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Father Gabriel's Church was a remote church pastored by Gabriel Stokes. It is the location where most of The Hunters story arc takes place, on the way to Washington, D.C.

Comic Series


Not much is known about the church's history before or as the outbreak began. It is known that Fr. Gabriel Stokes served as the pastor there and that the church was owned by him.


The church was a remote establishment pastored by Father Gabriel in what appeared to be a remote community. It was first mentioned in Issue 61 and first encountered by the survivors in Issue 63. Judging from the group's actions, it is within relative proximity to the remote suburban location where the Hunters had made their base.

When the undead epidemic swept the world, Gabriel claimed he took refuge in his church, and later revealed, when pressed by Rick of his true intentions, that he was a coward and turned away all living survivors who sought refuge within its walls, and listened from inside as they all were killed or turned into zombies.

Roughly a year later, Gabriel claimed when meeting the survivors on the road that he left the church due to running out of food and supplies, though it is unknown if what he claims is the truth, as a church logically would not have such supplies, let alone enough to last for a year.

The church was the location of a short stay for Rick's group. Gabriel led the group there in search of shelter after Ben and Billy had tragically perished and Dale went missing. The church appeared to still be intact and uninhabited with blankets, candles, and rooms to use. It was used as cover when two of the Hunters had attempted to frighten the group into scattered submission with warning shots, after dumping the mutilated Dale on its front steps and using him as bait to draw them out.

The group eventually left the Church to continue their journey to Washington, D.C., once the Hunters were killed and Dale was buried.


Original Inhabitants


  • Rick Grimes - Leader of the Atlanta group, 29-year-old former police deputy, husband of Lori and father of Carl and possibly Judith.
  • Carl Grimes - 7-year-old son of Rick and Lori, brother/half-brother of Judith.
  • Andrea - 25-year-old clerk, sister of Amy. Sharpshooter of the group.
  • Sophia - 8-year-old daughter of Carol, adoptive daughter of Glenn and Maggie.
  • Michonne - A former lawyer and right hand of Rick.
  • Eugene Porter - Science teacher and companion of Abraham Ford.
  • Glenn - 22-year-old man, former delivery boy and group's scout.
  • Dale - 68-year-old salesman, owner of the RV, eldest of the group.
  • Abraham Ford - Former sergeant, boyfriend of Rosita, companion of Rick Grimes.
  • Rosita Espinosa - Girlfriend of Abraham.


  • Dale - After Dale was bit, Andrea shot him before he reanimated.
  • Many unseen survivors.


  • Fr. Stokes Church is a buyable property in The Walking Dead Monopoly.


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