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TV Series

Season 1


"Tell It to the Frogs"




Season 2

"What Lies Ahead"


"Save the Last One"

"Cherokee Rose"



"Pretty Much Dead Already"



"Judge, Jury, Executioner"

"Better Angels"

"Beside the Dying Fire"

Season 3



"Killer Within"

"Say the Word"


"When the Dead Come Knocking"

"Made to Suffer"

"The Suicide King"


"I Ain't a Judas"

"Arrow on the Doorpost"

"This Sorrowful Life"

"Welcome to the Tombs"

Season 4

"30 Days Without An Accident"




"Too Far Gone"






Season 5

"No Sanctuary"


"Four Walls and a Roof"

"Self Help"



"What Happened and What's Going On"


"The Distance"






Season 6

"First Time Again"

"Thank You"

"Heads Up"

"Start to Finish"

"No Way Out"

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

"The Same Boat"


"Last Day on Earth"

Season 7

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

"The Cell"

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