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Fear The Walking Dead: Passage is a sixteen part mini series featuring two survivors evading zombies in a refugee camp. This release was done to help promote the third season of Fear The Walking Dead and Season 7 of The Walking Dead. It is the second mini series to accompany Fear the Walking Dead, along with Flight 462.

Plot Synopsis

A fearsome survivor agrees to help an injured woman in exchange for an apocalyptic sanctuary.


Part 1

Original air date: 17 Oct 2016

Sierra, dressed in a bloodstained Hazmat suit, cautiously navigates a seemingly-abandoned military camp where a dead soldier is slumped up against a truck and a burned out tent is still smoldering. Sierra catches sight of an injured Gabi hobbling through the camp when she is suddenly attacked by two zombified soldiers, but is able to take them down with a knife. Meanwhile, Gabi briefly hides behind a vehicle before running off once again.


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