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Fontana is located in Pemberton County, Georgia. It appears in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Town History

Fontana was a town in Georgia that had roads leading to the town of Pemberton and Garwater. It had a diner, theater, and a police station in town. Merle Dixon was arrested for drug dealing and locked up in the police station.


Looking For Merle

The local sheriff's deputies attempted to barricade the town but walkers broke through and overran Fontana. Daryl arrives in town to look for his brother, Merle. Daryl finds a diner, and meets Sheriff Turner's daughter, Anna. He learns that a sniper shot at them and injured her friend, Noah, and that another member of her group is trapped in the theater. He rescues Mia Park and heads to the police station. Daryl finds out that Merle is the sniper on the roof and that he is sunburned and feverish. He takes his brother to his vehicle and leaves town.




  • Numerous counts of scavengers.
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