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Glenn is a playable character in the mobile app, The Walking Dead: Assault.


Macon, Georgia

Due to the game being canon to the Comic Series, it is known that Glenn was a pizza delivery boy prior to the outbreak and had severe financial troubles causing him to steal cars for a living.


Episode 1: Days Gone Bye

Glenn is available as a playable character from Episode 1.

Glenn does not encounter Rick the same way as he does in the Comic Series. Glenn can meet up with Shane and Rick in Chapter 3, where they try to get out of Atlanta centrum.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Glenn has killed:

As Playable Character

Glenn is unlocked in Episode 1, Chapter 3. His primary weapon is a pistol and the secondary is a bat.


Glenn handgun Firearm: Hand Gun
Baseball bat Melee Weapon: Baseball Bat


Special Move: Decoy Glenn decoy Glenn uses himself as bait to create a distraction to attract walkers.
Team Bonus: Delivery Bonus Glenn deliverybonus All team members run faster.


Health Health GlennHealthBetter
Run Run GlennRun

Non-Canon Deaths

In every chapter Glenn is taken along, it is possible for him to die and reanimate. To complete the chapter the other survivors have to kill the reanimated Glenn. This is considered non-canon.


  • Glenn is the fastest out of all the playable survivors.
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