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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic Series, Video Game, Assault or Social Game counterparts. You may also be looking for the crew member.
  Glenn Rhee
Season five glenn rhee
Actor Steven Yeun
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Mid 20's
Occupation Pizza Delivery Boy (Pre-Apocalypse)
Former Council Member (Post-Apocalypse)
Alexandria Supply Runner (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Maggie Greene - Wife
(Unnamed) - Sisters
(Unnamed) - Mother
Hershel Greene - Father-In-Law (Deceased)
Beth Greene - Sister-In-Law (Deceased)
Shawn Greene - Step-Brother-In-Law (Deceased)
Josephine Greene - Mother-In-Law (Deceased)
First Appearance "Days Gone Bye" (Voice Only)
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Days Gone Bye" to Present
Ethnicity Korean-American
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"Those four people you lost on that run, that's on you. And Noah, that's on you, too. Those five lives, you have to carry that. People like you are supposed to be dead, but these walls went up just in time, so you're not. You don't go outside those walls anymore. Not by yourself, not with anyone else. And that's how you're gonna survive. (...) I'm someone who knows who you are. I know what you did. And it's not gonna happen again. (...) Don't forget what I said. (...) No. I'm saving you."
—Glenn's words to Nicholas.[src]

Glenn Rhee is a main character and survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is commonly the main supply runner for the group. Glenn helped Rick Grimes safely escape the walkers on the street to meet up with his group. Eventually, after the group stays on the Greene Farm, Glenn marries Hershel Greene's daughter, Maggie. He becomes a reliable council member at the Prison and becomes someone the group can look up to.



Glenn is bright, loyal, resourceful, fast, quick-thinking, and brave. Keenly aware of the extreme dangers he puts himself in for the group, his youth makes him willing to take the risk. Glenn thinks on his feet and shows great compassion and humanity. Despite all the horrors he has seen, he maintains a youthful enthusiasm for life and its unexpected pleasures. He is an integral part of the group, showing surprising depth and emotion when experiencing even the most devastating tragedies.

While on the farm, he begins a relationship with Maggie Greene. Over the course of the latter half of season two and the third season, he has become extremely close and loving toward her, doing whatever is necessary to keep her safe. He is trustworthy and loyal, as seen in the episode "When the Dead Come Knocking", when Glenn and Maggie are captured by The Governor, he is brutally interrogated by Merle but will not reveal where the rest of Rick's group have set up camp.

Glenn's love for Maggie and his close bond with her father, Hershel Greene, lead Glenn to become less of the group canary in the coal mine and more of his own voice. Upon Hershel's death, Glenn pledges to take over his role as conscience and hope, which involves decisions like protecting Tara Chambler in spite of her ties to The Governor, and encouraging Rick to spare the residents of Terminus.


Atlanta, Georgia

Glenn was originally from Michigan, born of Korean immigrants. He moved to Atlanta sometime within his adult years, he delivered pizzas for a living. As it turned out, his knowledge of every short cut in Atlanta proves extremely useful to the group's scavenging needs. In the episode "Cherokee Rose", Glenn wears a shirt that has some Boy Scout markings on it, a sign that he might have been a Boy Scout.

He knows the city fairly well and can navigate his way through back alleys and the streets . When the outbreak began and the city was converted into a refugee center, Glenn, being resourceful, was able to survive despite the city quickly being overrun by walkers. He mentions having been saved by T-Dog before linking up with the rest of the Atlanta Camp.

In the episode, "Nebraska", Glenn talked about his mother and revealed that he has multiple sisters, but their fate after the apocalypse is currently unknown.


Season 1

"Days Gone Bye"

At the end of the episode, when Rick Grimes' horse he was riding on was attacked and eaten by walkers, Rick was able to escape and hide inside a tank. Glenn contacts Rick via radio after he shoots a walker inside it and says, "Hey you...Dumbass...Yeah you in the tank...Cozy in there?" 


Rather than go into Atlanta alone, Glenn brings more people with him to scavenge for supplies (though he later comes to regret the idea since this was the first time he did it. And the results were not as favorable as working alone.) He spots Rick as he was attacked by a mob of zombies upon entering the city and sees him escape into a tank parked in the middle of the street. Glenn manages to reach him through the CB in the tank and helps him escape the zombie mob. He then later leads Rick to his group as they try to think of what to do next since the zombies are aware of their presence (due to Rick's earlier action, though he was unaware there were survivors). At first the group thinks they can escape through the sewer, but Glenn scouting it with Morales reveal bars blocking their way and a zombie feasting on a rat. After telling the others that idea is out, Rick gets the idea to put zombie entrails on their person to mask their scent and wade through the zombies to get transportation. Glenn volunteers to go with him and the two make their way to a parking lot. The plan works until a sudden rainstorm passes through and washes off the entrails, giving the two away. Rick and Glenn are forced to run but manage to make it to the lot and secure a loading truck. Realizing they need a distraction, Rick hot-wires a Dodge Challenger and has Glenn lead the zombies away from the store while Rick picks up the others. The plan succeeds and Glenn is seen leaving Atlanta in the Challenger, whooping in victory. He makes a great asset to Rick's group.

"Tell It to the Frogs"

After they all get back to the camp-site and reunite with the other survivors, Glenn is asked by Rick to go with him back in the city because he knows his way in and out. He leads Rick, T-Dog, and Daryl Dixon to the building that Merle Dixon was handcuffed onto. Heading up the stairs they find no walkers. On the roof, Daryl calls out to Merle, but they only find Merle's hand, a bloody hacksaw, and the bloody handcuffs.


When Rick decides to go back for Merle he enlists the help of Glenn because of his knowledge of the city. Glenn reluctantly agrees and joins the party to go save Merle. In the city, they realize that Merle was able to escape by cutting off his hand and after following Merle's bloody trail the group starts to organize how to get the bag of guns back. Glenn organizes the plan to get the guns like a skilled tactician arguing that he's agile enough to get in and out of the streets. At one point Daryl asks Glenn what his profession was before the apocalypse to which Glenn replies, "Delivered pizzas. Why?" Glenn succeeds in acquiring the weapons, but is taken hostage by a group called the Vatos who also want the guns. Rick and the group come to the Vatos hideout with a hostage called Miguel but the negotiation goes badly and both groups draw their guns on each other. The battle is interrupted by Abuela, a woman who reveals to the group that the Vatos are actually looking after an abandoned nursing home and its residents. The group decide to split the guns between themselves and the Vatos group, and return to the spot where they left the van only to find it missing. Assuming Merle to be the culprit, they immediately head back to camp and are just in time to fend off an attacking herd of walkers.


After the attack on the camp-site which left many people dead, he and the others struggled to decide what to do with Jim, who was bitten. Glenn says his goodbyes to him, as does everyone else, and leaves the man sitting by a tree. Glenn and the group arrive at the CDC only to find it seemingly abandoned, and they are about to leave until a door opens, bathing the group in light.


Following their arrival at the CDC, Glenn takes advantage of the building's luxuries (food, clean clothes, etc.), and follows around the rest of the survivors. He, along with everyone else except for Jacqui and Dr. Edwin Jenner, escape the building before it explodes, and then head to Fort Benning, a military base.

Season 2

"What Lies Ahead"

Glenn was forced to stop along with the others when Dale's RV breaks down. He is then later seen fixing an old truck; when a herd of zombies come their way, he hides under a car with Shane. Sophia then gets chased by a duo of zombies and the group looks for, but she is not found by the end of the episode.


Glenn and the group continue to look for Sophia when all of a sudden Maggie appears on a horse and takes Lori and tells Glenn and the others to head to their farm they make it back to the highway, but Carol does not want to go and wants to keep looking for Sophia. Dale, Daryl, Carol, and Andrea stay at the RV to see if Sophia comes back while Glenn and T-Dog head to the farm.

"Save the Last One"

Glenn makes it to the farm with T-Dog and watches Hershel perform surgery on Carl. He then sits out on the porch, prays for this to end and starts to form a relationship with Maggie (Hershel's daughter). Glenn then waits for Shane and Otis to return to the farm with the supplies. Shane reveals that Otis is dead and Glenn feels sorry even though he didn't know him.

"Cherokee Rose"

At the farm, Dale and T-Dog find a walker inside of one of the wells, and the group quickly rallied to devise a plan to rescue the walker from the well without contaminating the water. The survivors then lower down Glenn as bait. The plan goes awry when the old rusty water pump they’re using as a pulley breaks, sending Glenn within reach of the ravenous reverent. They save Glenn who, despite his panic, managed to lasso the corpulent creature. Unfortunately, the risk and subsequent struggle to haul out the zombie is all for nothing, as its rancid body gets snagged on the lip of the well only to rip in half, dropping its fetid bowels into the water below.

Later, Glenn and Maggie go for an excursion to the local pharmacy to get more medical supplies and a pregnancy test for Lori, and while they are there, they end up having sex.


Glenn is frustrated by Maggie's hot and cold behavior towards him. He shares a theory with Dale that all of the women are acting strangely because their menstrual cycles are aligning. Dale advises him to keep that theory to himself, and also discovers that Glenn and Maggie had sex. He mentions that Hershel would likely not approve, to which Glenn replies, "tomorrow I might be dead." Glenn is the only person at this point that knows Lori is pregnant. Maggie passes a note to Glenn during dinner asking him where he thinks they should have their second sexual encounter, and he replies the (barn) loft. But Maggie does not read his reply right away. Glenn sets out to investigate the barn and wait for Maggie, but makes the shocking discovery that the barn is already in-use as a containment and concealment vessel for numerous walkers.


Glenn, unable to hold the secret of the barn, tells Dale about it, as well as Lori's pregnancy. After this incident, Maggie feels betrayed by Glenn and initially refuses to speak with him, though she does another run into town with him. While there, Maggie is attacked by a Walker and Glenn jumps in to rescue her. They manage to get Lori´s morning after pills, which Rick finds.

"Pretty Much Dead Already"

Glenn reveals to the whole group that there are walkers in the barn. Maggie is again frustrated by Glenn's inability to keep secrets, but he reassures her that it was to keep her safe. Later, when he participates in the shooting at the end of the episode with Shane, Andrea, T-Dog, and Daryl, he first looks at Maggie for approval of shooting, and she agrees.


At Hershel's home, Maggie asks Glenn if he would stay if the rest of his group were to leave, but Glenn is unsure how to answer. Beth suddenly grows ill and collapses. She suffers from a fever and other serious symptoms, and seems to be in some state of shock. The group looks for Hershel to care for Beth, but discover that he has vanished, leaving behind his empty flask as a clue. Rick decides to look for Hershel at the local bar, and takes Glenn as backup. En route to town, Glenn confides to Rick that Maggie told him she loved him. Rick says that they need more good things like that in their lives, and that he should embrace those moments. At the bar, Rick and Glenn find Hershel and tells him about Beth. Hershel reflects that he had robbed his daughters of a normal grieving process by giving them a false hope, and allowing himself to believe it too. Hershel also says that Rick must relate, saying he saw the same feeling wash over Rick's face when Sophia emerged from the barn that there is no hope. Rick argues that nothing has really changed, and people are counting on them to be strong. They are interrupted when the bar door opens and two strange men walk in, identifying themselves as Dave and Tony. The five men converse cordially at first, but the strangers become impatient when Rick's group will not divulge information about the Greene farm. Glenn and the group are immediately untrustworthy of the strangers when Tony loses his patience and says he is considering shooting them all. When Dave reaches for his gun, Glenn watches as Rick pulls out his gun and shoots the two men.


At town, after killing Dave and Tony, Rick, Hershel, and Glenn are about to leave but instead get pinned down in the saloon by members of Dave and Tony's group: Sean, Nate, and Randall. Rick tells them that Dave and Tony pulled their guns out on them first but the group begin to shoot. Rick tells Glenn to check the back exit. As Glenn walks down some creaky steps and approaches the door, a shadow outside reaches for the handle and begins to twist it but Glenn shoots through the glass and scares him off. Rick tells Hershel to cover Glenn while he makes a run for the car. A man named Sean who was part of the group sneaks up behind Glenn and attempts to shoot him but Hershel shoots and wounds Sean, who starts crying out in pain. Rick asks Hershel what happened, he says he thinks Glenn was hit. Rick finds Glenn is just frozen behind a dumpster and approaches him. Rick, Hershel, and Glenn return to the farm with Randall blind folded in the backseat as a hostage. The group argues on what to do with Randall, Rick says they will fix him up and than drop him off to defend himself but Shane thinks that he will tell his group where the farm is and this will start a war. Hershel reminds Shane that it is his farm and while he is there he needs to keep his mouth shut. Maggie pulls Glenn aside and asks him if anything is wrong, he explains how her father saved his life, and that he froze and could not do anything to help. He had froze because she told him that he loved him, and he was afraid to die because of how it would affect her. She tries to embrace him, but he pushes her away.

"Judge, Jury, Executioner"

In the farmhouse, Glenn finds Hershel checking up on Beth. Hershel asks Glenn about his family and tells him about his own Irish heritage. He hands Glenn a pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather. "No man is good enough for your little girl," Hershel says, "until one is". As the sun sets, Rick again asks Lori if she thinks he's doing the right thing. Lori nods. The group gathers in the house. Rick asks if anyone thinks Randall should be spared. Dale posits that the only people who think so are himself and Glenn, but Glenn too sides with Rick. "He's not one of us," Glenn offers. Glenn along with all the other survivors gather around Dale before he is shot by Daryl to prevent reanimation.

"Better Angels"

Glenn attends Dale's funeral and is sad because he regrets going against the latter's wishes to spare Randall, but Andrea comforts him and tells him that Dale was proud of him overall and knew how much Glenn cared for him. Later, Randall disappears from the barn and while the group is looking for him Shane emerges from the woods claiming Randall has escaped and is armed. Glenn and Daryl are sent to look for him in the woods. They are attacked by a walker, and when Glenn kills it, it turns out to be a reanimated Randall. Both Daryl and Glenn are puzzled by the lack of bites on his body, and also find it strange how his neck had been snapped. They return to the farm to tell the rest of the group about what happened.

"Beside the Dying Fire"

When the zombies invade the farm, Glenn and Maggie get into Shane's car and attempt to corral the zombies and lead them away from the farm. Glenn shoots multiple zombies until he realizes there is too many of them. When they are overwhelmed, Glenn convinces Maggie to leave the farm. As morning hits, the two continue to drive as Maggie feels shaken from the attack on the farm. She asks Glenn if her family escaped; he comforts her though insists that he drive instead. Glenn admits to Maggie that he loves her and he had loved her for a long time.

As they make their way back to the highway where the group left supplies for Sophia, they meet up with Rick, Carl, and Hershel who await them. Daryl, Carol, Lori, Beth and T-Dog also arrive. Glenn asks about Andrea, but T-Dog exclaims she "went down" during the attack. The group presses on but stops along the road when Rick runs out of gas. Rick's leadership is questioned when he reveals the secret he'd been hiding about the walkers; they're all infected. Glenn lashes out at Rick for not telling the group as he did when he told "for the good of everyone" about the barn. They take shelter for the night. A prison can be seen looming in the distance.

Season 3


Glenn is seen with the group when they stumble upon the abandoned house and Rick, Carl, Daryl, and T-Dog kill the Walkers inside of it. The group is forced to flee, however, when another herd of walkers begins to approach their location. After Daryl and Rick stumble upon the prison while hunting, Glenn helps out to distract and kill the walkers while Rick runs inside the prison yard to close the main gate. The next day, Glenn assists Rick, Daryl, Maggie, and T-Dog in killing the remainder of the Walkers on the interior of the prison. The romantic relationship between him and Maggie continues as the two share a cell on the inside of the prison and cuddle as he checks Maggie for scratch marks. The next day after sleeping in the inside of the prison, Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, and Hershel suit up and explore more of the inside of the prison in search of its infirmary and cafeteria. The group is ambushed by Walkers, causing both Maggie and Glenn to split up from the rest. Hershel insists that himself, Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog go back to look for them, and Hershel manages to find them, but is bit in the right calf by a Lurker lying against the wall. Glenn assists them in taking Hershel to the cafeteria, and is present when Rick amputates the lower portion of Hershel's right leg to keep the infection from spreading.


Glenn is seen mostly by Hershel's side in the episode, and helps to console Maggie. Carol pulls him aside despite orders by Rick to stay at Hershel's side, needing his assistance in killing a female walker to use as practice for a C-Section as she may be the one to deliver Lori's baby due to Hershel's condition and because of Carl being born that way.

"Killer Within"

Glenn is first called down from one of the guard towers, where he was having attempting sexual intercourse with Maggie, to help Rick, Daryl, Carol and T-Dog move some cars. He witnesses the beginning of the walker invasion, and he, along with Rick and Daryl, sprint to the gate so they can enter the prison and help out the group, as the ones trapped with the walkers are greatly outnumbered. He helps clear out the prison and to disable the alarm boxes by shooting them. He accompanies Axel to the generator room to disable the generators. He is present when the group discovers T-Dog's devoured body, along with Carol's headpiece.

"Say the Word"

Glenn is seen digging graves for Lori, Carol, and T-Dog. After allowing Oscar and Axel to dig the remaining graves, Glenn reveals to Hershel that he wishes they would have killed all of the prisoners on sight.

When Maggie goes out on a scavenging trip to find baby formula with Daryl, Glenn comforts her, telling her to be safe and that he loves her.

Glenn is later seen, pleading with Rick not to enter the room containing Lori's body. Rick retaliates, shoving Glenn into the wall, and walks away without a word.


Glenn announces that he and Maggie are planning on going on a scavenging trip. Glenn is seen driving a truck with Maggie into a supermarket parking lot. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by Michonne. They open the door to be greeted by a crow, and some flying papers. Maggie then tells him to retrieve a duck toy, for the new baby. He also scavenges enough powdered formula to fill an entire shopping basket. Suddenly, they are confronted by Merle. Glenn is clearly surprised to see Merle still alive. Merle says he wants to travel back with them to their base to find his brother, Daryl, in which Glenn refuses. Merle attacks and takes Maggie hostage. With a gun to her head, he forces Glenn to drive back to Woodbury.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"

Glenn is brutally interrogated by Merle, who yearns to learn the location of the camp where the Atlanta survivors have moved into. After viciously beating him, Glenn still refuses to talk. However, Glenn ends up angering Merle by head-butting him in the nose, prompting him to beat Glenn harder. After a while and still not talking, Merle releases a walker into the room. Glenn uses his feet to knock stuff on it, but eventually breaks the chair and stabs it. Merle comes back later with Martinez, and behind them Maggie is held topless by The Governor. Glenn assumes Maggie was raped and tries to attack them. The Governor gets angry and points his gun at Glenn's head, but Glenn says nothing. Maggie breaks and tells him everything. The Governor leaves along with Merle and Martinez. Maggie then runs crying into Glenn's arms.

"Made to Suffer"

Glenn and Maggie are first seen sitting in the room with the dead walker he killed in the previous episode. Glenn breaks off a shard of bone from the walker's forearm and hands it to Maggie. Glenn and Maggie ambush Merle and Warren successfully when they arrive to take them to the "screamer pits", but they are restrained when Martinez approaches and holds them at gunpoint. While being escorted away a second time, Rick's group arrives and uses a flash grenade, allowing them to rescue Glenn and Maggie. Glenn informs Daryl that Merle was the one responsible for torturing him, and Glenn takes part in the Woodbury shoot-out, despite being badly injured. Glenn also trains his gun on Michonne, along with Rick and Maggie, when she rejoins them outside of Woodbury following the shoot-out.

"The Suicide King"

Glenn stays behind when Rick and Maggie attack Woodbury, and attempts to attack Merle when Rick, Maggie, and Daryl return to the road where he and Michonne are waiting. Glenn pulls a walker out from a truck, and begins to stomp on its head several times, appearing frustrated. Glenn is angered at Rick for not taking the opportunity to kill The Governor during the attack and for allowing Daryl to leave them by going with Merle. He is also infuriated about what he thinks The Governor did to Maggie, which is rape her. Rick tells Glenn that finding Daryl was the priority. Glenn is later seen being taken care of by Hershel, and it also appears that there is tension between him and Maggie.


Glenn proposes that The Prison survivors defend themselves from The Governor by attacking Woodbury immediately, and inquires to Michonne about the town. Hershel, however, remarks that Glenn's decision to take over the leadership from Rick may be unwise at the time, due to Maggie still recovering from her and Glenn's detention and torture in Woodbury. He advises Glenn to comfort Maggie but Glenn first decides to search for the origin of the walkers with assistance from Carl. Glenn obliges to Hershel's request after completing this task. Upon talking to Maggie, he asks her why she is acting depressed, and she responds with explaining the abuse she endured from The Governor. He then asks her if she was raped, to which she responds with a "no," which relieves Glenn, but annoys Maggie. After searching "The Tombs" of The Prison, he ventures outside to search for the breach in the building. He drives off, only to return again during The Governor's attack, just in time to rescue Hershel and Michonne.

"I Ain't a Judas"

Glenn is seen with the rest of the group, discussing the Woodbury situation, and sides with Rick's decision that they aren't leaving The Prison. Rick, Glenn, and Hershel are discussing what to do with Merle. Glenn suggests using Merle as a bargaining chip for The Governor. When Andrea visits The Prison, Glenn tells her that if The Governor wants a war, he's got one. Later, he gives Andrea a spare car to drive back to Woodbury in. When night comes and Beth sings to the group again, he sits with Maggie drinking a cup of water.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"

While Rick, Daryl and Hershel are away dealing with The Governor, Glenn makes the decision for the group and does not want anybody to interfere with Rick. Merle insists on going to kill The Governor, but Glenn angrily tells him no. Before Merle walks out the prison door, him and Glenn get in a brawl that Beth stops with a gunshot in the air. Glenn and Merle argue briefly before going separate ways. Glenn goes outside to check on Maggie and apologizes for how he's been acting. The two back up into the garage and have sex. When Rick returns to the prison, Glenn and the rest of the group listens to what Rick has to say.

"This Sorrowful Life"

Daryl attempts to have Merle apologize to Glenn for his wrongdoings, but Glenn tells Daryl that he would probably forgive Merle if it wasn't for the fact that he brought Maggie to The Governor, who terrorized and humiliated her. Glenn visits Hershel and says that he now understands why Hershel gave him the pocket watch and tells Hershel that he wants to marry Maggie. Hershel gives Glenn his blessing. Glenn goes to look for rings on female walkers and he cuts a finger off and gives Maggie the ring and she agrees.

"Welcome to the Tombs"

Glenn appears shortly in this episode. He fends off the approaching Woodbury soldiers with Maggie in combat armour taken from the reanimated prison guards who were present in the prison when the survivors arrived. Later, he opens the gates to the prison for Woodbury citizens, looking stunned as he looks on with Maggie.

Season 4

"30 Days Without An Accident"

Glenn is seen waking up with Maggie. He tells her that he will go to the Big Spot, instead of her. Maggie shows concern, but Glenn says he will be fine with the riot gear. Later, when the group loots the Big Spot, he notices some baby things, but moves on. When the walkers start falling through the roof, Glenn is caught in a close encounter with two zombies. Glenn manages to fend them off, and gets out of the Big Spot alive. Later, when he arrives at the prison, Maggie tells Glenn she is not pregnant, much to Glenn's relief.


He is first seen watching Maggie as she sleeps before taking a picture of her causing her to wake up and the two talk quickly before he leaves the tower. He is next seen when cell Block D is attack and participates in getting rid of the walkers and evacuating the citizens. He then makes sure no one reanimates with the others and is attacked by an undead Patrick, but is saved by Daryl. After this he meets with the rest of the "council" to discuss what is going on within the prison as well as creating a plan to separate people. Later he helps to try and deal with the walkers at the fence and watches as Rick and Daryl use the pigs to draw them away.


Glenn appears talking to Hershel about how the infection is spreading and that there is no stopping it. Sasha walks out infected with the virus. Glenn later appears having come down with the infection and is taken to Cell Block A. it is possible that he may have got the flu off an undead Patrick who attacked him as no-one else is. Rick, Daryl etc weren't even touched by a sick walker. Later after tending to Dr. S Hershel tends to Glenn and encourages Glenn to fight through the infection.


Glenn's condition has worsened. He tries to keep himself busy and his mind off of being (almost) fatally ill by helping Hershel tend to the other sick survivors. After a few of the other survivors die, most of them turn and wreak havoc in Block D. While attending one of the sick survivors, the survivor unexpectedly stops breathing. Glenn attempts CPR, but to no avail. He tries to call Hershel, but instead enters a coughing frenzy, which leads him to begin coughing and then choking on his own blood. He nearly dies, but is ultimately saved when Hershel grabs an intubator and gets help from Maggie in feeding it down his throat. His condition is stabilized and he manages to make it through the night.

"Too Far Gone"

Glenn is still unwell in Cell Block A. He has almost fully recovered from the flu but is still very weak. When The Governor begins to attack the prison, Maggie rushes over to collect Glenn and take him to the Prison Bus with the other survivors who are unwell. The bus takes off safely, but it is later shown that Glenn got out to look for Maggie, ending up on a walkway bridge that was blown up by the tank.


Glenn wakes up on a destroyed walkway in the prison, which is now swarming with walkers, and quickly retreats inside. It appears that he left the bus to search for Maggie and was on the walkway when the tank blew it up. In his room, he retrieves his riot gear and supplies before starting out of the prison, where he runs into Tara. He helps her escape, and when later asked why he would want her help, he responds that he needs it to find Maggie. Tara informs Glenn of Hershel's death, and though saddened, Glenn shows more resolve than ever.  The two are attacked by walkers and, during the fight, Glenn passes out.


Glenn wakes up on the back of the army truck and asks Tara if they passed the bus to prison. Tara tells him that it's been three hours since they passed, but she has written down all the streets and that everyone on the bus is dead. Glenn wants to go back and look for Maggie, furiously banging on the back window of the truck with his automatic firearm, breaking it and causing Abraham to stop the truck. Glenn tries to leave, but Abraham tells him that he is causing disruptions to 'The Mission.' After Glenn inquires about the mission, Abraham reveals that Eugene knows exactly what caused the beginning of the apocalypse, and that government officials are to meet with him in Washington. Glenn tries to leave so that he can look for Maggie, but Abraham tries to talk him into staying, telling Glenn that  Maggie could possibly be dead and there is no need for the two of them to go out the same way. Glenn punches Abraham and he jumps on top of Glenn, and the two fight. Rosita and Tara try pulling Abraham off Glenn. After Rosita helps Abraham, Eugene, Glenn and Tara clear out a herd of walkers that Eugene was shooting at with the M4A1 assault rifle. Rosita gives Glenn the photo of Maggie that she found, and Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene depart to look for another vehicle to complete their mission. 


Glenn appears first in the episode in a flashback to when he and Daryl first met Bob, who was roaming the street. He is mentioned all throughout the episode by Sasha, Bob, and Maggie, who is determined to reunite with him by leaving signs telling him to go to Terminus. He later appears at the end of the episode, where he comes across a Terminus sign.


Glenn is walking along the railroad tracks with Abraham's group and Tara in the daylight. Eventually, he and the others camp out at nighttime, picking up where they left off the next day. The group comes across a dark tunnel, Glenn wants to go through it since he sees Maggie's message written in blood, but Abraham suggests going around. Glenn says his goodbyes to Abraham, Rosita and Eugene here and gives his riot gear to Eugene. Tara decides to stay with Glenn. Glenn then proceeds to enter the tunnel and shines his flashlight at rubble. It is shown that walkers are stuck in the rubble, so Glenn begins investigating them. He is looking to see if one is Maggie. None of them are Maggie, so Glenn pulls out his knife along with Tara and kills them all. Glenn and Tara then proceed to climb over the rubble.

Once they get to the other side, Tara's foot gets stuck under a rock and it is shown that a herd of walkers are coming toward them. Glenn begins shooting at them and attempting to help Tara. He is unable to free her and she tells him to leave her. Glenn refuses and not long after, gunshots light up the tunnel. It is revealed to be Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Maggie, Sasha and Bob. Glenn runs over to Maggie, hugging and kissing her. The group decides to set up camp in the tunnel for the night, so Glenn and Maggie talk. Glenn pulls out the picture of Maggie, but she insists he doesn't need it. Glenn burns the photo and the next day the group heads for Terminus. Eventually, they arrive at Terminus and are greeted by a woman named Mary who welcomes them into the town and offers them a plate of food.


Glenn is first seen in a flashback returning from a supply run. Glenn later appears in the train car at Terminus when Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl enter. Glenn hesitantly calls out to Rick, asking if it is really him.

Season 5

"No Sanctuary"

Glenn and the others create makeshift weapons to fight off their captors, but the Terminus guards instead drop a flashbang grenade into Boxcar A, and drag Glenn, Rick, Daryl, and Bob out. They are taken to the slaughterhouse and lined up bending over a pig trough next to another four male survivors from another box car. One by one, the four survivors are brutally slaughtered over the pig trough. Glenn, being the next in line, is about to be executed as Gareth walks in and questions one of the guards about the survivors. This diversion led to Gareth getting in an argument with Rick over his bag of weapons, further delaying Glenn's execution. Gareth then orders for the murdering to continue, but once the guard prepares to knock Glenn unconscious, an explosion abruptly stops him, causing Gareth to flee. Rick breaks free from his cuffs, kills the guards, then sets Glenn and the others free. The four son discover that Terminus were planning to butcher them and use them as food. Rick orders them to not put down the guards and kill any Terminus member on sight. 

The four fight their way back outside, and Glenn forces Rick to unlock a container with a survivor inside, as an attempt to keep their humanity. However, the survivor is half-crazed, and eventually stumbles into a walker which promptly eats him. Glenn appears shocked but continues fighting through Terminus until the group reaches Boxcar A, where they free the remaining survivors. Maggie is extremely relieved to see Glenn alive. Glenn then leaves Terminus with the group, and is happy to be reunited with Carol, Tyreese, and Judith. 


Glenn is seen with Maggie and she embraces him. Whilst on the move the next morning, the group hear screams for help. They go and assist the man from a group of walkers. He introduces himself as Gabriel. He takes the survivors back to his church, which they quickly check is secure and not a trap. It's then decided that the group will need to go and fetch supplies. Glenn goes with Maggie and Tara to scavenge a weapons store, where he finds three silencers in a mini fridge. After Rick, Michonne, Gabriel, Sasha and Bob return from the food-bank with a lot of supplies, the group celebrate with a big supper. Glenn listens on as Abraham makes a toast to the survivors and expresses his desire for them to come with him to Washington D.C. Rick agrees to do so, and the group all laugh and celebrate.

"Four Walls and a Roof"

When Rick, Tyreese, and Sasha come back inside the church after failing to find the missing Bob, Sasha wants to know where her people are, so she angrily confronts Gabriel. Rick steps in when she threatens to become violent, but he also confronts Gabriel, who confesses that he survived by refusing to take in people who needed his help. Glenn stands by the window and reveals that there's somebody lying on the grass outside. They rush out and find Bob with his leg missing. They carry him inside and Bob reveals what Gareth and his people did to him. Sasha insists that somebody fetch the first aid kit, but Bob tells her to save it, and reveals he was bitten at the food-bank. Sasha, Glenn and the others are upset, but they prioritize on making Bob comfortable. Glenn mentions Jim to Rick and reminds him that he lasted two days before they left him.

When Abraham announces that he's taking Eugene and leaving to ensure his survival, an argument breaks out between him and Rick when he insists on taking the bus. Glenn manages to stop this confrontation from turning violent by promising Abraham that if he stays for one more night to help deal with Gareth, then he and Maggie will leave with Abraham the following morning. Abraham reluctantly agrees.

Rick leads a group, which includes Glenn and Maggie, as they leave for the school to confront Gareth, who waits until they're gone and then breaks into the church to ambush the people left behind. Rick and co turn the tables on Gareth and Glenn, Maggie and Tara watch on in horror as Rick, Abraham, Sasha and Michonne brutally kill Gareth and his people.

The following morning, Glenn and Maggie say goodbye to Bob, who passes away shortly after. Abraham then decides it's time to go. Glenn bids farewell to Rick and gets on the bus with Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Maggie and Tara, as they depart for Washington.

"Self Help"

Abraham and his group are driving down a road in the bus as they journey to D.C. Glenn humorously questions Eugene about his hair. The bus suddenly breaks down and crashes when it collides with another car and flips. Everyone is safe but the group are forced to fight off the surrounding walkers, with Glenn and Abraham first out the bus. When it's suggested that they turn back to the church, an enraged Abraham refuses. Glenn agrees that he'll do whatever Abraham wants, as he's with him. The group end up in a library and fortify it for safety. Glenn has a talk with Abraham, where he thanks him for coming with him. Glenn suggests that Abraham fix up his hand. Glenn then heads to bed with Maggie, where he asks her if she's thinking about the church.

The next day, the group find a firetruck to use to get to Washington. When Abraham moves it forward, walkers begin pouring out of the warehouse behind. Glenn kills a few before Eugene turns on the fire hose to deal with the rest. Glenn mentions that there's a goodwill store where they might be able to get some supplies but Abraham is eager to go. When they stop again, Glenn watches the perimeter. He then complains about the smell. The group walks down the road and discovers an enormous herd of walkers. Glenn suggests a detour around but Abraham adamantly refuses, much to the groups objection. Abraham grabs Eugene to take him back whilst the others try and stop him. When Tara tries to stop Abraham and he pushes her away, Glenn tells him that enough is enough. Abraham is about to get violent with Glenn when Eugene confesses he's not even a scientist and that he lied in order to be protected and survive. This stuns Glenn and the others tremendously. Abraham responds in rage and violently punches Eugene several times. He collapses to the ground and Rosita is forced to intervene and threaten Abraham with her gun. He stumbles away and collapses to his knees in grief as Glenn and the others try and rouse Eugene.


After Eugene's bombshell and subsequent attack at the hands of Abraham, he remains unconscious and in a critical condition. Abraham is also non-responsive and he shuts himself off. Glenn and the others take charge, with him, Tara and Rosita going to fetch water while Maggie stays behind to watch over Eugene. Rosita shows Glenn and Tara how to make a water filter using a bottle, as Eugene taught her to do. Rosita tells the story of how she ended up accompanying Abraham on his mission. Glenn spots ripples in the stream, caused by a fish. Glenn and Rosita construct a make-shift net which they successfully use to catch the fish. Glenn tells Rosita the group will need her skills and he asks her if she's up for staying with him and the others, no matter where they end up. She confirms she is. Tara interrupts the conversation when she happily shows them a yo-yo she found. With food and water, the trio make their way back to Maggie, just as Eugene begins to come round.


With Abraham back in action, the group make their way back to the church just in time to save Michonne, Carl, Judith and Gabriel from a big group of walkers. Maggie and Michonne embrace one another and Maggie is ecstatic and emotional when she learns that Beth is still alive and Rick and the others have gone to rescue her. Tara suggests they go and join them, which they do.

After arriving at the hospital where Beth is being held, they arrive as Rick and the group are leaving. Maggie is evidently excited, but is crushed when she sees a tearful Daryl carrying Beth's corpse. Maggie drops to the floor in horror and sobs hysterically, as Glenn attempts to comfort her.

"What Happened and What's Going On"

After Beth's funeral, Glenn ran for a supply run alongside Rick, Daryl, and Sasha. He covered Rick when the latter checked an abandoned truck, but found nothing. Later on, after Rick decided to set Noah's community as their next destination. A walled community with 20 people in it. Glenn paid attention to what Rick said that despite the place is far away, if it turns out to be right, then they had to take the journey. Glenn asked Rick what if the place is not there anymore, not believing there's any hope to settle in anymore. Rick talked him out of it by telling him that they gonna keep moving on, before being added by Michonne who said, "then we'll find a new place."


Glenn appears when Maggie, Daryl, and Sasha came back from the woods. While they were driving they ran out of gas and they all start walking. Then Glenn and the others stopped when they see tons of walkers then they all started to kill them all. Then the others continue to walk when they spotted some cars. Then Glenn came up to Maggie and she saw a walker in the trunk then he opened the trunk and killed the walker. Then the group was relaxing when 4 dogs came out of know where, then Sasha killed them and they all had a barbecued. Then they kept moving then Glenn wanted to give Daryl some water but he didn't want it. Then the group found some water then Eugene try to take a sip, but Abraham knocked the bottled of water of his hand, then they all hear thunder and lightning and they a tornado, but Daryl said, he found a barn then they searched the barn. Then at night Rick made a speech about his grandpa when he was in war, then he said a few words that we are The Walking Dead. Then Glenn got up and help his group to stop the walkers from breaking in, but it was all a dream.

"The Distance"

Glenn goes with Abraham, Maggie, Michonne and Rosita to check for Aaron's vehicles. He drives the car during the night run with Michonne, Rick and Aaron. When they hit a herd and crash through many walkers, the car gets stuck from guts in the engine. Aaron sees a flare and runs off after it, leaving the others to follow him. Glenn gets separated but fights off the walkers, eventually finding and saving Aaron, who then helps him save Rick and Michonne. When they meet up with the rest of the group and Aaron's boyfriend Eric, Glenn tells Rick that everything is going to be fine if he lets the couple stay with each other. He then repairs the RV when it breaks down near DC. He is then seen departing the RV as they arrive at Alexandria.


Glenn is the first through the gate into the Alexandria. In his interview he states that the group were almost out there too long. Aiden Monroe and Nicholas meet with Tara, Glenn, and Noah in order to train them as runners for future missions. While out in the woods, Aiden explains to the newcomers that they are to follow his instructions. They soon approach a bloody rope used to restrain a walker, which had escaped. The men start making loud noises to lure it, much to the dismay of Tara, Noah, and Glenn. When the walker emerges from the bushes, Nicholas and Aiden attempt to capture it. Tara tries to help, but the rotting walker proves too much, causing Glenn to step in and stab it in the head, angering Aiden. Back in town, Aiden confronts Glenn, which turns physical and ends up with Aiden being punched by Glenn until his mother, Deanna, steps in and orders Aiden to back off. Deanna thanks Glenn for punching her son.


Glenn appears at the party at Deanna's house, he assures Noah that he is family now.


Glenn is seen loading supplies into the back of a truck for a supply run. Maggie stands near behind, waiting to wave him off, along with Deanna and Reg Monroe, Aiden's mother and father. As Tara, Eugene, Nicholas, Noah and Aiden pile into the truck, Deanna thanks Glenn for keeping his son in line. Maggie bids her husband goodbye and they pile into the truck towards the warehouse.

Upon their arrival at the warehouse, Aiden was quick to point out their fastest route, in and out, before Glenn tells him that they should scout the perimeter to find all their exits if things were to go awry, to which Aiden agrees. Once their reconnaissance was over, the group discovers a group of around two dozen walkers behind a gate. Aiden, looking unnerved by the number of walkers, compliments Glenn's knowledge and strategies, and suggested they get to work. Glenn pairs off with Noah and they begin to look around for the object Eugene needs. When Aiden is cornered by an walker with a shield over its head, making it difficult for Aiden to kill it. Glenn quickly notices the grenade hooked to the walker and screams for Aiden to stop.

Only for Aiden to shoot at the grenade, causing the fence that held around two dozen walkers behind a gate to explode and allow them out. Glenn notices Aiden pierced against the wall and watches as Nicholas checks him. He quickly finds Noah and they search for Eugene and Tara first. Eugene calls out for them and they find Tara passed out on the ground. Glenn demands them to go into a room and brings Tara over. When they are behind the closed doors, Nicholas meets up with them and points out that Aiden is moving. Eugene tells them to go ahead and save him while he protects Tara, an act of heroism on his part.

They try to save Aiden, only for Nicholas to freak out and run. Noah and Glenn have to leave Aiden behind as the walkers get closer and closer. They chase after Nicolas as he runs out through revolving doors, to get trapped in two different compartments. If they turn one way, Nicolas will get eaten, if they turn the other way, Noah and Glenn will get eaten. Glenn quickly puts a plan in action as Eugene drives by, blaring music and pulling walkers away from one side. He tells Nicolas to hold onto the door as he tries to break the glass. Nicolas freaks out, again and pushes his way out.

Then, Noah gets grabbed by the leg and begs to Glenn, "Don't let go." After a struggle Noah is pulled back and pushed against the clear glass, getting devoured as Glenn watches. He finally gets enough strength to leave his friend and his brother in arms behind after he is dead, and finds Eugene holding back an enraged Nicholas. Glenn knocks him out and throws him into the back of the truck. They drive back to camp without it's two members and a barely conscious Tara.

His voice is heard at the end of the episode as they arrive back at Alexandria as he screams out, "Help!"


Glenn tells Rick the truth about everything that happened at the warehouse during the supply run, while at the same time, Nicholas is telling the complete opposite to Deanna and placing the blame for Noah and Aiden's deaths on Glenn. Glenn finds Nicholas cleaning blood out from the back of the van and threatens that he is no longer allowed to go out on supply runs or leave with anyone else for their own protection. Glenn and Nicholas are both seen rushing to the town square to witness the fight between Rick and Pete.


Glenn will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Glenn has killed:


Maggie Greene

"I care more about her than I care about me."
—Glenn to Daryl about Maggie.[src]

Maggie and Glenn were tasked with going on a supply run shortly after the Atlanta group arrived on Hershel's farm. On the supply run, the two end up having sex, which Maggie regards as a one time thing. Later, she decides to have sex with him again but he stumbles upon walkers in Hershel's barn. Maggie asks him not to tell anyone, but he eventually tells Dale, causing Maggie to become upset. When Glenn and Maggie make another run into town for supplies, Maggie gets attacked by a walker but Glenn is able to save her and kill the walker. This, along with Glenn's convincing, helps the two begin to mend their relationship. Right before Glenn leaves with Rick to find Hershel, Maggie tells him, "I love you".

Their relationship went through another rough patch after the shootout at the bar. Glenn told her that he froze because she told him that she loved him, and he was afraid to die because of how it would affect her. She tries to embrace him, but he pushes her away. With the help of Hershel's approval, their relationship heals once again. When they leave Hershel's farm due to it being overrun with walkers, Maggie is distraught but is comforted by Glenn.

In the following three months, Glenn and Maggie continue to care and support each another. When Maggie begins thinking pessimistically about her father's chances of survival, Glenn makes her think more positively. Later on, Maggie and Glenn make a run into town to get supplies for Lori's daughter but get captured by Merle and taken to Woodbury. When The Governor brings Maggie into Glenn's holding room with her shirt off, he believes that she was raped and becomes enraged. Maggie gives up the prison's location when The Governor threatens to kill Glenn. She later assures him that she wasn't harmed.

Later while on watch, Maggie and Glenn have a talk and they are on good terms again, they kiss.

In "This Sorrowful Life", Glenn gives Maggie a ring cut off from the finger of a female walker outside the Prison after getting Hershel's blessing to marry her. Maggie accepts the ring, and the two become engaged.

As time passes, Maggie and Glenn take to calling themselves married. In "30 Days Without An Accident", Maggie believes she may be pregnant. She is somewhat disappointed to learn she isn't, and tries to convince Glenn that the relative safety of the prison makes having a baby more of a possibility, that she wants to live and not worry about dying.

Maggie's hope soon turns to hard reality when a mystery virus overtakes the prison. Glenn falls ill and is quarantined, separating him from Maggie. When walkers overwhelm the quarantine ward, Maggie helps save him and keep him stable until others arrive from a trip to find medicine. Glenn begins making a recovery.

Unfortunately, as Glenn is still recovering, The Governor attacks the prison. Maggie puts Glenn on a bus with most of the sick and elderly residents, but leaves the bus to look for Beth. By the time she returns, the bus has gone.

Maggie, who fled the prison with Sasha and Bob, becomes single-minded in her goal of finding Glenn, dead or alive, especially after she searches the bus (now full of walkers). She begins leaving messages written in walker guts for Glenn to look for her on the way to Terminus.

Just as Glenn and Tara Chambler are about to be killed by walkers in a decaying tunnel, Maggie and her group find them. Maggie and Glenn have an emotional reunion, with Maggie burning the photograph he'd taken of her in the guard tower shortly before the virus hit, saying he'll never need a photo of her again.

They and the rest of their combined groups make their way to Terminus, where they are soon captured.

Rick Grimes

"What life I have I owe to him. I was nobody to Glenn, just some idiot stuck in a tank. He could have walked away, but he didn't. Neither will I."
—Rick to Daryl about saving Glenn.[src]

Glenn meets Rick when he is most in need and near suicide, left alone in the tank after his horse went down in downtown Atlanta. Despite much sarcasm against Rick, Glenn saved his life and would begin to see Rick's boldness surpassing his very own before introducing him to the Atlanta camp, ultimately reuniting him with his family. As time went on, Glenn became Rick's backbone of the camp and during their journey to the Greene farm. Despite learning of Lori using Glenn as an errand-boy to pick up Plan-B pills, Rick continued to acknowledge it was not his fault and later showed distress in constantly using the young man as a runner. When Hershel relapsed following the barn shoot-out, Glenn followed Rick into the town's bar where they found the Greene patriarch and Rick proceeded to lead him out of his dilemma. However, the very same trusting behaviour he showed Rick went on to betray him as he was forced into a shoot-out with the others. After the fallout of this incident, Glenn continued to follow Rick blindly up until Maggie and himself were forced to abandon her father's farm. They eventually found the survivors of their group, including Rick, who admitted that they were all in infected with the mysterious zombie virus. This caused Glenn to doubt Rick, though it was later shown to have subsided after surviving with him side-by-side after many months under his leadership. Glenn even went as far as to try and calm Rick's disturbed reaction to Lori's death by attempting to bring him back. Met with hostility, Glenn subsided and allowed Rick to remain the way he was in hopes he would return to normality some how. Rick risked his life to infiltrate Woodbury and in turn saved Glenn from being executed by the Woodbury soldiers along with Maggie. Their relationship starts to crack again, they have a heated discussion on the road after Daryl left them and Maggie tries to stop them, as Rick becomes unstable Glenn starts questioning his leadership, telling Hershel Rick is wandering in crazy town. Glenn, upset because Merle stayed in the prison with them, tells Rick he would have never asked him to live with Shane after he tried to kill him. By Season 4, their relationship appears to have stabilized.

Lori Grimes

"They were family."
—Glenn to Oscar and Axel, regarding the group's casualties, Lori included.[src]

Glenn and Lori are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. As the first to know about Lori's pregnancy, Glenn proves his friendship to Lori by offering to ride into town to retrieve helpful medical supplies, at the personal risk of a walker attack. He also provides wise advice for her to talk to Rick about the pregnancy, which she is grateful for. Lori was okay with Glenn telling Dale about her pregnancy because she felt that she should not have put Glenn on the spot and that they were friends. After Lori's death in Season 3, Glenn cared for Lori so much that he and Maggie would care for her baby, Judith.

Carl Grimes

"Carl, you and I will go down to the tombs. We need to figure out where the breach is."
—Glenn to Carl.[src]

Carl and Glenn are good friends during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. As time goes on Carl and Glenn have established a brotherly like bond. On several occasions, Glenn helps to look after Carl for Rick and Lori, and cares for his well-being. While discussing his plans to face the governor, Glenn asks Carl to help look for breaches in the prison, and is obeyed by him. Carl is happy to see Glenn return from Woodbury, and their friendship continues as normal.

Judith Grimes

"Back when you had two legs and we didn't have a baby crying for walkers every four hours!"
—Glenn arguing with Hershel about staying or leaving the prison.[src]

Glenn cares for Judith and has been willing to go and retrieve supplies for her to ensure her survival. During the conflict with the Governor, Hershel tries to devise plans in avoiding The Governor by leaving the Prison. Glenn saw Judith as a burden, and says that she will cry and become a major maintenance. He even says that she will bring walkers on them if they decide to leave the prison.

Shane Walsh

"Have I mentioned that I really like your new haircut? You have a nice shaped head."
—Glenn commenting on Shane.[src]

Shane and Glenn are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. As the temporary leader of their group, Glenn respects Shane and his leadership. During their stay at the Greene farm, the group finds a walker in one of the water wells, and decide to use Glenn as live bait to hang a noose around its neck so that they could pull it out. Before heading down, Glenn tells Shane that he likes his haircut, while Shane assures him they will get him out alive. After the walker attack at the farm, Glenn and the others reunite at the highway and is saddened when he learns of Shane's death. Glenn is shocked to learn of Shane's betrayal and plan to kill Rick, and loses any respect he had for him.

Merle Dixon

"He tied me to a chair, beat me and threw a walker in the room. Maybe I can call it even but he..... He took Maggie to a man who terrorized her! Humiliated her! I care more about her than I do about me!"
—Glenn telling Daryl why he cannot forgive Merle.[src]

Glenn and Merle didn't get along well during their time in Atlanta and the campsite, as Merle was unwilling to co-operate with the others. He also declared himself in charge, which angered Glenn and the rest of the group. Glenn showed little regret or remorse for Merle being left behind in Atlanta and reluctantly went along on the rescue mission to free Merle from the rooftop. Much later, Merle captured Glenn and Maggie and took them to Woodbury, where he interrogated Glenn on where the remaining Atlanta Survivors were located, including Rick. Merle attacked and beat Glenn continuously and even went as far as bringing in a walker to attempt to persuade Glenn to talk. Glenn and Maggie gave up the location of the prison but then shortly afterward, Rick, Michonne, Oscar, and Daryl breached Woodbury's walls, rescuing Glenn and Maggie although Maggie revealed the location of The Prison. When Rick and Maggie returned and rescued Daryl and Merle Dixon, Glenn tried to kill Merle showing a negative relationship however he was stopped by Daryl. Glenn was in full agreement with Rick in not letting Merle come to stay at the Prison, triggering Daryl to leave.

Later, after saving Rick from dying, Merle was allowed to enter the Prison, a decision Glenn did not agree with, and later he tried to convince Rick to give Merle up as a bargaining chip to The Governor, showing that Glenn had developed a severe hatred of Merle for his actions towards him and Maggie. Merle apparently showed no regret or remorse for what he did to Glenn and Maggie, which may have contributed to Glenn's dislike of him.

Later on, Merle decided to go to the meeting between Rick and The Governor in order to kill The Governor, but Glenn would not allow him to go, triggering a fight between the two in which Merle almost stabbed Glenn before Beth broke it up. Thus strengthening Glenn and Merle's bad relationship.

In "This Sorrowful Life", Daryl questioned Glenn if Merle had apologized for his actions, but Glenn shook his head. Daryl promised Glenn that Merle would apologize eventually, but Glenn, in turn, needed to show some forgiveness. Glenn responded that he could've forgiven Merle, had he not given Maggie to The Governor who, in turn, humiliated her. Glenn still no doubt dislikes Merle, has not forgiven him, and most likely does not show any remorse for Merle's death at the hands of The Governor.

Daryl Dixon

"You've got some balls for a Chinaman."
—Daryl to Glenn.[src]

Glenn and Daryl didn't get along well during their time in Atlanta and the campsite, but as time goes on they have established a good friendship. At first, Daryl had a more racist view of Glenn, calling him a "Chinaman" while looking for the bag of guns and also calling him Short Round (The Chinese character from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom). Daryl has grown out of his prejudice stage and has accepted Glenn for who he is and proved it by having Glenn come with him to search for Randall and praises Glenn's skills after he kills a zombified Randall. Although Daryl cracks about Glenn's driving, Daryl and Glenn get along real well and they have made quite a team. Daryl was impressed of Glenn's recovery from the flu, and praises him, saying that he is a tough son of a bitch. During season 5 their friendship is always genuine and stable.

Dale Horvath

"I let him down."
—Glenn to Andrea regarding Dale.[src]

Glenn and Dale are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. Glenn had a true friendship with Dale, frequently asking for advice and helping him fix the RV when Jim died. Dale is the first person Glenn talks to regarding his sexual encounter with Maggie, he also tells Dale both Lori and Maggie's secrets revealing the level of trust he had for him. Glenn saw Dale as a mentor type figure. Dale's death hit Glenn hard when he and Andrea were attempting to fix the RV, with Andrea telling him that Dale would be proud, this resulted with Glenn breaking down in tears as he reflected on how Dale was a true friend. In the episode The Distance, Dale is silently remembered by Glenn.


"He was proud of you. Maybe not in that moment, but overall."
—Andrea to Glenn regarding Dale.[src]

Glenn and Andrea are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. During their supply run in Atlanta, Glenn appreciates Andrea and they often work together, showing an amount of trust between the two. During their time at Atlanta and the Greene farm, Glenn and Andrea work with each other to ensure the group's survival, thus strengthening their friendship. After Dale's death, Glenn helps Andrea repair the RV, and tells Andrea he let Dale down. Andrea consoles Glenn, and tells him that Dale was always proud of him. After the walker attack at the farm, Glenn and the others reunite at the highway and is concerned for her when she isn't present. When Andrea arrives at the prison, Glenn is shown to be not trustworthy of her anymore and aggressive towards her. Glenn refuses Andrea's offer to stay with the governor at Woodbury, and insists on engaging Woodbury. Glenn is saddened by Andrea's death.

Carol Peletier

"You know my friend Glenn? He's the best tucker I know. And he'll make sure that you feel toasty and warm, okay?"
—Carol to Lizzie regarding Glenn.[src]

Carol and Glenn are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. Glenn shows concern for Carol due to her being unable to defend herself from walkers, and protects her whenever he can. When Sophia goes missing, Glenn assists Carol in finding her. Glenn is saddened and sorry for Carol when Sophia's fate is revealed, and constantly looks after her. After Hershel is bitten, Glenn is thankful towards Carol for assisting in saving him and appreciates his medical skills. Later, Carol asks Glenn for a favor which involved helping her kill a female walker so she can practice performing a C-Section as she may have to be the one to deliver Lori's baby due to Hershel's current condition and because of Carl being born that way, which improves their friendship.

Sophia Peletier

" Y'now, maybe in some weird way this is for the best. At least we know and now we can move on. Yeah, it's just like... It meant so much to everyone-- finding her, y'know?"
—Glenn regarding Sophia.[src]

Glenn seems to care a lot about Sophia and the other children at the Atlanta camp, and cares for all of them. After Sophia's disappearance, Glenn helps by scouting out routes to search for Sophia on a map. He also physically searches for Sophia on certain occasions. After the discovery and death of Sophia, Glenn states that finding her was important to the whole group.


"When the evacuations started, T-Dog drove his church van to the home of every senior he knew just in case they needed a ride. He saved my ass on a thousand occasions. He wasn't just a good guy... he was the best."
—Glenn to Hershel regarding T-Dog.[src]

Glenn and T-Dog are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. During their supply run in Atlanta, Glenn appreciates T-Dog and they often work together, showing an amount of trust between the two. When T-Dog gets beaten by Merle, Glenn attempts to intervene the fight. During their time at Atlanta and the Greene farm, Glenn and T-Dog work with each other to ensure the group's survival, thus strengthening their friendship. After T-Dog's death, Glenn is devestated, and tells Hershel that T-Dog gave survivors a ride to safety in his church van and says that he was a good man who saved many lives. Glenn cared for T-Dog so much that he believed that Rick and the group should have killed the prisoners at first sight.


"Think I'm in this by myself? You can't take us all. There's too many of us. We've been on the road, not hiding in some dungeon. Rick, Shane, Dale, Jim, Andrea."
—Glenn to Merle.[src]

Glenn and Jim barely interacted, though Glenn and Jim had some of the same interests such as cars. After the group lay Jim by a tree so that he could reanimate and be with his family, Glenn was saddened and gloomy. While being interrogated by Merle, Glenn honors Jim by telling Merle that the group is strong and that Jim is still with them.

Hershel Greene

"You're like my own son."
—Hershel to Glenn when treating his wounds.[src]

Hershel and Glenn initially don't have a very good relationship, with the former disapproving of his relationship with his daughter, Maggie. But as the time passes, Hershel realizes that Glenn is a capable man who can care and protect his daughter from the dangerous world they live in. He gives Glenn a pocket watch (which has been passed through generations in Hershel's family) and along with it permission to be with Maggie.

Later on in the prison, Hershel tells Glenn that he is like a son to him, showing their extremely close bond and friendship. When the Prison is overrun by Walkers after a delivery van driven by a Woodbury soldier unloads them during the Woodbury attack, Glenn (along with Michonne) helps to rescue Hershel. Glenn later confronts Hershel telling him he wishes to marry Maggie. Hershel happily agrees, saying "You have my blessing."

When Glenn falls ill from the mystery virus spreading throughout the prison, he still helps Hershel and Sasha with the other patients in quarantine until he becomes too weak to do so. Hershel works tirelessly to save him, to the point where he pleads with Maggie not to kill the walker who is about to kill him, as the walker is wearing intubation that he can use for Glenn. Maggie manages to kill the walker without damaging the mask, and Hershel stabilizes Glenn until Michonne, Tyreese, Bob, and Daryl arrive with medicine.

Glenn is ill and/or unconscious throughout the fall of the prison, meaning he knows nothing of Hershel's capture or death. When he comes to and gathers some supplies and mementos from the abandoned prison, one of the items he takes is Hershel's watch. When Tara, a member of the Governor's militia, accidentally tells him about the murder (mentioning an "old man" the Governor killed), Glenn asks if she means Hershel. Upon getting confirmation, Glenn is devastated. He comments that he was a great man and taught him to keep hoping, showing that his father-in-law's message has been passed down.

Beth Greene

"Why don't you go check on Beth? Go on."
—Glenn to Maggie about checking up on Beth.[src]

Glenn cares for Beth due to her youth and the fact that she means the world to Maggie and Hershel, and looks after her from time to time. Before they arrived at the prison, it is presumed that they started caring deeply for one another like siblings. Following Glenn's return from Woodbury, Beth is glad to see both him and Maggie again. After Glenn and Maggie's marriage, Glenn's relationship with Beth has improved, and is now her brother-in-law. Glenn was visibly shocked and saddened when he discovered Beth had been killed.

The Governor

"Get the hell out of here!!!"
—Glenn to The Governor during the attack of the prison.[src]

Philip is one of the few people in the series that Glenn has an extreme dislike for, mainly for what he did to Maggie during their kidnapping. Philip had Merle interrogate Glenn while he bluffed raping Maggie in an effort to divulge the location of the Prison. After Rick and Maggie attack Woodbury, Glenn is angered at Rick for not killing The Governor during the attack and instead focusing his efforts on rescuing Daryl, who had been taken by Woodbury while covering the others as they escape. He was eventually able to let go, to the point where he didn't shoot him during the Woodbury Army's assault.


(To Be Added)


"Get him up!"
—Glenn to Rick and Noah, ordering them to help Tyreese.[src]

Glenn accepted Tyreese and his group into the prison after first meeting them, and vowed to put in a good word for them with Rick. Despite Glenn's and Hershel's words, Rick still throws them out after remembering what the last result of trusting other strangers was.

When the prison members officially opened their doors to survivors, Glenn and Tyreese seemed to be on good terms, going on supply runs together, though Tyreese admits he went on the supply run for a different reason. Glenn separates Tyreese and Karen once he learns of her sickness. Glenn does not take sides in the argument between Rick, Daryl and Tyreese because he himself had fallen sick to the influenza at the prison.

Glenn and Tyreese do not interact for the rest of the season, but he shares hope with Sasha that he may still be alive, showing that he saw Tyreese as a strong individual.

Glenn and Maggie remain behind with Tyreese, Judith, Bob, Eugene and Gabriel, all of whom are horrified at Rick's orchestrated massacre of the remaining Terminants.

Glenn leaves with Abraham while Tyreese stayed with Rick, cutting off communication between the two for a large period of time. When Noah was to be brought back to his community, Glenn left his grieving wife to help Tyreese get him there. Glenn was shown to be concerned for Tyreese after seeing him bitten and amputated, and defended him from a horde of walkers at the gates. Glenn stood over Tyreese's corpse remorsefully at the end of Tyreese's life.


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Bob Stookey

Bob was found by Glenn and Daryl before the start of Season 4. Though not much interacting between them is shown, Glenn saves his life, only for Zach to get killed instead. After a huge number of prison inhabitants had been sick, including Glenn. Bob volunteers to pick up medical supplies with Daryl, Michonne and Tyreese at a school. Bob contributes to the healing of Glenn who saves him from the influence when he gets to prison. Glenn is saddened by Bob's death.

Tara Chambler

Glenn and Tara, for now, have a very utilitarian relationship; they are companions because they need each other's help for survival. Glenn, though aware of Tara's participation in the Governor's raid on the prison, is not overtly hostile toward her and helped her escape the prison. Tara, guilty over helping destroy his home, is incredulous that Glenn would want her help but feels obliged to do so.Their relationship improves significantly in "Claimed"; Glenn seems to genuinely trust Tara by the end of the episode, and Tara even assisted him in getting Abraham to stop the truck so he could go back and look for Maggie. In "Us", realized wasn't the case. Tara is also shown to be feeling very guilty and in a great deal of debut to Glenn since even when she injuries her leg she continues walking and follows him into a dark and dangerous tunnel, in the tunnel she is trapped by fallen debris and the walkers move in, Glenn refuses to abandon her and fights off the walkers until they are rescued by more of the group. When Glenn is reunited with the others he decides not to mention Tara's involvement in the prison attack so that she can have a fresh start with them.

Abraham Ford

Glenn and Abraham started out pretty badly when Abraham was telling Glenn that Maggie was dead and that he should "do something with his life". This results in a fight, the noise from which attracts a horde of walkers. Due to Eugene accidentally shooting their truck's gas tank full of holes, rendering it useless, he, along with Eugene and Rosita, decided to follow Glenn and Tara to look for Maggie. During a conversation with Tara, Abraham reveals he has respect for Glenn, but believes saving the world is more important. Later, when Glenn apologizes for hitting him, Abraham jokingly tells Glenn that he isn't sorry for fighting Glenn due to his love for combat. Abraham ultimately forgives him. During season five, it is seen that their friendship is much stronger than before.

Eugene Porter

"Why the hair?"
—Glenn to Eugene.[src]

Eugene seems to appreciate and has a neutral relationship with Glenn. Eugene decides he has to know if Glenn and Tara made it out of the tunnels alive and he tricks Rosita into going to the tunnel exit to find out. Glenn even gave him his own riot gear to increase Eugene's odds of surviving the journey to the capital. Even after learning about Eugene's lie, he still tries to protect him from Abraham.

Rosita Espinosa

"Try not to be an ass."
—Rosita to Glenn.[src]

Glenn and Rosita have a relatively friendly relationship, their relationship likely developed further when Rosita gave Glenn the picture of Maggie he had taken back at the prison. Despite their relationship, Rosita yells at Glenn for not considering Tara's injury, calling him an "ass", however when Glenn and Tara are about to enter the tunnel, she gives him a goodbye hug and tells him to try not to be an ass. Lately it is shown that they deeply respect each other.


"Don't let go!"
—Noah to Glenn[src]

Glenn and Noah did not know each other until after Beth's death. Although Glenn doubted that Noah's home was still intact, he still went for his sake, as well as to honor Beth, but was ultimately proven right. However, after arriving at Alexandria, the two became supply runners together with Tara, and became closer. Later, when Noah was sitting by himself at the welcoming party, Glenn and Maggie asked him to join, insisting that he is a part of the family. During a supply run, when Noah ends up being devoured by walkers due to Nicholas' arrogance, Glenn is highly traumatized and almost kills Nicholas out of rage for getting Noah killed, showing that he cared for him.

Aiden Monroe

"Hey...hey! Look, we got a way doing things around here-- it killed our friend! (...) Look, I'm not having this conversation. You will obey my orders out there! (...) Say that again. Come on. Come on, tough guy."
—Aiden to Glenn.[src]

Glenn and Aiden met a few days after Glenn and his group entered Alexandria. They started off smoothly, and they respected each other, until Glenn started seeing how he deals with the walkers, one of which almost bit Tara. Aiden tried to warn Glenn how they do things at Alexandria, which Glenn disapproved of. Aiden asked his mother why she let Glenn and his group in before trying to punch Glenn in the face, only to be knocked to the ground in the attempt.

Apparently, Deanna's forced integration of Rick's group turned their relationship for the better, as the two seemed to listen to each other when raiding the warehouse. When inside, Aiden impulsively shot an armored walker several times, one of his gunshots hitting a grenade. Glenn tried to save him with the aid of Nicholas, but was unable to due to Nicholas' desertion. Glenn was then forced to try to save him alone, but Aiden told him not to because he did not want to get another person killed, revealing that he had gotten his last team killed. Glenn was dragged away by Noah shortly before the walkers killed Aiden, greatly saddening Glenn.


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  • Glenn reveals to Hershel the origins of his family, which is from Michigan, but originally came from Korea, similarly to Glenn's actor, Steven Yeun.
  • Glenn is one of the only characters to have appeared in almost every form of Walking Dead media, having appeared in the Comic Series, TV Series, Video Game, Assault Game, Social Game and the Novel.
  • Glen Mazzara confirmed that Glenn's last name is Rhee, but it has never been mentioned on-screen in the TV Series. Glenn's last name is also listed on his page on AMC's official "The Walking Dead" site.[1]
  • Glenn is one of the last three remaining original main characters from Season 1, along with Rick and Carl.
  • Glenn is the only one left of the original Atlanta group who has not killed a living person.
  • Glenn has been kidnapped on three different occasions in the TV series, more than any other character.
  • Glenn is one of two characters who got sick during the illness that struck the prison to still be alive, the other being Sasha.


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