"We're all fucking dead because of you! You blew a hole in our wall! Got my little girl killed! Got my whole fucking family killed! Richmond was fine until your stupid ass showed up! We're dead fucking meat, David! Might as well take out this asshole whilst I can! Ida was my baby!"
—Fern to Javier and the group (Determinant)[src]

Fern is an original character and an antagonist who first appears in Telltale GamesThe Walking Dead: Season Three. She is a quarantine guard for the New Frontier, and also the wife of Rufus and the mother of Ida.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Fern's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than that she married Rufus and has a child, Ida. Fern may have lived in or near Richmond at the time.


Season 3

"Above The Law"

Fern is first seen rushing to Javier's group, telling them that they have to follow their procedures and regulations. Fern and Tripp argue and determinatly Javier can too. She escortes all the group to the quarantine holding area. Eleanor is reunited with the group meaning that Fern most likely took her there herself. Fern then locks the group in the quarantine holding area.

"Thicker Than Water"

Fern confirms that she witnessed the death of Joan (Determinant). She was most likely in the crowd whilst Joan giving her speech to the audience.

"From the Gallows"

During the madness and mayhem, Fern was shot in the arm and she confirms that her daughter was behind her but fell behind and died. She is seen beside her dying husband Rufus in Eleanor's apartment where she is treating him. When Javi and his group enter the room, she becomes hysterical and points a gun at him, blaming him for her family's deaths and the walkers invading Richmond. With the help of Kate, Javi helps Fern lower the trigger and out of nowhere, David breaks her arm to ensure she doesn't do it again. Scared and wounded, Fern stumbles back away from David, who thinks she's reaching for a gun, and nearly kills her without his son Gabe's intervention. She is last seen dazed and tearful, a freshly widowed and childless woman, as she's looked after by Eleanor.

When Richmond is restored, her fate is unknown, but it can be implied she stayed in Richmond.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Fern has killed:

  • Rufus (Indirectly Caused, Out of Mercy, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people.




"Fern? Is that you, Darlin'? We have to find Ida. We have to find our daughter."
—Rufus to Fern while on his deathbed.
It is implied that Rufus and Fern have a positive relationship as they are married and have a child together.

If Javier killed Rufus: Fern is saddened about her husbands demise and she cries over him.

If Javier kept him alive: He will get bitten during the chaos in Richmon. Fern and Rufus make it to Eleanor’s apartment. Rufus and Fern talk about how they need to get there daughter back, Ida. Fern pleads to Javier to cut off Rufus arm off for a chance of him surviving. If he does, Rufus dies with shock and blood loss as Fern mours over his body. Fern threats Javier stating that it was their/his fault for killing Rufus.

David Garcia

"She was going for her gun!"
—David after attempting to kill Fern.
Fern was working for David in the New Frontier as a quarantine guard, so it was implied that the two get along well. As the pair meet at Eleanor's apartment. When Fern threats the group with a gun, David tries to negotiate with her but she shouts back at him. He then breaks her arm and goes to shoot her as she tries to reach for her gun. Fern and David’s relationship is poorly unstable.


"Give her some privacy. It's the least we can do."
—Eleanor giving Fern space after she lost her daughter.

Fern and Eleanor have a positive relationship, if Rufus is alive, Eleanor tries to calm the couple. Eleanor says that Fern and other Richmond residents need her help. Eleanor can state to Fern that cutting the arm off will make it worse. When David breaks Ferns arm, Eleanor will be angry and shocked about this as she has just lost her family, when the group leave, Eleanor looks after Fern.

Javier García

Kate García

"Fern. This is all because of me. I caused the explosion. I killed your daughter. Please... forgive me. It's my fault. Please."
—Kate trying to get Fern to spare Javier and the group.

Fern and Kate do not interact that much other than Fern blaming the group for her family’s deaths. Kate takes the blame and says that it was all of her fault to Fern as she is pointing a gun at her, then she lowers it stating that Fern trusts Kate.


Gabriel García

"Look at her! She can't even stand up!"
—Gabriel after David tried to kill Fern.

Gabe and Fern seem to have a positive relationship. As Gave meets David, she lets him only go with David. As David is about to shoot Fern, Gabe tries to save Fern which he does, saying that she is defenseless and that she has lost all of her family.


"Yeah, right."
—Clementine following orders from Fern.

The pair have presumably met before Javier’s group walked through Richmond. As Fern speaks to the group outside the gates of Richmond, Clementine makes a joke about Ferns rules. As David breaks Ferns arm, she looks sympathetic.

Paul Monroe




Video Game

Season 3


  • Fern's name is confirmed in the credits of Above The Law.
  • She is the final member of her family confirmed alive.
  • Fern is one of five characters who survive Season 3 regardless of the player's choices. The others being Clementine, Paul Monroe, Javier García and Eleanor.
    • She's the only character introduced as a resident of Richmond to survive regardless.
  • Fern's facial expressions and animations do not work or show her emotion. This was fixed with a new patch. It should also be noted that Fern's subtitle colour changed from white to turquoise.
  • She is credited in Thicker Than Water but does not appear in the episode.
  • Fern is one of six characters confirmed to have outlived their children, the others being Kenny, Vernon, the stranger, Rufus (Determinant) and Conrad.
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