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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic Series counterpart.
502 Gareth Night
Actor Andrew J. West
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age Mid to late 20's
Occupation Leader of Terminus (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Mary - Mother (Deceased)
Alex - Brother (Deceased)
First Appearance "A"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "A" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Gareth Gallery
Andrew J. West Gallery
"You waking up? Ah, you're back with us, huh? Good news is... you're not dead yet. That's a relief, right? But try not to read too much of the word yet there. It'll just drive you crazy, Bob. I want to explain myself a little. You see, we didn't want to hurt you... before. We didn't want to pull you away from your group or scare you. These aren't things we want to do. They're things we got to do. You and your people took away our home. That's fair play. Now we're out here like everybody else trying to survive. And in order to do that, we have to hunt. Didn't start that way, eating people. It evolved into that. We evolved. We had to. And now we've devolved, into hunters...I just hope you understand that nothing happening to you now is personal. Yeah, you put us in this situation and it is almost kind of a cosmic justice for it to be you, but... we would have done this to anybody. And we will. But at the end of the day, no matter how much we hate all this ugly business... a man's got to eat. If it makes you feel any better... you taste much better than we thought you would."
—Gareth to Bob while eating his leg.[src]

Gareth is a main character, an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is the former leader of Terminus and is now in charge of a group of cannibals similar to the The Hunters in the Comic Series.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Gareth's life before or as the outbreak began.


At some point after the Outbreak, the sanctuary that was Terminus is disrupted when Gareth, Mary, Alex et al are terrorized by an unknown gang. Their women are raped, their people are murdered, and the survivors locked in a train car. Gareth vows to survive, emerging as the leader when his group takes back control of Terminus as a newly lethal band of cannibals.

Season 4


Gareth appears in the large room that Carl, Rick, Daryl and Michonne go inside of after sneaking into Terminus. Gareth questions them, asking if they are there to rob them, which they respond to and then if they are there seeking sanctuary. He orders them to drop their weapons and Alex frisks them. Gareth warns the four of them not to try anything stupid and has Alex show them around Terminus. Rick, after noticing the Terminus members possessing several items belonging to members of the prison group such as Daryl's poncho, Hershel's pocket watch, the riot gear, and the orange hitchhiker's bag, Rick takes Alex and holds a gun at his head demanding to know where their people are and why their group has the pocket watch, riot gear and poncho. Gareth lies, claiming to have taken the riot gear off of a dead cop and that they found the poncho on a clothesline. After a Terminus Resident accidentally shoots and kills Alex while aiming at Rick, a shootout ensues and Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne flee, only to be stopped when Terminus residents line up along the outside of the fence at the back entrance with guns pointed at them. Gareth orders the four of them to lower their weapons. After this, Gareth calls them by specific code-names to walk towards the boxcar: Rick (Ringleader), Daryl (Archer), Michonne (Samurai) and Carl (Kid) in that order. 

Season 5

Between the events of the end of season four and the beginning of season five, it's understood that Gareth orders the dismemberment, and probable devouring, of his own weak-willed younger brother, Alex, after the latter's death by friendly fire in the season four finale.

"No Sanctuary"

Gareth appears as Rick, Daryl, Bob, and Glenn are gagged and leaned over a trough in a building adjacent to the train car "A". Gareth enters, interrupting one of the Terminus Guards just as he is about to knock out Glenn, asking for the "shell count" from them. After hearing muffled sounds from Bob, he reluctantly pulls down Bob's gag, after which Bob pleads that there is another way to resolve everything, and that they have plans to fix everything. Gareth laughs, telling Bob "the world can't go back", shortly before putting Bob's gag back in. Gunfire is heard after, interrupting Gareth and the Guards again. After, Carol, not seen at first, blows a hole in the gasoline tank outside, and lights it using a firecracker, to which Gareth runs outside. 

Gareth is later seen as the group escapes, and is shot in the arm by Rick as he lays down cover fire for the other escaping members of his group.


Gareth is seen at the end of the episode (although it is likely he was watching the group as they camped out in the woods prior) after his group knocks Bob unconscious. As Bob awakens, Gareth says that Bob is not dead yet and says the Terminus group never intended to hurt anyone, but now his hand has been forced after the shootout and the loss of Terminus. As Gareth eats a chunk of meat, Bob looks down to see that his left leg is now missing, revealing that Gareth and the Terminus remnants are cannibals.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Gareth has killed:

  • Alex (Indirectly Caused)
  • Sam (Indirectly Caused)
  • At least 3 Terminus captives (Indirectly Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people.


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Mary was Gareth's mother, and the two seemed to have a stable relationship. When Mary was locked in the boxcar, Gareth and his brother Alex were seen comforting Mary.


Alex was Gareth's brother. Gareth trusted Alex to be a guide to Rick's group, but tried to get him to stop speaking once tensions flared. Gareth also gave the signal which resulted in Alex being shot and killed which Gareth seemed to have no emotion over. He also had no objections in allowing his corpse's body to be dissected and used for food, and shows no emotion at the sight of it.


Though they haven't interacted, it can be assumed Gareth and Martin have a stable relationship, as Martin is part of Gareth's community and is with him when they're at the fire.

Rick Grimes

"There's guns in 'em. AK-47, 44 Magnum, automatic weapons, Nightscope, there's a compound bow and a machete with a red handle. That's what I'm gonna use to kill you."
—Rick threatening Gareth.[src]

Rick and Gareth were initially mildly untrusting of each other, but as soon as Rick figures out that Terminus has his friends, he completely distrusts him, and vice versa. When he's captured in Terminus, Rick makes it clear he intends to kill Gareth, especially after witnessing what they did to Sam and the others. Eventually, Rick manages to escape from Terminus, but not before shooting Gareth in the arm. The only reason Rick didn't pursue Gareth was Carol's appearance and his care for Judith. It now seems that Rick and Gareth both have the intention of killing each other.

Bob Stookey

Bob and Gareth have a poor relationship. Gareth, at first, did not believe Bob about Eugene having a cure. He even threatened to kill Bob. However, when the group escaped Terminus, Bob was later kidnapped by Gareth and his group. Gareth told Bob that what was happening was not personal, although Bob is a part of the group that destroyed Terminus. Gareth and his group were later taunting Bob by eating his leg in front of him.


TV Series

Season 4

Season 5


  • The following has been said about the character, "Character details are being kept under wraps, but West will appear in the second half of The Walking Dead's fourth season and play Gareth, a character who does not appear in the long-running Image/Skybound series on which the AMC show is based. However, sources tell THR that while Gareth might not be playing someone from the comics, he is a remix of sorts of an unidentified character from the series. Gareth will have what sources say is a big presence and play an important character on the drama from showrunner Scott M. Gimple."[1]
    • Robert Kirkman also mentioned in an interview that Gareth "is not the villain of Season 5". However, he also mentioned that Gareth and the people of Terminus "are going to be a very big threat". He refused to disclose any further details.[2]
  • In a interview with Yahoo! regarding the Season 4 mid-season finale, Gareth, and onwards, Robert Kirkman revealed that Gareth will be a twist on a known comic character, but he would not reveal any more details.[3]
    • Gareth was revealed as a TV series version of the comic series character Chris, who is the leader of The Hunters


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