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  Everett Ray Caul
Placeholder other
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Possibly 50's to 70's
Occupation Unknown
Family Lilly Caul - Daughter
Wife - (Deceased)
Unborn Grandchild (Deceased)
Pearl Caul - Mother (Deceased)
Edith Caul - Sister (Deceased)
Joe Caul - Brother (Deceased)
Tom Drinkwater - Stepbrother
First Appearance "The Road to Woodbury"
Last Appearance "The Road to Woodbury"
Cause of Death Killed by zombies, while saving Lilly Caul
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Everett Ray Caul is the father of Lilly Caul. He died in the beginning of the outbreak.


Marietta, Georgia

Before the outbreak, Everett had married his wife and shortly after, a baby girl, Lilly, arrived. His wife's death was caused by cancer, and left Everett to raise Lilly alone.


Rural Georgia

After the outbreak broke out, Lilly and Everett stuck together for a short while. When they were attacked by a smaller herd, Everett saved Lilly by locking her in a bus.


Killed By

Everett saved Lilly by locking her into a bus, but this, unfortunately, caused himself to be devoured by a group of zombies, while his daughter witnessed these horrific events.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Everett has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.
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