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Gaines is a private in the U.S. Military. He appears in the Harrison Memorial Hospital in King County, Georgia in a deleted scene of AMC's The Walking Dead, in which he argues with Shane Walsh on whether he is infected or not before a walker surprises them and the two men kill it.


Location Unknown

Hardly anything is known about Private Gaines before the outbreak. He was called to serve when the outbreak began and he worked along with the U.S. Military as well as FEMA in attempt to stop the zombie outbreak.


Season 1


Private Gaines is first seen in the flashback during the episode. He argues with Shane Walsh on whether Shane is infected or not.[1] It is unknown whether the scene should be treated as canon, or if his character survived the chaos at the hospital.

Following the military executions in the Harrison Memorial Hospital, his status is unknown.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Gaines has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


  • Though the altercation between Shane and Private Gaines wasn't seen in the original episode of "TS-19", Mike Senior expressed an interest and attempted to make an appearance in Season 4.[2]
  • Similar to Candace Jenner, Private Gaines only appears in the deleted scenes of "TS-19".


  1. User:Mistertrouble189: Hello! So you were a character in The Walking Dead named Gaines. Neat!! I'm assuming you were at the hospital in Season 1 Episode 5 "TS-19" correct? Were you one of the soldiers shooting the civilians? Or evacuating the medical staff (before the executing of the civilians part). I can't tell - all the soldiers have masks on!
    Mike Senior on Facebook: Lol. Yes. I had lines and shot a scene for that episode where Shane and I got into an altercation because I question if he was infected or not before a zombie surprises us and we both kill it. Unfortunately the scene was cut from that episode (they got same point across without it). That said I'm working on getting on season 3. I absolutely love the show. Knew it was gonna be a hit when I was filming it. I did have a mask on as well.
  2. From his official Facebook page, on a comment to a user, Mike Senior: I will not be in the third season of The Walking Dead but hope to appear in the 4th season. Sorry for the late response https://www.facebook.com/therealmikesenior/posts/474285782596331
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