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Fairbanks refers to any member of the Fairbanks family in the video game of The Walking Dead.


Video Game

  • Samantha Fairbanks - Samantha is the older sister of Greg, James, and Alex and the daughter of John and Sophia.
  • Greg Fairbanks - Greg is the younger brother of Samantha, the older brother of James and Alex, and the son of John and Sophia.
  • John Fairbanks - John is the father of James, Alex, Greg, and Samantha, and the husband of Sophia.
  • Sophia Fairbanks - Sophia is the mother of Samantha, Greg, James, and Alex and the wife of John.
  • James Fairbanks - James is the younger brother of Samantha and Greg, the older brother of Alex, and the son of John and Sophia.
  • Alex Fairbanks - Alex is the younger brother of Samantha, Greg, and James and the son of John and Sophia.

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