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"Do you remember George, Alvin? You see, I do. I remember a guy that was your friend, named George. I remember when you murdered him in cold blood. And why? Because you didn't like me? You could've lodged a complaint. You could've... well, you could've been civil."
—Carver to Alvin while holding him hostage. (Determinant)[src]

George is a character mentioned in Telltale Games's The Walking Dead: Season Two. He was a man known to Carver, Alvin, and Bonnie.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about George's life before or as the outbreak began.


Season 2

"Howe's Hardware"

Nothing is known about George's life after the apocalypse, except that he joined Carver's community, and that he was good friends with Alvin.

"A House Divided"

George's name was used as a lie by Carver when Carver visits the cabin for the first time, and encounters Clementine. (Determinant) Upon hearing Clementine saying George's name, Alvin was shown to be in shock, as was Rebecca, showing that Rebecca knows what her husband did. (Determinant)

George could be mentioned later on in the episode, notably if the player chose to surrender, when Carver grabs Alvin, Carver reminds Alvin how he killed his friend in cold blood. It isn't clarified that Alvin actually killed George out of hatred or out of necessity. (Determinant)

"In Harm's Way"

If Alvin was killed in "A House Divided", George is mentioned by Bonnie to Clementine and says that George was killed by Alvin during his and the cabin survivors escape from Carver's community. (Determinant)


Killed By

When the group was trying to escape Carver's for the very first time, Alvin was forced to kill George in order to help his family and the rest of the group escape from the community.

Killed Victims

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people.
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