Vince, aiming a Glock 17 at Tavia.

Season 2

ATR Michelle Glock "All That Remains" Michelle aiming Clementine's Glock 17 at her.
ATR Bandits Glocks "All That Remains" Victor and Ralph aiming their Glock 17's at Christa.
ATR Winston Glock "All That Remains" Winston pointing a Glock 17 at Clementine.
AHD To Use A Gun "A House Divided" Clementine teaching Sarah how to use a gun with a Glock 17.
AHD Group Shooting "A House Divided" Nick, aiming a Glock 17.
AHD Clem Glock "A House Divided" Clementine, aiming a Glock 17.
AHD Walter Glock "A House Divided" Walter aiming a Glock 17 as Nick struggles with a walker.
AHD Firing Squad "A House Divided" Walter, firing a Glock 17.
AHD Surprise Guests "A House Divided" Carlos aiming a Glock 17 as Carver's group kills the remaining walkers.
AHD Right In The Kisser "A House Divided" Carlos holding a Glock 17 as Carver punches him.
IHW Badass Kenny "In Harm's Way" Kenny after shooting Carver in the leg.
IHW Kenny Glock "In Harm's Way" Kenny aiming a Glock 17.
IHW Sneaky Jane "In Harm's Way" Jane approaching Troy with a hidden Glock 17.
AmTR Kenny Glock "Amid The Ruins" Kenny holding a Glock 17 while lamenting the loss of Sarita.
AmTR Mike Aiming "Amid The Ruins" Mike aiming a Glock 17 at a raccoon.
AmTR Trailer Clem Aiming "Amid The Ruins" Clementine aiming a Glock 17 at the herd of walkers.
AmTR Trailer Zombies Outside "Amid The Ruins" Clementine and Luke firing their Glock 17's at the herd of walkers.
AmTR Not Taking Nothing "Amid The Ruins" Kenny aiming a Glock 17 at the Russians.
AmTR Mike Glock "Amid The Ruins" Mike aiming a Glock 17 at the Russians.
AmTR Pre-Release 2 "Amid The Ruins" Clementine, Bonnie, and Kenny all aiming Glock 17s.
AmTR Clem Glock "Amid The Ruins" Clementine holding a Glock 17 as Rebecca turns.
AmTR Clem Shooting Rebecca "Amid The Ruins" Clementine shooting Rebecca with a Glock 17.
AmTR Kenny Shooting Rebecca "Amid The Ruins" Kenny shooting Rebecca with a Glock 17.
NGB Kenny Glock "No Going Back" Kenny aiming his Glock 17 at Vitali.
NGB Arvo Hostage "No Going Back" Kenny holding Arvo hostage with a Glock 17.
NGB Get Out Of The Way "No Going Back" Kenny aiming a Glock 17 at Arvo.
NGB Covering Luke "No Going Back" Bonnie and Clementine holding Glock 17s.
NGB Witnessing Betrayal "No Going Back" Clementine aiming at Arvo and Mike with her Glock 17.
NGB Alone in the Cold "No Going Back" Clementine holding her Glock 17.
NGB A Difficult Decision "No Going Back" Clementine aiming at Kenny and Jane with her Glock 17.
NGB Randy's Glock "No Going Back" Randy's holstered Glock 17.


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